What Are We So Afraid Of?

Fear of ourselves

What Are We So Afraid Of?

Have you ever asked yourself what you are actually afraid of?  If not, now is the time!  Never before has it been more important than to look at what we fear and gain an understanding of how that plays out in our lives.

Each of us have fear, and many of us have just gotten used to operating over the top of it.  We just move through the day, more concerned about how we are going to feed our families, how we can keep our jobs, what is going to happen in the very near future with the state of world affairs…and the list goes on and on.

Some of us might be looking at our “bucket lists” and placing a priority on getting some of those things done before the lid on our caskets close or we are placed into the fire for cremation.  And yet I wonder…How many of us know what drives our fear that keeps us moving in this direction to acquire and achieve?  What purpose have you been brought to this life for and are you fulfilling it?

When we stop to think about the state of the health of our bodies…Is it so we put off a few years of our tombstone?  Do we feel as if what we do with our bodies isn’t what we came here to be doing?  Are the actions we force our bodies through not consistent with what we believe we have come here to experience and bless the world with?  You see, knowing what this body is for, how it was designed to help us fulfill our destiny, and to house the state of mind that is the consciousness of our very being, is one of the most important aspects we could be choosing right now to better point ourselves in the direction of our dreams.

But wait!  There’s more…

We like to believe that there is something outside of us that has some control over the experiences we entertain in our life—in this body.  We believe in economies, governments, environments, social circles, religions, science, media advancements, technical inventions, and health systems!  But what are these things?  Are they just creations to support us to continue our fear?  Do they really have a place in giving us release from fear that keeps us spellbound or do they promote fear?  If what you think you believe in and are a supporter of should prevail is that happiness to you?  Or, if what you don’t believe in should prevail…would you still feel as if everything in life was whole, perfect and complete? (Maybe we should ask ourselves if we know what that means!)

What drives our fear?  Could there really be anything outside of us that can do that?  Do we know we have thinking minds and these minds like to plot, plan, imagine, and on occasion perform feats of logic?  But what is the use of these great abilities if we cannot use them to control our fear?  These are not to control others in a means to provide for us some sense of protection, satisfaction, or order in our lives…that’s for us to do for ourselves.

Let me ask you the most important question society might like to ask itself as a whole:

Are you willing to be individually self-regulated and governed?

What does that mean?  I am not inferring “Imagine” as John Lennon might have wrote about, I am talking about you being you in the midst of no government, no religion, no borders.  THE YOU WITHOUT FEARS!

Now there will be people that argue fear is healthy, it is motivational, a great defense mechanism, it is a tool to show us something about ourselves…all those psychologically man made-up things about the human psyche…however…fear is what binds us to global terrorism of other human beings.  Fear is that very abstract construct that has nothing to prove its necessity if man (or woman) is living a self-regulated life.

Society as a whole is incapable of self-regulation because for the most part, we have been trained to think “survival of the fittest.”  An instinctual based life of reaction to actions, rather than a life of responsibility to one another, to provide equally to all what each of us requires and provide a way, to the best of our own abilities, to cooperate with others so they may present their gift also, rather than to acquire more than we all need to fully express ourselves in the world.

You might ask yourself this question at this point:


Does it all boil down to things outside of you creating a greater sense of inner worth?  If so, then the platform we live our life from may be found below.

There are three main error beliefs in all societies for the individual:

  1. 1.      I am not enough:  me, you, personally lack some skill, some knowledge, some resource to fully express a fulfilled life.
  2. 2.      There is not enough: even if you or I had everything in the above list, we believe there isn’t enough to go around so we probably will run out eventually.
  3. 3.      It’s too late!:  you and I didn’t find out in time, didn’t act on our inner guidance when we received it, and now the world has already surpassed the need for what we have brought to this life to express.

When we suffer from self-esteem issues that’s when we require regulation.  When we believe that others are better than us to guide us and direct us rather than in our own ability to “do the right thing at the right time with the right attitude for the right reason” we have surrendered the only thing that stops fear from entering this physical world:  Personal Power.  We have put the power outside of us.  We have taken the greatest gift humanity possesses and pushed it out where it cannot survive because it is not an outer reality but an inner truth.

When we suffer from ideas of “lack” that’s what drives systems of economy.  Each of us came into this world tied to someone else…and just because our umbilical cord was cut—somehow we grew to believe in separation.  Yet for the first part of our lives we lived in cooperation.  Our bodies were not fully ours—they relied on circulation within a system of bio-physical events all in cooperation with every other event.  It is only when interference is introduced to the system does that cooperation get diminished.  The same thing occurs in our experience of life.  We believe that somehow, by not having enough, what we have come here to express can no longer come into fruition until that need is fulfilled…so we hold off.  This interference diminishes the cooperation of all other universal elements in their perfect and right order.  That disruption causes an emotional reaction based upon an idea (something invisible) and we bring forward elements from our past experience and project into the future some event that must occur.  We have taken an idea and made it a reality and asked it to exist where it cannot survive because it is not an outer reality but an inner idea.

We suffer from ideas of time because we believe more in the understanding of sequential living in a linear fashion and therefore see reality as fully “time” constructed and bound.  We hold a belief that “in the right time” or “no good wine comes before its time” and so we keep corked up that greatness within us always looking , watching, waiting, trying to discern:  When.  And so, because we suffer some sense of self-esteem issue, we never believe that we are worthy of producing NOW!   Because we suffer some sense of lack, we feel as if we don’t have what it takes to be worthy NOW!  Because we suffer from ideas based in time, we establish self-esteem issues because we may have missed the perfect and right time for our fulfillment because we have not acquired the necessary “whatever it is” that was necessary for us to step forward and deliver who we are to the world.

What we are afraid of is ourselves!  Our fear about the truth of our being frightens us!  We might even feel as if our greatness might diminish others—but we forget others are just as great as we are in their own sense of individual fulfillment.  We didn’t come here to be like anyone else!  We came here to cooperate with everyone else and live in community with life itself, knowing and believing that each of us are a necessary link in the binding chain of humanity through some divine orchestration in the eternal existence of life itself.

We fear each other because inherently we know our own ability, not the ability of others!  When we don’t work through those things that we have misunderstood about ourselves, we become a threat to the fullness of life for other people, and it’s in that very misunderstanding that all psychology has been based.  Yet why do we misunderstand?

  1. 1.      We are not enough.
  2. 2.      There is not enough.
  3. 3.      It’s too late!

Most of us turn to psychology or religion to help us come to an understanding (that is—when we don’t desire to injure others we choose to look within rather than to figure these misunderstandings out by imposing our confusion upon others!), because within the psyche of this human mind of ours is an inner drive to have a realization.  A recognition.  And what is that recognition?

We are powerful beyond measure!  We are the arbiters of our own experience! Our experience is tied the experience of others!

We can achieve Great Things.  A wise man who once believed in the ability that lived within him once said, “Greater things shall you do than you have seen me do!”  And a wise woman once admitted, “No one can hurt you without your permission.”

What great things are we performing for all of humanity to stand witness to through the expression of the gift we came here to share?

Where have we given permission for the ways of the world to have to dictate regulation in place of self-regulation?

Would you be willing to turn within to discover your own inner wealth, success, and happiness so that you may bring forth what the rest of the world is patiently waiting for?

Without an inward view, nothing gets done.

Everything is only one decision away.

“Now is the time!”



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