Treatment to Exercise Trust

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Exercise Trust
Download printable PDF here:  Treatment to Exercise Trust

Purpose and Recognition:  Many people I know really lack a sense of Trust when things are really Good for them.  When told how Good their life is, or when they recognize that it is Good, I often here, “Yeah…well it’s probably not going to last!”  It’s that very thing that actually starts the wheels of sabotage moving in our direction, when in reality each of us really would like things to get even better than they are.  When this occurs…Say:

I know that the Infinite Mind of God within me is conspiring for my Greatest Good.  The Universe supports me in always having more than I need.  I Recognize that the Divine Urge is to always give and give and give; supporting in the fullest fashion that which the Creator has gifted to Life.  Life is intended to be lived in the fullness that it was created as and Spirit within Life, is always present as the One Power infusing Life with the fullness of success.

Unification: I know that I am One with the Infinite Nature of the Divine.  I Trust in my Good just as God trusts in Its Good that is Eternal.  I am One with All that is Good.  I trust that my Good is of God and I am perfectly unified in this knowing.

Realization: The only realization that I desire to make is that I am NOW trusting and believing in all the Good that surrounds me, and moves through me.  I am open and receptive to believing that the Universe is conspiring for my greatest Good.  I harbor no doubt.  I release all fear.  I live in a consciousness of Pure Peace.  I live my Life loving that which I experience, trusting and believing that I am NOW experiencing greater joy than I have ever experienced before.  There is no need to fear.  No need to want.  No need to ask for anything more than the Good that I NOW have.  Nothing walks behind me to take from me, for I know that my Good goes before me to make Itself known to me.  I easily recognize the strength to Trust fully.  I easily surrender that which has held me captive to fear and distrust and in its place I accept Assurance and Conviction.  Nothing, not even thought, can stand between me and the Trust of God, for God in me is All-Knowing.  No evil can come near my resting place for I dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth.  I gratefully receive the benefits of this treatment trusting that it has already demonstrated Right Here and Right Now!  My heart radiates confidence in the activity of the Law of Mind, humbly giving all I have for Love.

Release:  I Release my Word, the Word that is Trust in action, to the Law which creates according to my impress, and I allow the Law of Mind to fully handle the fruition of this prayer.  And so I release this into the Law of Mind.

And so it is.     Amen

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