Let’s Not Force the Issue

I was traveling recently.  And what I discovered is that as long as I tend to my own affairs traveling is much easier.  Now I say this just to bring a point forward metaphysically…and that is…that we are the arbiters of our own experience.

Now it’s easy to fall prey to life when things around us don’t feel as if they should. I mean, when we are down in the pits because  we have been regulating our own lives, scheduling and planning for ourselves, and trusting on this invisible God of the Internet, to bring to us exactly what our intentions are.  We know better.  We do!  But we tell ourselves “Sometimes it’s Better to Just Not Force the Issue.”

Furthermore, what I have discovered is that many folks just don’t move at my pace.  I find it rather disconcerting dealing with individuals whom should be professionals but really are just filling a position, and when I expect that others should move at my pace with my expertise and with my exactness I am let down each and every time.  I know that should I go to a manager, go to a supervisor, all that is going to transpire is someone is going to get a mark against their record because I expected a professional but the store provided me a stand in, only now the store will reprimand the employee for not satisfying the consumer based upon the most current records (which now includes my complaint and statements of disatisfication.).

But rather the contrary.  I discovered that my life is a mess because though I may not be a victim to these morons that are in charge of destinations, of inventories, or even of financial informations and that kind of stuff which a life may hinge upon some morons inability to see reality for what it is, rather than all the little check boxes that one has to manipulate to even begin to achieve a modicum of success.

Now, as I move thorough this dialogue today, what I would like each of you, the readers, to know is that all though there is this one slant that always seems to show up in my posts, what I would like each of you to know is that you are loved.  There is this Divine Essence within all of Life that constantly is sourcing and supplying each of us with each and everything that we could possibly desire.

Now…how does this fit into “sometimes it’s better to just not force the issue?”

Well…As many of you may know…the Holy Spirit has directed my paths and where that has landed me is Hawaii.  I have lived in California a greater percentage of my life and there is a certain mindset to California (as I am certain you all must be saying that there is a certain mindset to where each of you are from as well!) and I am used to moving and shaking.  In other words, to making things happen even in the unlikelihood that they may not or most likely, should not!

Now, if you know me, you know that when God grabs me by the nape of the neck and pushes me into one of these really advantageous situations (usually so filled with pain and confusion, with incoherency and distrust) that I cannot begin to reconcile the turn of events of the limitless possibilities and so I am forced to respond to Spirit in the capacity upon which it has grabbed me.

Some of you may be saying, “what the hell is he talking about?” And what i can tell you is that all of life is moving each and everyone of us toward this “greater yet to be” and as long as we are willing to go along for the ride we shall enjoy this pleasurable thing that we call, wealth, health, and happiness.

When I say “Go along for the ride” it’s not something that should be taken lightly.  Every vicissitude of humanity and all of societies pitfalls and the dregs of humanity, surely must come before the individual that takes on this life of Christ.

When we look at the Master Jesus we can see that he most likely wasn’t a small and weak-like individual.  Thinking about how large and how strong those tables must have been back then to have held all that gold…al those gold and silver coins that everyone paid for tax, and yet Jesus flipped these over  screaming “You shall not make my father’s house a den of thieves!”

We all have this great life before us, and each of us have had dreams much too large for our own liking…yet…who created those dreams  Why did they fall upon the screen of our existence?

So when I say “sometimes It’s Better to just not force the issue,” what I am talking about is saying no to God.  When that Holy Spirit dumps it’s game plan or should i say, as the Great Mysterious One uploads into our massive computer system that we call our brains, should we have tried to stop this great download from happening what we would have discovered is that trust like any good piece of software, when you don’t have the right peripherals and the right memory and the right amount of processing power, not only doesn’t the software (or the operating system at what ever level of architecture we are dealing with) work right, but often times, the memory system falls to load all the necessary information to make calculated and informed decisions.

Our brains perform this very same way.

In Religious Science we often say that the “Will of God” is that everyone should have all that they desire only without the necessary or the requirement that it must come from someone else or that someone else might not have now because we do now have.

Don’t force the issue.  There is a Divine Plan and you and I are part of it and It has our Highest and Greatest Good directly in the path of our very own ability to receive.  Now the question is:  Are you willing to receive the Good that is before you or are you waiting for a Greater Good to appear?  Nothing is more important than all that is before us today.  Those things that we witness before our eyes have been placed there by a greater receptivity and a greater establishment of all that is…just like the radio receiver never questions where it’s source originates at and from.

Forcing the issue generally causes pain.  Nothing is more unsatisfying that getting what it is we desire only to not be able to enjoy it because our health is lacking or our pocket book is failing or sitting in the red.

I know how things can get and I know how things look when we are doing our best and yet that doesn’t seem to be good enough.  I have watched.  I have had the rug pulled out from under my feet and yet I remain steadfast in knowing and trusting that “It’s better to Just Not Fore the Issue.”  Just because I want something  Just because that desire is filled with every Good Reason why this or that should be within my reach if not already within my experience.  I know that God within me has implanted these things here for my greater good and for the greatest expression of Its love.  Our job yours and mine is to receive the Good that is before us.  Let the rest go.  Only take what we are absolutely certain is destined for us and can be used by us for God’s purpose in our lives.

Let’s stop wasting time with trying to make life all that we want and just not force the issue.  Things will go much smoother.  You might not get the thrill out of giving people a hard time about getting whatever it is that you desire, but you will certainly achieve your desire.

Blessings along the road.

Rev. Les



  1. Great piece!! Thanks for sharing glad your up and writing how are things going? PLEASE call me I want to catch up and get your new number!! Love You!! Mari

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