Treatment to Know Peace Exists NOW!

Peace Exists


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This treatment said each day can and will lead us to a place of Peace.


Purpose and Recognition:  If we pay attention to the news, or are currently experiencing discordant and turbulent events in our lives or in the environment around us, there is a Perfect Truth which can and does set us free.  It is this Truth which yields Peace, and it is through knowing that Peace exists right where we are that our experience seems to follow suit.  To Know Peace Exists NOW….Say:


I know that right where I am that Great Causative Energy is working through All Things and in every place, making Itself known.  It is this Energy that is Love; It is Joy; It is Power; and it is PEACE.


Unification: I am Perfectly united with all other beings and with this Energy that is Love.  That which I am creates Peace through an attitude of Oneness.  All that I am knows Peace as Itself and I am aligned and unified with Peace NOW!


Realization:   No matter the episode; no matter the action; no matter the distance or the nearness; no matter the person or the place; no matter the policy or the politician; no matter the guru or the priest; no matter the shaman or the imam; Love is all there is.  Right where I am there is a Perfect Peace unfolding and making Itself known, and it does it through my recognition of my fellow man.  I grieve not for country or culture, for there is only the Perfect Partnership in whatever God we all believe in and ourselves.  I allow for my Consciousness to embrace a Greater Realization of Truth which ultimately sets me “for” Peace rather than against it.  I call forth from within me and the collective world this unitive idea of a coalition of Peaceful Humans, living in Joy rather than competition; Love rather than hate; Truth rather than deception; Partnership rather than division.  I claim a world in which there is enough for everyone and no one individual need have more than is necessary for every human being to be fed, clothed, housed and celebrated.  I call forth from within myself this greater awareness that the only arms that I need to bear are the arms which embrace this Truth.  I encircle the globe with gratitude for each and every life that is being lived and I anchor this Truth in a law that is inscribed within the hearts of every man, woman and child.  I live in Peace NOW!  This world is a world of PEACE NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth, for this absolute willingness to see life and this world as a place of PEACE.  I humbly offer my gratitude for each and every person that expresses Love and lives in Peace.  I am Grateful that which is Truth is God.


Release:  I release this word, the Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God, into that ever living Causative Power:  Spirit within, knowing that it is already done.


And so it is.   Amen   



  1. Jonathan Reiner says:

    Thank you, Les!

  2. Sam Crutcher says:

    So well said, so well read…

  3. Chris Edwards says:

    Nice treatment Les, I forget how the good of God flows through your life, its beautiful brother!! Thank you for your outreaching to people’s lives including mine with the truth and with love. !!!!

    Love you dude!
    Chris Edwards

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