Change without Competition

How many races do we run in our lifetime?  What drives us to feel a need to compete with our own sense of ownership…challenge…rising above or through…what keeps us in the game of Life?

Have you ever considered what your Life would look like and feel like if there was nothing that needed improvement?

Some of the biggest areas of pain and discomfort may come from believing that there is more to achieve…or more to be done by us before we are actually being who we came here to be, but what if ‘this is all there is?’

What could Life look like and feel like if there was nothing better than what this moment has brought forward?  In the current form of theosophy that is making a trend in our society, and certainly seems to be moving through societies on a global basis, what we can discover is that everything calling for transformation seems to be of the highest common desire.  (What the majority of minds think of as desire becomes a trend.)

If we understood that we already have everything that our current level of consciousness can present to us then we would also understand that it is us that needs to change for the trend to change.  Changing the outer conditions (or forms) does nothing to the inner you, however, changing the inner you for a better version of who you are is equally as useless.  (Who you are as your True You is already perfect, needing no thing!)

I say this in the light of the trend of theosophy present sweeping the mindsets of generational cultures both locally and globally.  People generally are not happy about any given society or the rules that govern that society because most of us intrinsically know there is something much more powerfully fulfilling that can and will guide us, that is not a man made governing body.  The fallacy of typical government bodies empowers themselves through rules and regulations to guide the masses when understanding our own True Divinity, and then living from that awareness, creates a heavenly or God driven compassion and caring for one another.

Each of us are all that we can be.  You are exactly as you could possibly be in any given moment. It has been said that until your consciousness grows you cannot be more. I say, you cannot be more ever…not with a belief that there is something that needs to be done nor something that anyone needs to be to become more or to satisfy anyone based upon the needs or concern of others.  Could it be that you care for me as much as I care for you?

Our whole system of thought is filled with internal language that is centered in and created through ideas of limitation.  Changing our language will not change our experience.  Changing our actions will though.  But what promotes change or the desire of it?  When we uncover this, we uncover the vast reservoir of limitless possibility that lives within everyone.

How do we move beyond competition?  How can we as fully embodied sentient beings live from a place that does not call for betterment or greater empowerment or the need to regulate anyone other than our own selves?

When our lives are based in a need for approval, or a need for a substance to sustain our health, or an idea to bring something new into being…what we are ultimately engaged in is a sense of competition with creation and evolution.

Could it be that evolution is also one of the driving ideas in creating competition?  What if we could not only live from, but believe, that we cannot nor need to evolve?  What if we just began to accept that who we are is enough and what we have is enough and we began to make available to others what we have?  Not as a gift or from a place of “I think you might be lacking this or that”, but from the true genuine good heartedness of being brothers and sisters of the same family.

If we believed that about ourselves and everyone else and we could support ourselves and everyone else in this Truth, then not only might this incessant race for increase and expansion, but also this desire to know ourselves to a fuller degree might cease.  Maybe then we could just accept that who we are, and what we are is enough, just as we are.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?

For you may be just like me, and think that there is some deeper meaning to who and what I am, and that I have not yet reached my full potential.  But…is this really true?

A simple plan of checking to see if you are in competition with evolution:

  • Check to see if you are reading some text to uncover a Truth about yourself, a relationship you might be in, or to gain some new awareness about God/Spirit within.
  • Watch what you say about other people, your mentors, your idols, or your favorite teachers.   Do they have some awareness or attitude that you desire to achieve?
  • When someone else lands a new job, a new relationship, gets a new car, or suddenly shows up with the latest phone, or the new hot rod computer…do you feel like YOU should also have this, or is envy and jealousy arising in you?
  • When a classmate, a friend, a band mate, a co-worker gets that call to the limelight or front of the class, or new management position, does resentment tug at you?

When we are operating from the awareness that everything is in perfect order and we KNOW that our consciousness produces the effects and conditions we experience in the world, then Life will always provide us with just the right amount of everything necessary for our full enjoyment.   We don’t have to compete with anything, anyone, or even our own self to become more…we all are already enough.  And it is this conscious action of thought that makes “all things new” and this is why it seems as if we grow and evolve.

Choice is what creates and creation is a choice that each of us possess.  What will we create through our choice today?  Will you choose to empower yourself to be giving, loving, compassionate, peaceful and joyous?  But most importantly, will you choose to make this commonplace?

What would you like to see the world become, or how would you like to see the world of people treat one another, or how would you begin to live so that the governance of the people on this planet becomes peaceful and loving?   (If the world and its inhabitants aren’t treating each other justly,)

It’s up to you..

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