Moving Past the Unjust

unjust actions

When I think about all the turmoil that goes on in my head, sometimes I wonder what other people are going through.  I wonder if “this could only be happening to me,” or if what the media projects into society is really the common reality.


How could a God that is so just allow so many seeming “unjust” actions to take place in a world where Love is said to be the Truth of Life?


Unjust actions generally are “not requested,” they just seem to happen to us, or others that we know.  My father just passed on to the Greater-Yet-To-Be, and though I get that not everyone gets to leave this planet alive, it felt unjust that my Dad should be here one second, and gone the next.
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Treatment to Accept a New Way of Being

New Being

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Purpose and Recognition:  As we move through those experiences of life that no longer serve us, for us to Accept a New Way of Being we must let go of the past; all those attachments to the way things used to be, all those ideas of what life should look like, all those preconceived outcomes that never came true, and all our ideas about ourselves and the life we desire to live.  To Accept a New Way of Being…Say:


I know that right where I am the great Infinite Potential of Life exists.  It contains everything including the means for It to produce as Perfect Grace.  Its activity is Love and that Love demonstrates as Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence.  That which is, I Am, and I Am Perfect as God is Perfect.  I recognize the Infinite Power of Peace and Joy as God expresses Itself as Beauty in and through All Things.


Unification:   I am One with the Perfect Beauty that is God.  I am One with the expression of newness and Love.  I am One with Joy and Harmony, and that Joy overflows through me as my experience.  I am a new creature in this unification and I am aligned with Love and with Life.


Realization:  Those things which previously served me, have fallen by the way side and I am joyful letting them be.  I easily surrender into A New Way of Being as I release those ideas, concepts and desires that no longer serve my highest expression of Joy.  It is in this realization that I understand my purpose and my intention to be fully renewed by the Power of Love within me, as it washes over me and spills out into all that I do.  I Accept a New Way of Being for I know that my life is serving myself and others as I give of myself to embody this renewed mind.  Every thought I have passes the test of newness.  Every experience I have passes the test of newness.  Every tender moment I live passes the test of newness and therefore, I NOW live from this New Way of Being.  I am sanctified by Grace.  I am alive with freshness and newness.  I exude Peace and Harmony, and my life demonstrates richly the Power of Truth.


Thanksgiving:   I am grateful to Accept a New Way of Being allowing my heart to be full and fulfilled.  My gratitude spills out onto life blessing it richly.


Release:  And so knowing, feeling and sensing, as I release any need to hold on, I surrender into the New Way of Being by simply letting go.  I release this into that Creative Spirit within Love, and Its Light is fulfilling the word as I let go.

And so it is.  Amen    

Do We Need Time?

seeing time

Almost everyone talks about time in one way or another; either they need more, or brag about how they beat time; quite possibly even that over time—things change.


But what is more important is what we “do” with time, and how we “see” time.


The last few weeks have been exceedingly exciting for me.  I have become someone that I actually knew existed within me but never let rise to the occasion.  Maybe there was never a need, maybe there was and I just wasn’t ready.  Nonetheless, who emerged is “I.”


Within each and every one of us is the “I” that operates within the “I AM.”  It is not bound by time, has no concern for it, and doesn’t see it as important.  It is not patient, for patience is integrated into time.  It is not anxious, because nothing is overwhelming when time isn’t involved.  It has no concern, for there is only that which “IS,” and therefore has nothing to be concerned about because what “IS,” is already perfect.


Our modern society focuses so much on time.  We need faster machines, processors and processes to move us through time.  We need calendars, and watches to keep track of time.  We need things to do during all times, we even use Spiritual Practices to fill time, or we etch a section of the day out in hours and minutes to pray and meditate.


So where am I going with this?  Eternality.

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Treatment to Calm the Storm

Calm the Storm

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Purpose and Recognition:  There are many types of storms that we encounter throughout our lifetimes, and what we would like to know is how to stay calm in the middle of the storm, or how to calm the wave of fear and sadness that storms almost certainly yield.  To enter into a place where we can Calm the Storm…Say:


I know that right where I am the Infinite Peace of Life is intending only Love.  The Center of Love is Infinite Truth, Infinite Assurance, Infinite Presence and Infinite Power.  Love is the Calm that lives and moves and has Its being within all of Life.


Unification:   I am One with Peace, One with Calm.  Everything in Nature and Everything in my life is One with Infinite Assurance, Infinite Power and the Infinite Presence that is Love.  Love and I are One.


Realization:  I am held in the arms of Love.  That which I am supports greater Life, greater Love and greater Truth.  Each and every event, circumstance and situation and moment in my life brings about a greater sense of Peace and Harmony in my experience.  I celebrate through every trial and tribulation the joy that is the Presence of God, knowing that I am Divinely guided and sustained by Its Love.  I allow Love to rule in favor of my greater security and safety.  I allow Peace to be the platform upon which even the environment around me operates through.  Proudly and with great faith do I proclaim, “Peace be Still!”  Nothing moves unless Mind moves it, and my mind is calm and collected, filled with the assurance of the greatest expression of Love transmitting Its Joy and Peace into all my affairs.  I am Living Love!


Thanksgiving:   It is with great thanksgiving that I know and believe my heart is filled to over-flowing with the Peace and serenity, Joy and compassion, Excitement and satisfaction, of the Spirit of God within me.  I am so very grateful to realize this Truth!


Release:  I release this word, the word of Truth that has been spoken through Love, into the Creative Spirit of the Law of Mind, knowing full well, that It has been made manifest and I accept it NOW!


And so it is.  Amen

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