The Story within “Me”

From Rev. Les DeMarco

The Story Within “Me”

“One thing that I would like everyone to know is that whatever it is you have come here to do, whatever your dream is…You can do it!”

I had the average life of a child growing up through the sixties.  I did all the things that kids do through the experimental stages of their lives and of course, I took the Hippie route.

marijuanaWhat was first experimental became recreational, and the kids I hung around with liked to party.  We drank and smoked and we did things that teenagers do, and we were a bit of mischief makers.  Many of the kids I hung around with moved away from the group because there must have been something else that they desired to get out of life, but me, I really enjoyed the drugs!

I never really moved away from the experimental use of drugs because the older I became the more advanced forms of drugs I encountered, and of course, I had to try them all.  But what became evident to me many years later is that, out of all the kids that I hung around, I was the only one still doing drugs.  So I always had to find new crowds to move through, and this is what really took me into the rock and roll scene.

All through high school I was into drugs and to supply the use, I sold them.  Cocaine, marijuana, seconal, tuinal, Nembutal, methedrine, bi-methamphetamines, black beauties, LSD, and eventually heroine.  So even though I had perfect attendance at school, my attendance was strictly business based.

Experimenting with LSD took me to UCLA during the very early 70’s to do experimental studies with the Neurological Department where high doses of LSD were administered in a laboratory environment and testing was done, games were played, IQ tests were given, and light shows presented, as each of us were monitored by devices and by scientists to discover the inherent attributes of the various dose levels a human being could undergo.  It was very exciting, yet I think much of the value I received from it was the Power of the Mind and what influences the thought processes that go on within it.

I always had an interest in music and began playing in bands during high school.  I wasn’t any good, none of us were, but we had a real good time and it complimented the desire to be on drugs and also to attract the girls.

For me, I hadn’t developed a sense of self-esteem as I look back, so I always had to have the prettiest girl, and I could generally coax her into dating me with enough drugs.  So I always had gorgeous arm candy, and a shallow relationship.  This continued throughout the rest of my life until after three marriages, I figured out, “I need to get this relationship with myself handled before I try this again.”

I had no interest in any career except Rock-N-Roll stardom, and I managed pretty well in that category, never really making it as a full-fledged member of any one band, but I certainly had a wonderful career of playing and touring with high profile bands, and always being in Hollywood at the right place at the right time.  My skills were limited, but my ability and my attitude outweighed my lack of skill.  I wasn’t proficient in my own eyes, but I had within me a very creative streak and so I managed to always be doing something in the industry.

I met people through the drugs and landed opportunities that much more talented people than me never achieved, and so my go-getter attitude has never let me down.  I think that this ability is one of the things that kept me alive in prison.

Obviously, you knew that somewhere along the line I was going to get arrested, as each and every person whose whole day is spent getting loaded or buying and selling drugs eventually goes to jail, and I did.  My interest in work was only to support a drug habit, so if I couldn’t be playing music or working on a movie, I was in the construction business of a friend of mine’s father, or I was working in some restaurant in the kitchen.   I learned a great deal about construction during those years and my love of food even to this day has proven skills to make some very gourmet meals.

I have worked on privately owned yaughts and sailed the deep blue sea cooking my way to the Bahamas, to Hawaii, to the Panama Canal, and to the Cayman Islands.  I have built multimillion dollar homes in Beverly Hills, Brentwood, Seattle, and Bel Air, and through all of this, I maintained a serious heroin addiction.  I have been on double dosing of Methadone and Methadose, even while having a daily injection life of heroin.  What I have discovered is that there is some plan greater for me and clearly this plan is infused with a Substance that is greater than any drug on this planet, because through all my years of drug abuse, and through the many overdoses and waking up in the back of an ambulance or in the morgue of a hospital, I am still here.

My terms in prison were based upon my drug habits, and for the thrill of being so intoxicated on narcotics, whether prescriptive or street, I could navigate the crimes with ease and grace.  I wasn’t afraid of anything and most of the time I felt invincible and invisible.  I had no fear of death, nor did I value life; the adrenaline was on overload and my delusion was so powerful that I was willing to do anything to continue my ride.

Ultimately, I wound up in prison and this played an important part in waking me up.  I really learned how to work the system, and I managed to kick all the addictions (which nearly killed me too!), and I began to gain some clarity and some understanding about my life and how much of it had gone past me as a blur.  I couldn’t remember days and weeks and months and years of time.  It was all one big blur, and my life had taken such a turn, that I didn’t even know “me” anymore.  But I decided I should begin to know “me.”

I read the Bible, and I began dissecting it to gain some understanding and I felt like I had a very close relationship with something that had a plan for me.  At first I thought it was Jesus, only to discover it was the teaching that Jesus gave.  I began to live from an awareness of a higher truth and I no longer fit in with the “Born Agains” that had led me to Jesus,because I felt like I really understood what being born again was and it wasn’t anything they were telling me.  I had lost my life fully to drugs, alcohol, crime and rock-n-roll, and I have found something that now fed me more than the drugs.  I was exhilarated with Joy.  And I was alive for the first time in my life.

Robbing banks, strong arming people, robbing drug dealers or FBI agents, forging Federal Maritime way lay bills, counterfeiting, breaking into pharmacies, and selling heroin on the street, isn’t even the entire story of a life on drugs.  Stealing cars, burning down houses for terror to get my point across, crashing cars into people moving huge amounts of cash and then drawing down on them and taking their money, flying cocaine from state to state through airports, all the things that people say can’t possibly be happening, are all part of a life of drugs and crime.  The one thing that I am glad of is that I never had to hurt anyone directly to achieve my ends.  The hurts that took place within people were their own messed up ideas, similar to mine, and ultimately what we discover is these are simply choices we are making.

