Treatment to Express Greater Freedom in the World


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Treatment to Express Greater Freedom in the World           

Purpose and Recognition:  With the world moving so quickly and social structures being called into question for rebirth and regeneration, it isn’t unnatural to feel like things might be closing in on us.  We value our lives and those things that we call freedoms, but we might feel as if everything is being put aside for some new expression of Freedom to come forward throughout the world in which we live.  When we would like to know and to Express Greater Freedom in the World…Say:

I know that there is a Perfect Life right where I am.  That Life is an activity of Divine Love and Greater Joy.  All of Life shows up in Its Perfect Fulfillment and each and every moment is a new and greater expression of that Truth and that Freedom.  All things move together for the greater good of all of Life and that Life is revealing Itself in a larger more fulfilling Freedom NOW!

Unification: I am One through the Freedom that is always in expression.  I align my being with the Truth of Joy and the Life of Love.  All thoughts within my mind support a Greater expression of Freedom, and all I am is united in an unbounded knowingness of Freedom for All.  Each of us is brought into a loving relationship with Life through this Perfect Unity existing as Life Itself.

Realization:  There is nothing outside of me that can restrict my Freedom.  There is nothing within me that desires to be left in bondage and therefore, I release any idea that the world might be falling apart.  I release any distrust in others, in leaders, and in systems of economy.  I recognize that God is the living Spirit within all things and all things known to man are simply but shadows of misunderstanding of the Truth of Greater Joy and Greater Freedom.  I easily express Freedom by exercising my right to know God more fully.  I easily share in my Good, knowing that as I unite myself with Greater Love and Greater Peace, Freedom is the natural out-working of this unity.  I am enthused for the expression of Greater Freedom and I joyfully demonstrate my belief in freedom by maintaining my thoughts in a positive and loving attitude.  I support my fellow human beings knowing that each and every one of us is on our own journey and that each of us is doing the absolute best that we can.  I know no-one intends me harm and therefore, I, in return, make all my words and actions loving, gentle and kind. In making this demonstration from my heart, I Express Greater Freedom in the World.

Thanksgiving:  Gratefully I surrender any expectation and allow the wonder of the Universe to fulfill these words.  My heart pours forth its thankfulness for the Truth that has been spoken here.

Release:   I release any expectation and all activity, any thought of making something happen, allowing the working of a greater Law to demonstrate right here and right Now.  I know it is so…

And so it is.     Amen



  1. Lovely thank you!

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