Treatment to Overcome Lack

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Overcome Lack
Download printable pdf here:  Treatment to Overcome Lack

Purpose and Recognition:  When we’re dealt a blow to our finances, or when that something comes up that seems to always take that little bit we managed to put away, often, we follow that up with another damaging thought, “I’m never going to get ahead!”  Whenever this feeling comes about, or when we catch ourselves saying this very thing, or the next time that the funds you have to meet your needs suddenly cannot sustain you…Say:


There is Infinite Supply and Infinite Substance right where I am.  That which creates all my needs and my desires, also creates the fulfillment and satisfaction of all those needs and desires.  God, the Infinite Creator of All Things, is present in and through everything, supporting all things, sustaining all things.  That which is Infinite never can lack.  That which is in full expression never is in lack.  God is the experience of Perfect Supply and Perfect Fulfillment.

Unification: I know that I am One with the Life that is God demonstrating as Divine Supply.  One with the Substance and Source that is God.  All that flows through Life in Its Fullness and in Its Allness flows through me NOW!  The Good that expresses Itself throughout the Universe expresses Itself by means of me.  I am Full and Complete in God.  God and I are One.

Realization: I realize that Life calls for a greater demonstration each and every time I breathe.  I rejoice in my own breath knowing that with each breath Life rushes in to fill me to capacity with Itself.  There is never any lack of air available to breathe, therefore, I align myself to that awareness each and every time I accept lack as a condition in my life.  I see that there is always light for my eyes to witness, and I realize that light to be an endless expression of the Divine.  I am always connected to that Divine Source which expresses Perfectly throughout All Things, and I announce, RIGHT NOW, that Divine Source expresses Perfectly everywhere I am.  I lack for no “thing.”  I recognize the filling of my vessel to overflowing by the Divine Love of God pouring Itself into me.  I open up a way out for the magnificence of God to rush into all my affairs.  I no longer claim lack as my bounty,  for in its place are only thoughts of Abundance, Wholeness and Happiness.  Life is NOW sustained by the Grace of God within me, and I celebrate my Life by claiming this to be True.

Thanksgiving:  Gratefully I acknowledge the Divine within me for all the Good in my life.  Humbly I accept this greater realization as an out-picturing of the Truth of Infinite Being within me.  My heart expands to receive this great gift as I express freely and lovingly the Life I came here to live joyously.

Release:  I release this word into the Law of Mind, knowing that according to my faith, the Law produces the corresponding result.  I believe.  I accept.  I claim.  And I know.  And knowing that this release is now done…I let it be.

And so it is.     Amen


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