Treatment to Heal from Medical Procedures

God and Healing

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Purpose and Recognition:  Often through our life we encounter certain physical needs that have been or need to be attended to by medical means.  Though the idea of medicine seems like our only possibility, knowing that God exists in and through all things, assists us in healing through even medical procedures.  We don’t have to rule out medicine to have healthy bodies, however, adding God to the equation is advantageous to every healing agency currently available to humanity.  If you have recently underwent a process within the medical field and you would like to Heal from Medical Procedures…Say:


I know that right where I am the Creator of All Life and Health is.  The only surgeon, doctor and medicine that is, is One in God.  God is the Source of all Health, Wholeness and Perfection.  All of Life conforms to the Perfection that is God and God is Perfect, Whole and Complete.


Unification: I am One with Wholeness; One with Perfection; One with Health, Harmony, and Vibrancy.  All that God is I am, and God is the Perfect Pattern of Life within me NOW!  My body conforms to the Perfection that is God and I unify with all procedures because the procedure which I am is activated in my Oneness with God.


Realization:   I realize that even though I may choose to use medicine as a means of healing, I am not ruling out God as the activity of medicine.  I know that God is the Creator of All Things and therefore, medicine is an activity of the Divine Intelligence that is God demonstrating as a workable science.  I trust in God to perform Its Good Works through me and through every avenue by which I choose to experience Life.  If I choose medicine, I know God is in the surgeon, the medical teams, the medicine and the outcome.  I trust that God directs all hands, all action of chemicalization within my body, and all healing, knowing that everything and everyone is moving within the fullest expression of the Divine at all times.  Nothing moves unless God moves it.  Everything within me moves in Perfect Unison with the Action of Divine Mind, and that Mind is my mind NOW!  I easily heal from every procedure for I trust that God is in charge of my life and every nuance of it.  I choose to heal from every medical procedure because I know that I have great work to do in life as a child of God.  It is no small chance that I have landed in this life and I trust in every experience that I am having as the One Experience of God in my Life NOW!  I am Whole, Perfect and Complete, and nothing can be added to me or taken away for I am created Perfectly!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth, allowing for the Ease and Grace that is the action of Love to flow through me and into all my affairs.  I am filled with gratitude for Wholeness and for the Love that fulfills it.


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing that Love has already activated the Law and made this so.  I have nothing left to do or be for it is done.


And so it is.  Amen    

Treatment to Improve My Financial Wealth

Chart for Improved Wealth

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Purpose and Recognition:  Each and every one of us imagines having more money.  We desire money, thinking that it shall relieve us of some burden if we could just have more.  What we could use more than money, is the belief that we can Improve Our Financial Wealth, for money only goes where the consciousness of it resides.  To Improve Financial Wealth…Say:


There is an Infinite Flow of Good right where I am.  Good is the circulation of God in and through All Things.  The influx of Spirit constantly pouring Itself into All Things is the Good that demonstrates and sustains.  Good is the expression of Love and that expression flows in an increased amount ever-creating more Good and more Good.  “God is my Good and Good is God.”


Unification: I am One with the Good that is God within me.  Good is the increase of my prosperity, my financial wealth and my physical well-being.  I am One with the Life of God flowing in ever-increasing means by way of me.  All that is My Financial Wealth is the perfect expression of the Love of God supplying and sustaining me as success and security. 


Realization:   I recognize that everywhere I see lack, I experience lack; therefore I rest now in the assurance of the ever-increasing Financial Wealth of my being NOW!  I develop a new vision for my continued increase and I allow all things to Improve My Financial Wealth.  I work to “see” improvement and I utilize every tool I can to assist me in developing the skill it takes to handle my wealth intelligently.  I share it by circulating it in those places that feed me Spiritually, and I watch where I spend my increase so that I am aware of where my Good goes forward.  I insure the proper handling of all my out-flow by directing it consciously toward only those things that I believe in.  I Trust in the Universe to guide me into richer thinking and wealthier believing so that my experience of Spirit matches my inner vision of Its Abundance.  I allow my outer reflection to match my inner awareness, knowing that right where I am the Truth of my ability to Improve My Financial Wealth demonstrates as cash and those things which I value most.  I use this valuable asset to continue to support humanity and to bring greater Peace, greater Harmony, and greater sustainability to this planet.  I draw upon the Infinite Storehouse of the Divine knowing that to Improve My Financial Wealth is more about knowing God more fully than it is about actual money.  I accept a rich inheritance of God NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth…thanks that there is an inexhaustible Wealth within me.  My heart is full to the brim and overflowing with gratitude for My Improved Wealth and I celebrate this NOW!


