Treatment to Make Healthy Decisions

healthy decisionsClick Here to Download a printable pdf version:  Treatment to Make Healthy Decisions

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Purpose and Recognition:  It’s easy to get overwhelmed making healthy decisions with so much information coming at us and a rush to have decisions made at break neck speed.  Sometimes we need more time or more security before making a decision that we know will have a great impact on us and possibly even our families.  There is something within us that “knows” what to think and how to think, and it is this combination which aids us in achieving the assurance necessary for healthy decisions.  To Make Healthy Decisions…Say:


I know that there is One Infinite Intelligence operating in the Universe and that Universe has me included in it.  The Creative Power that made this Life empowered all actions to be filled with its Intelligence and Wisdom.  Everything that is comes about through the activity of Grace which infuses Life with Love.  Love is the action of Healthy Decisions.


Unification: I am One with the Infinite Intelligence of the Universe.  I am One with Life and the activity of Grace through Life.  All that Health is I am.  All that choice is lies within me.  All that is Power and Presence is the very Power and Presence within me.  I am a Healthy Decision maker.


Realization:   I realize that nothing in life asks me for anything, yet I choose to live my life as free as I can.  I recognize that there is a Power within me which compels me to always move in new directions and sometimes, I think I want to do something else.  Any decision that I have ever made, or shall make, must be made through the Wisdom that lies within the Infinite Intelligence within me and therefore, all my decisions have been and shall always be Healthy Decisions.  God in me cannot make mistakes and so I lean not unto my own understanding but I judge righteous judgment.  I am filled and fueled by the Love of God within me and every move I make is choreographed by the Great Dancer:  The Holy Spirit.  I dance easily and effortlessly through every decision I must make, or choose to make, knowing the Power and Presence always guides me in the right direction at the right time, and with the right outcome.  I accept Right Here and Right NOW an awareness of Making Healthy Decisions, and I know that each and every moment I experience is filled with satisfaction and joy.  I am ecstatic for the realization of healthy decisions that play out in my life as loving experiences and I lay claim to the Good that is NOW mine from this realization.  I continue to Make Healthy Decisions all the days of my life and to praise God in the highest for this Grace.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the awareness of this Truth.  I give thanks for recognizing the Power of Spirit flowing into each and every decision I make.  I am grateful for Life and for Love.


Release:   I release this into the Law of Mind resting in the assurance that the Holy Spirit has claimed dominion within me and made this so.


And so it is.  Amen    


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