To Serve or Be Served

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To Serve or Be Served

The more I study and the more involved in my own evolution I become, the more I discover that there is so much more to be revealed.

Now I don’t know about you but I really am after understanding who I am, where I am headed, and Who I Am Becoming, as much as I am interested in Whoever this is right now!

And that means that I have to be willing to do the work it takes to not only find out who that might be, but I have to be willing to decide if that’s truly who I “Do” want to be, where I want to be going.

And the only sure way to get anywhere is to stand our ground and not back down…not until we’ve made some realization!

Often in our lives we run into ourselves having backed ourselves into a corner in some area that has strong magnetic qualities to it that seems to draw to us those same experiences over and over.

Maybe there’s a reason for it…

How we approach a thing, an idea, an opportunity to live larger and experience and express more love, is really what I want to talk about this morning.

So the title of the talk this morning is: To Serve or Be Served.

I remember years ago a television show called Twilight Zone. Rod Sterling’s Twilight Zone.

and in one of the episodes aliens had landed on earth and were interacting with the human race. They brought techniques and scientific advancements to aid humanity in getting healthy, prosperous, and joyous.

The title of that episode was: “To Serve Man”.

Just like in our own lives this episode depicted people ready, able, and willing to be substances and prospered by something outside of them…aliens. And in some of the scenes you would see lines of people smiling and cajoling boarding alien space crafts heading to this unknown destination to live in what they believed was joy, and harmony, completely fulfilled and substanced by the aliens because that’s what they had grown used to here on earth with the aliens. (Kind of reminds me of some of our concepts about God)

Yet, as in all good drama, there is one individual that just can’t agree that something this Good could be true, a scientist…most likely…a Religious Scientist… that just isn’t convinced these aliens are here for the good of man.

In the episode the aliens have a manual that they follow to benefit and fatten up the human race prior to them boarding the spacecraft. “To Serve Man.”

Well, this scientist meets great opposition because the appearance the aliens have created really looks good, loving, happy, satisfying to the majority—or the collective race of humanity.

Society has been convinced in believing by science that the aliens are here for our benefit because they have deciphered the title of the “policies and procedures” manual by which they are to treat the humans.  To Serve Man

Well, the episode ends with the mad scientist screaming running through the crowd of people boarding the alien space crafts yelling, “It’s a cook book! It’s a cookbook.”

He had decoded the rest of the manual and discovered “To Serve Man” was a cookbook for how to prepare humans for consumption.

And like faith traditions, it reminds me of how we condition ourselves and prepare to meet whatever it is we believe in, because I know most of us believe it’s got to be better than what we are experiencing here. At least, that’s the story religion typically tells us.

To Serve or Be Served.

I tell you this story to bring to our attention to where we may have succumbed to an idea without doing any investigation first. Just because a thing looks one particular way doesn’t mean that’s the way it really is. It’s all perspective!

We all see things differently!

Being a metaphysician, I like to look to sacred texts to build my promise of God on. In other words, where I know the Universe will support me in some area of my life. (As a minister I get it I should know that in all areas of my life, and for the most part I do, but like you I too forget.) (oh—and I don’t need you to remind me!)

I wanted to use the Story of Martha and Mary at the anointing of Jesus at Bethany.

So here is the story and this can be found in the Book of John Chapter 11:

Beginning with verse 1…

Then, six days before the Passover, Jesus came to Bethany, where Lazarus was who had been dead, whom He had raised from the dead.

There they made Him a supper; and Martha served, but Lazarus was one of those who sat at the table with Him.

Then Mary took a pound of very costly oil of spikenard, anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped His feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the oil.

But one of His disciples, Judas Iscariot, Simon’s son, who would betray Him, said,

“Why was this fragrant oil not sold for three hundred denarii and given to the poor?”

This he said, not that he cared for the poor, but because he was a thief, and had the money box; and he used to take what was put in it.

But Jesus said, “Let her alone; she has kept this for the day of My burial.

For the poor you have with you always, but Me you do not have always.”

