Week 3 of New Foundations of the Science of Mind

Lecture for Week 3 (from week 2 student also)

Last week we introduced the Kingdoms of Consciousness…which if I didn’t say this last week let me say it now—The Kingdoms of Consciousness is only “a way” to look at how we may currently be experiencing Life and expressing It at these various “ways of being”.  That’s what the name of the Kingdoms of Consciousness means for us in the Science of Mind and why we use it as a metaphor or model:  It is simply a comparative measurement tool…now…we know that consciousness cannot be measured in quantifiable degrees but does…Anyone know of ways that we do currently measure consciousness?

Answer:  Through our demonstrations in the world of effects and then how we view that expression, which becomes what we may currently view as common dogma:  Good and Evil.

To understand SOM there is great assistance through the use of metaphor and various models that represent to us ideas that are consistent with how we “become” that which is contained within the idea—or that image which the conscious mind has delivered to us as the means and ways by which we can then test each idea against our past.  Later we will learn that this is the foundation for mental equivalents, which are primary in our success for how we demonstrate according to our desires, versus what the world or other people feel is important or most necessary for us.  “Yep…we all have those people in our lives!  And they are necessary!”

Now the beauty of Religious Science is that we “know” at the center of our being is that Essence which has never been touched by any of our past experiences, any of our thoughts, our judgments, or through any of the demonstrations through this sense-world we call Humanhood.

Science of Mind is built on One Idea—There is only One Mind.

We were originally Science of Mind and Spirit…and what we teach is that anything that opposes our Good comes from our own thinking—in other words; a thought form outside of us, or any ideas that come from the world around us or the people that populate our circle of influence, that is the thinking of the “world around us”.  We call this Race Thought in our movement—or collective agreement within a subjective body of people.

Yet we know that through Right Ideas a healing becomes possible—so we do in fact have the potentiality of becoming the “Christ” of our experience…and that is true for each and everyone of us.

We use tools to achieve this transformative initiation and these are the tools of the Science of Mind: (write these down because this is one of the questions on the test!)

  1. Treatment—Spiritual Mind Treatment—to become proactive so things can be resolved into thought
  1. Affirmation—A Powerful, Present Tense, Positive and Personal statement spoken aloud and spoken often to validate and firm up an intention within us to experience that which we desire.
  1. Meditation—to be receptive to those areas of our lives where continual patterns emerge revealing strategies for a better humanhood—increased experience in those things which bring us greater comfort, ease and efficiency in creating the perceptions that match our ideas of expression.

And again write this down:

The Universe is created through “Love and Law” and the Universe that we always speak about in Religious Science is that Essence Within—Pure Spirit—and so what we may want to know for that one time where we might be asked on a test or examination:  What is our Essence?

Answer:  Pure Spirit;

We say that Pure Spirit is Love in Its unconditional expression and that it is Love that animates Life into being.

Love is that ability within us to court the Presence and Law is a Principle that we use intelligently that acts upon our thought to bring into fruition ideas that have come to us through our meditation, our Treatment, our affirmations.

And so here…in our world of our affairs—THAT world is responded to by Law—and you want to remember that when we use the term Law in Religious Science—what we are referring to is the Law of Mind—or Mind Action—which really is the basic Law of Life—or the Law of Karma.

How do we work with that out here in the world?

Answer:  We work with introspection, reflection, direction and intention!

And we are always willing to ask the question:

“How’s that working for me?”  And then, being willing to report the results.

That’s how it’s scientific:  Our life is our Laboratory!

It’s scientific in nature because it deals with a set of Principles —Core Concepts— that have repeatable results.  How can we tell if the results are being repeated?

Answer:  We are willing to report our results to ourselves and dive deeper into a greater inquiry of our use of the Law of Mind through the activity of Love.

How does the Law make sure that It demonstrates based upon what we have put into it?

Answer:  It is an operation of Law that removes experiences that cannot reside within the same context for anything unlike itself so as to not reside within Itself:  It is the principle of “a” breakthrough in critical mass…one of the many unlimited possibilities found within all things.

What is Critical Mass?

Answer:  The totality of matter that combines multiple possibilities until finally destruction is evident and eminent.  When we have done this, and we have weeded out our garden of experiences of all the false influences—in SOM Lingo—“Our right use of Mind”, and that’s how we can break down the barriers or the bindings of such critical mass!

So the first thing we want you to understand about how the Science of Mind can be applicable to your everyday life and not just simply an inner experience of Truth, we come to the agreement within ourselves that this is a Universe of Law and Order that is filled completely by Divine Presence and everything has Its perfect place within; hence we have described our vocabulary word that will be on the test:  Cosmology.