I had to serve time, and lots of it; but what I discovered, was that there are things in life that you just cannot learn any other way than the way we learn them.  But the important part is that we learn them and not continue in a direction that leads to pain and suffering, a loss of self-esteem, or that put us in a waiting line for the soup kitchen.  I myself have experienced all of this, and it is through the message of the Science of Mind that I am bringing to each of you a Truth that has worked for me; a way to see things differently and not to beat yourself up for wasting time (I did all of that for you already!), and to pick up the pieces and begin putting them back into the box of greatness that we arrived with.  Ultimately, we all want to succeed in life, and if I can help you through my life experiences, then great…if you are still on your path of awakening, attempting to uncover the Truth within you, then I appreciate you visiting my website, and I encourage you to continue to search yourself, for it is there that you will find the Truth that shall set you free.

Prison is simply just a metaphor for how we are in our own minds and how we have removed ourselves from the inherent freedom we entered this life with.  Drugs are simply the out-picturing of an addictive personality that has the traits to not stop seeking what it knows will not be satisfied.  Rock and Roll is nothing more than an exercise in social distraction to feed the libido of the soul and to corrupt self-esteem enough so that we cannot find the beautiful being that we are on the inside and so it must be loud, entertaining, wild, raucous, and perverted.  Waking up is simply the way that life evolves when we decide to get involved with it.

Peace be unto thee stranger.

Much Love,

Reverend Les DeMarco



  1. Wow. Thank you for your honesty. Thank you for your recovery and helping others, including me, in their recovery. Thank you for your leadership on the spiritual path we all are on. I am proud to say that I am a Fellow Sojourner. Much love to all, Tim Murphy

    • We are blessed to have you with us Tim. You have always provided a view that is fresh and detailed. As our path widens and we pick up momentum it is fabulous to have such amazing sojourners to share this with.

  2. Wow, what a journey your life has been and it is perfectly right on. For without it you wouldn’t be that which you are wonderful. I believe that sometimes slowly sometimes quickly we all return home. In the story of the prodigal son, it is a story( Metaphor) that though we may drift into a serious of unfortunate events doesn’t been its bad. How can it be if we are GODS children. The key to me in your story and the prodigal son is NO MATTER WHAT GOD is patiently waiting to Love you, to Hug you, to feed you. Never judging you never punishing us. Simply loving us. God’s demonstration in this story is adoring and filled with compassion.It is a example we must exemplify. Jesus gave us so many examples. In the story of the farmer who planted seeds some on sand, some between thorns etc. you get the point. It is where we focused our attention on and it wasn’t on the two cardinal rules of life. Which are Love God with all heart, mind and body and two love your neighbor as your self. To me these our the only TWO laws that really exist in the heart of my being since way young.
    I don’t believe Rock n Roll is a bad thing how can it be if comes from the spirit, we as creators co-creating with the divine. Self expression to be what we love and never seeking approval from no one, My life, my happiness is contingent upon pleasing GOD, when I do this everything… I mean everything falls into place. I love my rock n roll and I love hippie men.. I think it shows courage and passion to be want to be not what the world wants you to be. Your true authentic self. Simply beautiful:)

    Thank you for that awesome story, you where to be extraordinary. hey one last thing Jesus was a hippie.. to.. lol…..

    • Thanks, Sylvia.
      I only wrote the Story Within Me, to set up the fact that each of us have a very unique individual experience in life. Each of us are here for a Divine Purpose that only can be fulfilled by each of us individually. I love what Joel Olsteen says, “God doesn’t choose the extraordinary, he uses the ordinary.” I am just an ordinary man whose story seems extra-ordinary. It is all a matter of context. To some, that which was written to uphold the purpose within me while on this plane of existence may seem brutal, obscene, rather boring, non-interesting, exciting, loathful, angry, exciting, and a litany of other options.
      Those that are courageously involved in getting the Science of Mind out to the larger world, offer suggestion, things that appeal to them and they think might appeal to others…then Spirit within me, grabs me by the nape of the neck and says, “Do This!” Years ago I didn’t heed that, and ultimately, that is the basis of the story within me…how I did it my way instead of the way others or even God may have had me do it. So now, to avoid more unnecessary self-imposed non-sense (SIN) I choose to listen. Sometimes that voice shows up as a whisper in my head, a bumper sticker on a car, a line in a movie, an idea from reading something, or it can be a screaming shout about something that someone is saying to me. The key is that I listen and I no longer care about what the denomination, my parents, or even my own personality may think about what Spirit has given me to do. When I hear it…I know it. Sometimes that is frightening because I “So want to know what Good it will serve” before I do it…But that is not mine to do.
      Thank you for following the blogs and participating in the Treatments. I trust that things are shifting and improving for you and everyone you know by the active involvement you have with Spirit in your Life.
      Much Love.
      Rev. Les.

  3. The following was posted as part of a facebook discussion with Rev Les. I think it appropriate to post it here:

    Not clutter, I have enough of that here at home :-). Just some pages with a looser feel that encouraged the posting of comments, reactions, observations, questions, etc.

    I thought you did great. As I commented on your site: “Thank you for your leadership on the spiritual path we all are on. I am proud to say that I am a Fellow Sojourner.”

    You have worked yourself up from addiction, prison, homelessness, eating in soup kitchens to where you are today. Your life is a remarkable demonstration of the principles you communicate.

    I just saw a quote that I think applies: “An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”~ Mahatma Gandhi

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Playing Your Hand Right

Showing America how to Live

Love is a Better Way

Reverend Les DeMarco Blogs, Treatments, Events

The Blog

The latest news on and the WordPress community.

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