Charles Fillmore, founder of the Unity branch of New Thought says this about Martha and Mary:

“Martha was a servant to the practical aspects of life. She represents that part of us that looks for the evidence of demonstrations for the betterment or fulfillment of our desires.

And Mary was a servant to the devotional love aspects of our spiritual aspects of life. She represents that part of us that seeks to express love and to infuse all our experiences in life with the feeling love blesses everyone and everything around us with.”

Martha is only interested in the demonstration and Mary on the other hand is always about the business of the exalted idea.

Notice that both women, both aspects of the feminine are present.

One of these two perspectives make us free and only one of them can be “of service” while the other one is being “in service to” and we know right away, we feel that sense of obligation, which to me isn’t quite feeling free. “You know what I mean?”

To serve or be served.

Judas in this story is that aspect of our lives that tempts us not to love. To deceive us into believing that there are oppositions to our desires.

In our Bible Story we can learn something very important. No matter what there is a cost to the oil, and that idea is what makes it valuable.

Just like for each of us there is a cost to the ideas we receive and the cost is built into the perspective we hold to: Will we use this to serve a greater purpose for our soul or do we expect to be served by our ideas?

The Soul (the Creative Medium – The Law) is devout and expectant. I read somewhere else while researching for this talk that we should “Wait upon the Lord.”

Wait like “to serve” or wait like “to be served” , we put stuff – ideas, feelings, emotions and unconscious thinking into the Law.

That part of us – the Feminine – believes in the so –called miraculous as a possibility. The Masculine – sees the miraculous as DONE but can’t experience it unless it goes through a process. It’s the coming of an idea. One that we selected from an unlimited resource of ideas. And it becomes our perspective.

What it comes down to is: Do we massage and manage our idea (that one that is currently running our lives!) with faith, devotion and a sincere intimacy? Can we see that this is what Mary reveals to us in the story. She poured the fragrant oil, she brought to her experience the best she had, the best that any of the disciples even knew existed or it would have been sold already.

She shows us that there is always a reserve, something we can draw from to make our experience of entertaining our desires a very sweet experience. Fragrant the Bible says. But it takes the best of what we have to give…that’s what I get from this, and the best must be offered “in service to” as well as “in the service of” our desires.

I don’t think we are to deny the flesh for the Spirit, but I do think we should think of the Spirit first before satisfying the flesh. Maybe by asking ourselves each time we are engaging in the physical realities we believe in: ***Is this the highest expression of Love I can express and experience in this…and you fill in the blank?

Martha saw only the use of the Fragrant Oil to yield substance to support the ministry. She was only interested in the demonstration. “What will this add to…” Everyone boarding the spacecraft were Marthas seeking that Greater Fulfillment.

Mary saw the fragrant oil as a way to acknowledge her love “of the Servant” – the Christ – and that the gift was an intimate anointing of Gratitude and Love. She saved the best to offer to her desire. She brought the best she had to the party, and offered it up lovingly and through and act of devotion to that desire.

Where do we pour the fragrant oil of Love and Freedom over the thoughts of our desires? Where do we demonstrate through our acts of giving that there is an “Infinite Reservoir” within us?

Christ is the Eternal Idea within us that comes complete with everything necessary for our happy and successful evolution as it holds to this Universal Idea of Love – CHRIST — It becomes the body of our belief.

And the “coming of our ‘Christ Body’ into activity” Fillmore says, “is the result of an exalted idea sown in Mind (The Masculine – Spirit as Divine Idea) and matured by the Soul (Feminine – Soul as Law).”

We see this same pattern of the emergence of Life from an Idea into form through the natural procreation process throughout all creation. This isn’t anything new to us…but how we can apply it might be!

Each of our ideas come out of that One Infinite Reservoir of the IDEAL – which is Life Eternal – Perfect, Whole, and Complete with nothing lacking.

The substance which carries our ideas forward is the fertile soil of the Feminine when it recognizes (or feels!) the Divine Impress but only when we don’t’ engage our mortality – that part of us which doubts, disbelieves, and basically lies to us.

