In Consideration of Being Considered

In Consideration of Being Considered

How many of us walk through life wondering why we aren’t considered for things that we really feel a calling for?

I’ve often wondered what qualifies people to make decisions about people when each and every one of us is always changing.

I recently ran into an old friend/enemy of mine. One of those situations where someone that knew me had the opportunity to give what they believed was a valid opinion about me. I wanted to be more than considered for something, I wanted to really do my part in it.

What I know about psychology and the evolution of the human psyche is that when we don’t get what we aim for, we fall into a sort of instinctual mode. Not so much a defense it’s actually a form of offense, but from that very natural place of wonder.

I think it is quite often interpreted within as a violation on our character when others cast judgment in our behalf, especially without our permission or approval.

One such incident played out this way, and follow me all the way through so you understand the logic and then maybe, just maybe you will see the difficulty in making any kind of statement about anyone else…period.

Imagine that someone believes that you like to be right or have to be right. A know-it-all. Now what does that say?

I like to be right and everyone else is wrong? But then what happens to the person being wrong? If they are not wrong then THEY ARE RIGHT. So this produces quite a problem when someone says that someone else likes to be right, because how could anyone possibly say anything about another individual without having to be right themselves based upon their own form of decision making process (oh did I mention that usually occurs through a comparative nature — which could be accurate if that which is used as measurement was an accurate measurement or True integer otherwise…)

We truly have to watch how we describe others because in a Universal sense, how we talk about others simply describes our way of being as well.

I hear people say that they only recognize that now that because they once did that as if it changes the fact that they are still doing it. Every opinion we form is our way of always being right.

Who in this world purposely can create a solution or problem that doesn’t have themselves as part of the equation for creation?

Being considered for anything is really an inside job. Have you considered how awesome this might be? To have this? To know that? To be?

It’s really up to us. We don’t have to be wrong ever because no one is wrong! Everyone has to be right in order to make any decision with conviction, assurance, and the willingness to carry that decision through.

Don’t let those nay sayers destroy your self esteem and tell you that you can’t be right all the time, as a matter of fact, YOU BETTER NEVER BE WRONG!

You can overcome every obstacle placed before you because every obstacle is simply a way of proving yourself right. You can get over it, climb out from under it, rise above it, and flow with it. Don’t ever believe that you are wrong. Be willing to be incorrect but for God’s sake, don’t ever admit you are wrong!

Now in consideration consider that!

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