Treatment to Live a Conscious Larger Life

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Purpose and Recognition:  Each of us know that if “We could only wake up” we would have a much greater experience of Life.  This comes in the wake of having bigger and broader realizations of what may make us happy, successful, wealthy and healthy.  Our Larger Life comes through conscious living and conscious recognition of a Power greater than ourselves, a Power that when properly understood can and does provide us dominion over our affairs.  “There’s a Power for Good in the Universe and you can use it, or you can let it use YOU!”  To Live a Conscious Larger Life…Say:


There is One Infinite Life living Its Life by means of All Things.  Everything that Is, comes forth through the expression of Love, and that Love is God.  All that there is here and now, forever and always, is God.  The Power, Presence and Principle, that which is the being of Christ in All Things, is the Conscious Larger Life.


Unification: I know that I am One with this Life, One with Christ, One in Truth.  I feel and sense my unity with Love and I unify with all that feels like Love, looks like Love, and acts like Love.  I am Living Love, and this Life is my Conscious Larger Life.


Realization: I allow this awareness to flow endlessly through me NOW!  I choose to be conscious of greater possibilities rather than to focus on any limitation that I may be experiencing.  I choose to know my Unity with Spirit and I allow that to replace any sense of fear or discord.  I pour into my beingness the Light of Christ within me, that Conscious Larger Life, knowing that as I surrender into the humble joy this Larger Life brings, I radiate Peace, Health, Wholeness and Success.  I allow this Conscious Larger Life to live my Life NOW!  It is neither Good nor evil, for there is only the Perfect Love that is the being of Christ within me: That being that knows Its Oneness with God.  I live a Conscious Larger Life realizing that there is no such thing as rich or poor in Spirit:   there is Infinity!  There is no such thing as health or sickness:  there is immortality!  There is no such thing as need or necessity:  there is Abundance!  My Conscious Larger Life is not about me storing up riches, or gathering up friends, or reducing my risks; my Conscious Larger Life is about having an awareness of the Life of Love that lives within me NOW!  As I realize this, my revelation inspires me to let it flow through me more and more each and every moment.  This is JOY!  This is LIFE!  This is POWER!


Thanksgiving: I give thanks for this realization, for this Truth, for this pouring forth of joy and excitement, completely grateful for the Conscious Larger Life that I am Living NOW!  I thank you Spirit within!


Release:    I release this Word as the activity of Spirit within acts upon it, knowing that as I release this, the beingness that is Christ within me makes this so.  The Law did respond, and the Universe pours forth Its glory!


        And so it is.  Amen        

Treatment to Live a Life of Grace

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Purpose and Recognition:  So many times in life we find ourselves struggling to make ends meet, or to get that certain right person to notice us, or to feel like we are making a difference in the world, or to know that there is a free flow of Grace to satisfy our every need.  When this occurs in Life what we could choose to know is “Thy Grace is my Sufficiency.”  To Live a Life of Grace…Say:


I know that right where I am the full and complete Power of Truth is all that there is.  That Truth is the Life and the Love that sustains and maintains all things.  Love is the activity of Grace as it flows endlessly through Life and animates the very gift of Intelligence.  I Am is Its Name.


Unification: I Am One.  I celebrate my unity with the One that is who and what I Am.  I Am full and complete in my Oneness joyously recognizing that all that is Good flows to me and through me as Grace.  I live and move and have my being in Thy Grace.


Realization:   Realizing that a Good and Prosperous Life is mine NOW, I claim and maintain my open-ness to the Grace that is God.  I see the Good that is ever-flowing to me and through me this day.  I recognize that “Thy Grace is my sufficiency” and nothing is ever lacking.  Right where I am the Good that is mine is steadily flowing into all my affairs, therefore, all appearance of lack, illness, pain or suffering is washed away by the Light of Love that lives within me.  I easily and effortlessly rise to each and every occasion allowing the letter of the law to become the Spirit of Truth within me.  All that God is sustains my very life making of me a Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, and Perfect Being.  As I rest in the comfort of the everlasting arms that embrace me and support me, I walk in humility for the Good that is showering me with Joy.  I Am Life.  I Am Love.  I Am Intelligence.  I Am Whole.


Thanksgiving:  Thank you sweet Spirit for always giving freely to me.  Thank you Truth for always guiding me.  Thank you Joy for always comforting me.  Thank you Spirit for Thy Grace is my sufficiency.  With a humble and joy-filled heart I surrender my wants and desires celebrating through gratitude for all Thy Gifts.


Release:  I release this treatment, the Word that is Law, knowing that all that I have spoken has already been made manifest and I graciously accept this as so. 


And so it is.   Amen

Making Good on Promises


How many of us have made promises with every intention of fulfilling them only to realize we were unable to?  Or…how many times have promises been made to us and we discovered those promises have been broken?


 These two questions have exactly the same results whether we are on the giving or the receiving end.  What can we as individuals do to move beyond our own inability to keep the promises we make or the expectation to have the promises made to us released?  Often we discover much too late that our attachment to the fulfillment of a promise has us trapped…and that feeling can be one of disappointment or regret.  To move into a greater state of health (mentally and emotionally) and prosperity (remember “True Prosperity begins by feeling Good about ourselves“) we must be willing to surrender our attachment not only to promises being kept but also our attachment to many other things.  (A very Buddhist concept!) 


Essentially promises ask either us or someone else to be frozen in the past.  Promises are filled with accusation just upon making them, though we honestly don’t intend for accusation to be included. Either that or we might find ourselves arguing that accusation isn’t even an ingredient of a promise.  Essentially, to be frozen in the past is to ask something to stay the same…and in this life…nothing does that.  Change is inevitable and promises violate that Order of Life.

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