Treatment to Calm the Storm

Calm the Storm

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Purpose and Recognition:  There are many types of storms that we encounter throughout our lifetimes, and what we would like to know is how to stay calm in the middle of the storm, or how to calm the wave of fear and sadness that storms almost certainly yield.  To enter into a place where we can Calm the Storm…Say:


I know that right where I am the Infinite Peace of Life is intending only Love.  The Center of Love is Infinite Truth, Infinite Assurance, Infinite Presence and Infinite Power.  Love is the Calm that lives and moves and has Its being within all of Life.


Unification:   I am One with Peace, One with Calm.  Everything in Nature and Everything in my life is One with Infinite Assurance, Infinite Power and the Infinite Presence that is Love.  Love and I are One.


Realization:  I am held in the arms of Love.  That which I am supports greater Life, greater Love and greater Truth.  Each and every event, circumstance and situation and moment in my life brings about a greater sense of Peace and Harmony in my experience.  I celebrate through every trial and tribulation the joy that is the Presence of God, knowing that I am Divinely guided and sustained by Its Love.  I allow Love to rule in favor of my greater security and safety.  I allow Peace to be the platform upon which even the environment around me operates through.  Proudly and with great faith do I proclaim, “Peace be Still!”  Nothing moves unless Mind moves it, and my mind is calm and collected, filled with the assurance of the greatest expression of Love transmitting Its Joy and Peace into all my affairs.  I am Living Love!


Thanksgiving:   It is with great thanksgiving that I know and believe my heart is filled to over-flowing with the Peace and serenity, Joy and compassion, Excitement and satisfaction, of the Spirit of God within me.  I am so very grateful to realize this Truth!


Release:  I release this word, the word of Truth that has been spoken through Love, into the Creative Spirit of the Law of Mind, knowing full well, that It has been made manifest and I accept it NOW!


And so it is.  Amen



  1. marispirit says:

    Awesome…..I listened and read this two times….it was inspiring!

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