Whatever it is! It doesn’t care!

Think about it…No desire stays with us forever! And Mary’s desire – in the physical form of Jesus –reminded us, everyone who is present, that even he – the desire — wouldn’t be with them forever.

The key is devotion to the inspiration that gave us the desire in the first place! And then we want to keep our attention on that intention!

To Serve or Be Served.

These two stories bespeak of transformation, an evolution of the process of the dismantling of our “structure of knowing” and an emergence of something even greater that what we could ever hold as Perfect, Whole and Complete.

Often we find ourselves surrendering to an idea we don’t believe in – but we’re being asked to “trust” when we know deep inside “OH HELL NO! DON’T GO! DON’T DO THIS!” But we do it anyway.

The Apostle Paul spoke of this in the Bible. He said, “That which I would do, that I do not do; and that which I would not do, that I do”

God I can relate to that!

Us allowing for this greater idea to emerge; a revelation of a higher order “LOVE,” to not just transform and experience, but to gift us and Life with that marvelous Joy – that exceptional release of anxiety, worry and fear – and just by releasing these hindrances in our “Structure of Knowing” we permit ourselves to finally celebrate – relax and let that Great Infinite Love wash over us and caress us.

It joins with us in that sweet celebration of Unity as the Joy of fulfillment pours though us and out into our affairs. That’s how Spirit desires to use us as Love’s Perfect Expression.

Ernest Holmes, the Founder of Religious Science, used to start all his radio shows with “There’s a Power for Good in the Universe…and you can use it.” But there was more to it…it actually ended with “or you can choose to let it use you.”

For years I think that was too difficult for people to take that step…but today…we are more than willing to take this step in our lives. We recognize that we don’t have to be afraid of this Power within us. Allowing It to use us is simply a way of describing being a “Transparency for the Divine.” Or a “Vessel for Spirit’s Greatest Expression.”

Fillmore says in his Metaphysical Dictionary:

“The tendency is to concentrate on the understanding and to count its logic and cold reason as ‘fulfillment’ of the Law; but we learn by experience that the cold Science of Mind, without the warmth of the heart, is a very chilly doctrine.”

He says it’s “our human sympathy that holds us to material conditions even when we think we are free.”

This idea of the Masculine and the Feminine elements of God/Spirit/Life is just a way for us to understand how we function in a world that is both visible and invisible!

We may believe or hold a notion that the “I Am” and the thought we put to it is a reference to God/Spirit; but it’s not metaphysically; the “I AM” thought, is the container for “Christ Being”. The outward activity of each of our individual awareness of just our most basic unity.

I think that’s where we’ll find our lasting sense of Peace, Harmony and Wholeness. Amongst One Another. Not amongst the Gods or the ideas of Goodness that Gods often promise to provide.

“I Am” is the omnipresent living force within each of us, it’s our vitality and the vitality that’s infused in everything.

The whole of everything is purposely infused with vitality.

It’s the vitality of One Life that is penetrating every part of our Body — our effectual experience of Life. And whether we get on that spacecraft or figure out our desires don’t last forever, we get to decide!

What perspective will we entertain? Martha or Mary?

To Serve or Be Served?



  1. Perfect

  2. Christine Bradly says:

    Hello Rev Les DeMarco

    on the spiritual mind treatments love is the answer page, is it possible to download the audio version of the spiritual mind treatments, ‘as an itunes mp3 audio’, so i can listen to them on my ipod, with my written version aswell infront of me, when i do my relaxation meditation in the morning,evenings.

    Please reply.

    Thank you

    Christine Bradly

    • I apologize for just getting back to my site. I belief that iTunes has a conversion tool for all the mp3s that are on the site. My mac runs it as a separate iTunes player as does my pc laptop. I am not quite sure what that means as you make just save the file right from the site then you have the audio version for your iPod. I think? Never tried. And I really need to get back to putting more up now that I have a full new set of experiences fro which to draw from.
      Rev. Les

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