When we unify with the Nature of Reality (where the Divine Presence is who and what we are), we allow that benevolence to demonstrate in our current reality.  It does this automatically and with certainty because it is Its nature to always demonstrate.

This concept was huge during the time Ernest was fashioning the Science of Mind.  And it is this idea of “A Universe Within”  that holds the intention that this Universe is a universe with only One Reality:  God is All there is…this idea was so much bigger than any one group saw in their individual God at the time Ernest was fashioning the Science of Mind.

Within this understanding we come to see that this is a Universal Law of Cause and Effect, that it operates in both mankind and Nature.

In humankind we see that this Law is primarily spiritual AND mental, that is, it moves through (the invisible) as a spiritual realization at which point we mentalize it, or allow AND instruct our minds—individual brain mind you and me—to act upon our current understanding of that Law.

Now…I get it…to the beginner they go…wtf?  But in Truth, we can only move or act in complete congruence with something when and only when, that which we perceive to be something is fully understood.  This was in the reading this week…When we hold to the idea, “There must’ve been something for me to learn in this or it couldn’t have happened,” that is that statement of ours about being incongruent in some area, where we have some understanding, (but not a complete or full understanding) because only when we truly understand something, (and that’s only when we have prior knowledge through both experience and the logic of our minds) our understanding must meet and conform to the ideas by which we have constructed our vision of reality (And here…once again…we are speaking to the Mental Equivalent)…

Can you see how extreme and completely convoluted the logic of the mind can be?

The mind only knows to do, and it doesn’t feel in the sense of “how did that feel for you?” the famous line from every therapist and analyst, so if the mind has something else to measure against, it gets to perform another feat of logic to construct a strategy that is designed, by the inherent flaw of our limited ability to conceive of a thing in completeness (as far as it can extend itself into the reaches of that current manifestation of our Creative Application of the Sense-World and the Thought World), and IT finds Its satisfaction within the Soul—or the Subjective Mind of man—and remains content there…lacking nothing.

So what stirs the pot?

What gets us willing to dive deeper and to rout out those areas of disbelief, of pain and suffering, of morbidity and exclusivity, and to render into “effect” ideas that contain patterns of perfection for this moment and this time and this place with this cast of characters playing out this plot?

The great Rock Band Styx said it this way, “It’s a Grand Illusion” and we want to remember that everything that we perceive to be True has just been bound by time and space, and it is that idea that Jesus speaks of when he says:  “I will tear this temple down and in three days I shall raise it back up again.”

What stirs the pot is our ideas of perfection, and what Jesus is teaching us is that these ideas haunt us, and they tempt us to act in such a state of contradictory “thought and action” which yields us the experience of discord and confusion.

Our direct access to the action of the Law is through correct thinking and right use of that Law.  (Remembering that we can never misuse the Law for the Law is exact and always works in the same way—later we will learn is the Core Concept of a Reciprocal Universe) 

So to us, we know we cannot misuse the Law to any degree, but rather, we use the Law to manifest certain results…and our experience and understanding of experience in the world is nothing more than a perfect working out of that Law—sometimes for our greater happiness and others…Well…

What may appear to be a misuse of the Law may be our ignorance of its operation or our “turning the head” away from what it is that we would really rather achieve to receive something in this particular moment.

Let me state that in a different way:

“Giving up what we want most for what we want in the moment!”

The direct operation of the Law is not dependent on us, it acts with or without our conscious recognition (but it does have our consent because we can never engage in anything that is contrary to what we believe…when we engage in any act, any thought, it is simply because we are in agreement with having that thought, that experience:  That’ just one of the ways we evolve…)

it’s not the only way, and it is certainly not the way I suggest:

  1. It’s too slow
  2. It’s too painful

If I have to say more than that!

There is no 3 or 4 or 5.  Think about it!

With understanding of the Law comes the opportunity to better express that Divinity within us.  Being Divine is both creative and orderly, this is having a clear understanding of the Creative Process—which we haven’t looked at yet—and the knowledge of the Spiritual Truths that exist in the NOW!

In the Science of Mind we don’t believe in karmic responsibility as being debt orientated, but rather that once an individual has realized his wrongs (wrong doings which prevented a greater degree of freedom), his misplaced beliefs (those ideas which hypnotize him into believing in a static reality), his unjust actions (the ways and means by which his strategies are executed), and his misuse of his creative potential (utilizing imagination to remove himself from the within the creation to being the creator itself), and he no longer turns to these, he is no longer accountable of those actions.

This is not to say that if he has done something on this earthly plane and has been held accountable by government or societal law and edicts, that he is free to go on, but rather that he can now exist in a more loving, peaceful and disenfranchised way.  The injustice that once bound him now has set him free.

