Treatment to Release that which Hinders Me


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Purpose and Recognition:  Each of us may hit a road block now and then, but there is always a way to move past them, to overcome them, or to just simply release them.  Life is filled with very powerful experiences and sometimes we may let those experiences rule our lives.  To Release that which Hinders Us…Say:


I know that right where I am the fullness of God is.  There is an everlasting strength in the Universe that knows only Itself, and that knowingness is the only Power and the only Presence and the only Truth there is. 


Unification:   I am One with the Truth that All Things work together in a Perfect Harmony, and that the expression of Everlasting Strength is the same strength that lives within me.  All that I am is the Power that easily demonstrates as the One, the Whole, and the Complete.


Realization:  I realize that I am the arbiter of my experience and that each and every thought within me manifests some form of that which I am thinking.  I easily release that which hinders me from expressing the Wholeness that I know I am.  I easily release anything that may hinder me from demonstrating the life that I know I came here to live.  I easily release all those thoughts and ideas, all those concepts that I hold that tell me I am not enough.  I easily release myself and everyone else of any wrong doing or injustice knowing that the only Truth there is, is the Truth that I Am.  Nothing stands between me and my Good for I release any and all sense of insecurity, any and all sense of not possessing great ability, any and all sense of being excluded from that Perfect Life I came here to live.  I Am Love!  I Am Life!  I Am Strength!  I Am Perfect! I Am Inspired!


Thanksgiving:   I give thanks for the realization of this Truth Now and I allow it to be the Truth that sets me free!  My heart is overflowing with gratitude for this prayer already demonstrating as my experience in the world.


Release:  And so I just release this and let it go, knowing that it is already so.


And so it is.  Amen    

What I Allow to Hold Me Back

what is holding me back

So often there comes a time in life where time must just stop;   where the things that have moved forward and consistently for so long and with great ease, must rest.  Where time gets to have a respite and where the Spirit within adjusts Itself for the New.


Each and every time when things flow too smoothly and our path seems sure, the period of respite must come about.  We must call it forward and then sit with it long enough to let that which is embryonic within birth itself.


Ideas move through us like our blood, and unless we have a clear flow, the coagulation of these ideas cause an inflammation in our psyche, and we feel overwhelmed, under-satisfied, restless, frustrated and even angry.  All this lends itself to the feeling of not being enough, and when this mental attitude sets in, our lives collapse. [Read more…]

“The Empty Vessel” Audio Blog

the empty vessel

Listen to the audio blog here: Track 1

This is a metaphysical presentation using a story in Kings Chapter 4—The Woman and the Cruse of Oil.

There is such a wealth of inner revelation to be found anywhere we look.  Today I was compelled to look into an ancient wisdom text to feed my evolutionary transformation.  Be open—empty yourself of yesterday—and let God use you in new and exciting ways!


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