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing, sensing and believing that it has always been this way and shall continue on ad infinitum!


And so it is.  Amen    

Wishing and Hoping—Are They Valid Tools?

wishing well

As I encounter life and interact with others, what I see more often than I would like too, is that many people have an idea about life that is inconsistent with what their dreams and aspirations are.  Often I hear their perspective expressed as “wishing” and “hoping.”  I hear that expressed in terms like “I wish that so-and-so would do this or that…or stop doing this or that.”  And if I’m not hearing that, then I hear a lot of “I sure hope that…” However, what I would know for each and every person that reads this blog today is that he or she sees there is so much more of an active ingredient within our mental and spiritual ability than wishing and hoping.


When we wish for something ultimately we are diminishing our mental equivalent.  (A mental equivalent is nothing more than the picture we hold of something within our minds mixed with the belief that says it is true.)  Wishing is nothing more than an impossible set of odds recognized for what they are: impossible!  When we wish, we already know it isn’t likely to occur, so our mental equivalent doesn’t hold the picture of what we desire; typically the picture within our minds is not of us experiencing what we wish for!  So we try to pretend as if the probability of our wish coming true is more likely to occur than not to occur.  Sheer ridiculousness!  (Yet some of you might say that I am being pessimistic about this.)


If we were to look at wishing for what it is—a form of superstition, we could possibly set this form of mental malpractice down and pick up something more productive…or at least something that is more widely accepted as positive superstition:  hoping.


To hope for something is a radical way of taking negativity  (doubt)  and placing it in a positive light; or at least, that is much more generally perceived of when thinking about hope.  Let’s face it, hoping is acceptable, and we don’t flinch when we hear people hoping for something. -Click to Read More>

Treatment to See My Individual Power

Individual Power

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Purpose and Recognition:  What we seek to know in most of our experiences of Life is our Individual Power.  What is it in us that tells us that we are little, weak, insignificant or that we don’t possess what it takes to achieve what we most long to experience?  Have you ever asked yourself that?  Something within us knows what to do, how to do it and the most logical way to achieve what it is in the Perfect and Right Timeline.  Yet do we turn to that?  For us to See Our Individual Power…Say:


Right Where I am there is a Universal Power Individualized in Perfect Wholeness and Completeness.  The animating Power in the Universe is contained within the Whole and the Individual.  The Principle of Life Itself is the only sphere of action or reaction.  There is only One Pattern of Life and it is right where I am.


Unification: I am One with the Power back of all things.  I am in the action of all things I experience.  I am One with the words I speak for I am the Word which has taken flesh.  I am One with the result of my Individual Consciousness and that consciousness is My Individual Power.


Realization:   I allow for great intuition to flow in to the consciousness which I contain as Perfect, Whole and Complete.  I See My Individualized Power demonstrating in the experience of Life I witness as my life.  “As an individualized center of the universe, I have back of me all the Presence and all the Power and that the action and all the possibility of action there is in the Universe,” and I individualize It in my very own unique way.  I realize that there is no need to be reproduced or to reproduce any life that I have ever seen for my own uniqueness can never be reproduced throughout the whole of the Universe.  I am an individualized pattern of Perfection.  I am alert and confident, knowing that My Individualized Power IS demonstrating according to my very thought.  “I have come to a place in my consciousness where my confidence is greater than any fear that may assail me,” and I gladly take refuge in this knowing.  I let go of my own “blindness” and in its place I affirm clarity and vision.  I See My Own Individual Power!  My heart reveals this as my truth.  Everything I do is a result of my consciousness.


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful that this is so, that there never was a call to serve or to witness My Individual Power.  I surrender into the gratitude for today’s realization, announcing the joy that flows endlessly from my heart. I am Grateful to See My Individual Power.


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing that as I have spoken it, it is done according to my faith.  I believe it is so.


And so it is.  Amen    

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