One of the ways in which we gain that inner freedom, that emancipation from sin and death (yes—I said sin and Death!) is to court the Divine Presence.  Just the knowledge that this is a Universe of Divine Presence will not necessarily allow a greater experience to be an everyday occurrence, it is the courting, the sitting in quiet contemplation, meditation of this Presence and Principle and Power that allows us a greater awareness of the “truth of our being” and thus we experience life in greater freedoms and degrees.

This is the Spirit of Truth, the Spiritual Truth:  We are One with God only when we are One as God.

The greatest aspect of this teaching that Ernest gave us is that this teaching is both aspects:  A Universe of law and order (which we can use through our conscious recognition of it) and a Universe of Divine Presence (which we can commune with and with which we may develop a personal direct relationship with.)

And one of the greatest ideas of Ernest was that this is a science also and not just some philosophical concept (though it is also philosophical in its meta-physical ideas and its Universal Ideals) nor some specialized use of Law to achieve something that is only available to some people (though if you do not practice—you most likely will not achieve your greatness!) or is it some strictly meta-physical concept that may or may not be true; no, this is a science in that it can be taught, it can be learned, it can be used with a certainty of result, and we can use it for definite purposes.

Is it possible that some people come into right relationship with the Laws and others people choose not to work with those laws because we or they are just simply ignorant that they exist?

However, doesn’t the math just feel right when we think of this also:  “People who understand the principles in and for life get the best results?”

We learn that there is an intelligence that is running through all things.  That within the flower is the same intelligence that grows and expands our lives in miraculous (every day occurrence) ways and that each one of us is an outlet for that Divine expression.

There is no favoritism in God, there is no special creation there is no opinion in God: we believe that God is a Presence, a Power and a Principle within us and if we are the initiators of our own evolution (rather than being initiated by something outside of us), we become the Christ— for Christ is the self-initiated path of Love.

As students of our own laboratory study, we will learn that we have a sense of satisfaction to our conscious thought (otherwise we wouldn’t think them) and this thought registers within a medium which we call the “Subjective Medium.”

This is where all experiences and tangible thoughts reside.  These tangible thoughts are the thoughts where we have had some prior experience to validate the current experience we are having as a demonstration today—or our current reality.

Can we see the trap in this?  It’s an endless eternal cycle of giving and receiving…

We are also subject to the intrusion or introduction of thought that may not necessarily be ours, that is, thoughts of the world around us—that collective agreement of whatever is circulating throughout all our “circle of influence.”

This is the thought of the human race or Race Thought.  We must never be fooled into thinking that it is only our thought that are out-picturing or demonstrating, as it is evident that we think but there is much more to us than just our thinking.

The understanding of how God or Creative Intelligence gives to us, or more aptly said, experiences that occur through the vehicle of expression in this very limited and finite fashioning that we call “our body.”

Use White board for Teaching symbol

Let me present a metaphor, the one of the seed, the soil and the plant.  Now the soil does not care what it receives—it doesn’t argue, it just does what soil does and the end result is a plant of some sort.  In the Science of Mind, we let this analogy work through patterns of thought.

We have an idea, it is passed into our Subjective Medium, and then become an effect or experience in the world around us…and many of us might even say that this is very real!

Now the Subjective Medium, or soil in this case, is filled with many minerals, (thoughts, ideas, imaginings, and experiences) and according to what resides to make up this medium, in other words, the collective cumulative that has evolved and become more than what it was upon its initial introduction into the system of our strategies and complex rationalizations, and this is what decides or determines the quality of the effect or plant.

If what lies in our Subjective Medium is limited thinking, false beliefs, and past experience, we can see how some idea of grandeur could very easily be reduced to something that is impossible, not attainable, without merit, or even not available for me (please remember that none of this is true as God in us is without limit).

So in the practice of the Science of Mind when we find these beliefs that don’t work for us, what we do is to pour in its opposite truth!  It’s Constructive Opposite!

I am Loved, Loving and Lovable.

The law we must remember has no impulse of its own.  (Write that down for good measure!)  The soil will not grow anything until something is placed into it.

All that disrupts our lives are our thoughts and beliefs, and that’s what is constantly changing and expanding and each of us are becoming more and more than we have ever been before!

So why do we have contrary experiences?

All that disrupts our lives are the thoughts, actions and beliefs that are constantly negating the desired effect we truly are after having!  God is never withholding from us.  This is why it is so important to keep ourselves positive and to sit in contemplation to see what thoughts prevail in our thinking.

One of the important things to grasp in this teaching of the Creative Process is the importance of the Subjective Mind and that this is not OUR conscious mind but rather, it is the seat of our memory—this is where every past experience, everything that anyone and everyone has ever said to us including ourselves, this where All things, experiences, ideas and concepts, events and circumstances are stored here.

