The Life Desireable

A life desired

How you think and what you think about play the biggest roles in the making of a life desirable. How we use the process of thought, the organization of our thought, and the order of priorities that we give to our thoughts is the mechanism by which life is shaped into the mold we make for ourselves.


Each time we make a decision, whether that decision is in alignment with what we say we want to achieve or become in life, something happens within the Universal Order of Life itself. Each and every piece in the tapestry of life is adjusted to make sure that even your worst dream comes true if enough energy and attention is given to the nightmare!   Remember all dreams come true! Even Nightmares!

We partake of our dream as our everyday life and we imagine that things are the way they are because of uncountable elements that we encounter through the avenues of life’s expression; however, this is holding a stance that we cannot evolve until all the elements line up in our favor. Know that any decision can be amended to support greater realizations of the unlimited potential within us and with the amendment, followed by a corresponding action that substantiates the belief in the greater rather than the lesser, that’s when we experience life in a different fashion than the dream we see as unreachable or unachievable.


To make a simple correction in our thinking simply takes placing something new into our thought processes that gives the mind something else to work on. Then, we must flood the mind with corresponding thoughts to the dream that we hold for the better, if we intend for a better experience to occur anytime soon. “Pouring in the constructive opposite” is the way to overcome negative experiences in the world.


Reframe your ideas about what each and every experience of life has been and your future changes dramatically. To simply maintain a state of gratitude for everything that is showing up in our lives is crucial for the expansion and redirection of the dream into the reality we desire. We want to take each and every memory that is contained within our subjective mind (the part of our brains that is the memory bank of our lives) and remove the resentment, the regret, the blame, the shame, the hatred, the anger and the distrust, so that a more attractive energy can be emitted by us to reach and inform the Universal Presence that we are serious about our experience of Life.


We can no longer afford to stand back and wait for the world to advance in consciousness so that we all are experiencing equality and equanimity. Until we can achieve the life we desire and learn to use the tools we presently have to the best of our abilities (which means going beyond a feeble attempt) we will not be taken seriously by the Divine Presence that guarantees our success at life. No matter how well versed we are at anything, a simple attempt teaches us a lot.


As we practice with the tools we have and we begin to get proficient at the use of those tools, we encounter new ideas and new ways and new tools to make the rapid readjustments that may become necessary as our path is opened up before us.


It has come with great resistance, but I have finally figured out that we just don’t get the whole picture for our lives right off the bat for whatever our dream can become. We may know what it is to look like and feel like, but until we take active steps toward those ideas and feels, we shall never achieve the experience. We must take steps forward every day if not every moment!


Don’t let procrastination overcome you because procrastination is simply doing something other than what you intend to do, or what you know you know needs to be dome so we do something else instead to side=step the actual work at hand. Each of us do this from time to time and this is not something to be upset about—just become aware of the pattern and break the pattern. Do something different when you catch yourself veering from the dream!


Each of us may accomplish whatever we desire and there isn’t anything stopping us but us! We always like to act as if someone else holds the key to our success and the only thing that ever stops us from being successful is greed: Thinking that we need to do everything and so we don’t work in partnership with others.


Be willing to allow others the opportunity to help you accomplish the dream. Tell only those people about your vision for yourself that you know will support you in achieving your dream. Don’t tell the naysayers unless you are the type of personality that needs people to tell you you can’t achieve a thing, and you use that for your motive to achieve! Keep your dream to yourself but include others in the experience, telling them only the piece they need for their own joyful experience to be in your company!


We don’t have to struggle in this life to become the thing we envision for ourselves. We may have barriers to overcome, but that is the thrill and the challenge to growth. There is no growth unless we make some progress through the difficulties of our life. This is not to say that we are forced or designed to work toward our perfect life, because if the Love is present then the Love washes away the struggle and turns it into a glorious event and we feel the power of the Universe working in our favor (which by the way it always is!).

So today, remember that it is YOU that must decide how you are to achieve your dreams! No one holds that power but you. Start to live the dream and see what joyful work there is for you to accomplish within your own consciousness to achieve that which your heart tells you you came here to express.

No one and no thing can stop you. Take a step toward your dream and your dream is one step closer to your reality!



  1. Great stuff here, very insightful. Thank you Les!

    • Awesome. And thanks. I am finally getting back to this and shortly we shall be having interactive prayer treatments and a land line you can call in for a specific treatment. Moving the whole shebang to Hawaii and will be opening a retreat center as well as a bed and breakfast. Come experience heaven on earth and get all prayed up with the earth.

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