It is the depository from which we make a withdrawal, sometimes by conscious recognition and others—well let’s just say—-other than conscious recognition—it’s both our hard drive and the operating system!

We use the word “cosmology” (I gave you that definition earlier) as how we believe the Universe operates and how we fit into it, as a place to begin.

Seeing that everything in nature and in the cosmos has its own place, we can easily see that we too must have a place for ourselves within that order.

The tree does not try to walk from city to city, and so we too should see how to harmonize our being with all that is.

Even should we become disturbed, angry, resentful, enraged by hatred, or even feeling the hurtful loss of a loved one or friend, there is that part of us that is untouched by any effect or condition we may have ever experienced, or believed we experienced or imagined we have experienced.  It’s all of this combined not just any one of these individually!

We are not bound to experience by anything other than our memory.

Though we may experience things that we may or may not define as good, we can know that we are free to change our ideas and concepts about anything to have a greater experience through them or with them.

There is that part of us which has never known anything other than greatness that can and does maintain itself and we have access to it.  We dial direct.  There is no mediator nor anything by which we can ever be limited from that which intrinsically is the very make-up of both our physical constitution and all its sensory perceptions, but also that invisible operation of us which is the metaphysical aspect of the “beyond” that descends upon us like a mantle of whichever expression we desire to experience.

It is the yin and yang of life, the light within the dark and the dark within the light.

Einstein was quoted as saying, “Everything is now changed except our way of thinking.”  And Shelly was quoted as saying: “The eyes see what we bring to the scene.”

We are a center in the Presence of God and that makes us each a center for spiritual living; we don’t believe in the punishing God theorem that it is not done unto us so we will believe, it is done unto us AS we believe.

Now remembering that the Subjective Mind is the medium through which all our experiences pass, we must carefully rearrange the information, experiences, and thoughts that we have previously witnessed.

This is why our use of the Kingdoms of Consciousness is so important because it gives us a way to see how we are evolving and whether that matches our soul’s true intention.

Our individualized perceptions hold within them the chains that bind us and that is why we seemingly have identical experiences with relative or like events in like times through similar influences and by unknown coincidences that all line up like the stars and the planets and the Sun and the moon.

We allow these thoughts to pass through this subjective Medium and be colored by the filter of our PAST and this justifies the similarities between experiences.  Along with that and when we bring that previous idea to the forefront of our conscious recognition it then has to pass THROUGH this Subjective Medium again so that we may have that same experience again and again and again…and this applies to everything whether we label that Good or bad.

Because we are working with a Principle we must remember that it is impersonal and does not have an opinion about what we experience, it just says yes to all we give it—it doesn’t care! Just like the soil doesn’t argue with the seed that is placed into it.

This is not only a hard cold Principle but it is a warm loving Presence through which we operate and express.

It is metaphysical in concept, that is, it is beyond the physical, so we could say that we are working to find what is beyond the appearance.

We know and find this out only when we realize that things are operating in consciousness and that our experience of the Present most likely has been brewing itself in our consciousness long before we recognize the actual events as they are appearing in our lives.

So what we can then use is this affirmative statement, “Change your thinking…change your life.”  We have to keep it changed or those subjective tendencies just recur.

This statement is all about the use of the Law and we should not forget this.  We can transcend this and become One with God (though we are already and just are not fully aware of it) and thus commence with right use, harmonization and fullness of Life.

We use tools to achieve this goal and the tool that we begin with is affirmation.  And affirmations does not make things true as one might think, it simple states what is already true.

This is where we observe that the paths of various religions begin to come together or resemble each other.  The Science of Mind is a preparation for a mystical life.  We could say that at this level we are beginning to understand and use the law to create an event, effect or to demonstrate in alinement with what our goals or aims may point to.

Let’s use the mountain as a basis of understanding, then we might say that each path going up the mountain shares in an outer experience of the Divine and this could look very different at this level for each path as they traverse the various elements during the climb to the top.

We could say that all these practices are very much external in nature.  Then with the deeper understanding of the truths within each teaching there is more common ground and it is the use or right use of the Law within each Principle, and this we could begin to see is a movement that is very much aimed inward.

We could say that just above the tree line of the mountain all the paths really begin to resemble one another or the paths appear to join.

At the very top of the mountain is the mystical experience, the realization of Oneness—which in the Kingdoms of Consciousness we will learn about this Kingdom of Oneness—or the Christ Consciousness.

What we really discover is that each path is leading to the same point, God is all there is!

We’re all actually heading toward the same place only we can’t see what it is (at least at the lower levels going up the mountain).

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