Can our issues create an experience in someone else?

Everyone has issues…let’s face it!

Today in this blog…what I’d like to talk about is whether we feel as if our issues create an experience in someone else.

In Religious Science we have a tendency to teach that we are responsible for our own actions—but what about when our actions impact others.  How about that?

Let’s say we smash into someone’s car because we are looking at our cell phone, or we are talking on the phone to someone and we are arguing or debating a hot topic.  When we have “accidents” like this…do the other people need to own responsibility for the damage done to their vehicles when it clearly is our fault?  Religious science says that it is never about the other person…so where does the consciousness of other seemingly innocent people come into play?

This is difficult, because as a minister of Religious Science I want to uphold the Truth that “we are the arbiters of our own experience”, yet scientifically, I want to leave room for the randomness to still unfold.

So I say, that when certain elements align (not like when mercury aligns with mars) but when our conscious and unconscious actions align with other peoples conscious and unconscious thoughts, we are brought together in one very dynamic expression of the harmony of the Universe.  It’s really just the Universe “killing two birds with one stone”.  Because the Universe maintains perfect records (not like it is keeping score) it is always maintaining order by allowing those similar things to express fully.  It’s the two or more principle being played out in a very different (or should I say less talked about) manner.  There is only One Principle in operation here, that is and will always be performed in a myriad of ways and means.

That Principle here is “the two or more gathered.”  Emmet Fox says, “like attracts like.”  Could that be so with just a simple car accident?  I think so.

When we have issues, what we find is that other people have issues.  When we see things in the Universe (or right here on earth) that we have a dislike to, we are creating dislike in our experience and the Universe is simply a mirror in this respect, mirroring back to us our dislike.

So what about the car accident?

Any accidental behavior no matter how obscure, still produces a “like” correspondent, and because the Universe does not recognize big or small—the smallest unconsciousness can and does produce a corresponding action, only without the need for size.  A slight bump can equal a huge crash.  This is the “law and the prophets.”

Are you satisfied?

I’m thinking about mysticism. What we feel our direct response and interaction with that essence that lives within us is. Are we actually having a relationship with it? And if we are…is this relationship proving helpful for us?

What we understand about life is a direct result of what we believe about that power and presence that has so many different names, might just as well be termed God. I have a relationship with God that is so real and so valuable that all my satisfaction comes from this ongoing experience of the Divine.

I have yet to find a day where I don’t have more contact with God than I do with the sum total of everything and everyone else I see or talk to or interact with. There is more God to be revealed in everything and I am enjoying this type of resolve. Do you find yourself being satisfied by your own understanding of what God is in your life? If not…then either you are not courting this presence or you have not come to invite it into your life. Will you allow this benevolent Spirit to inhabit your life experience? What have you got to fear?

So much can be revealed…and this will save you tons of troubles and hundreds of dollars. I am teaching about this regularly. Will you come join us at the Huntington Beach Church of Religious Science? We’d love to share this truth with you.

The Other 90% of Your Brain

Lately, with all the rhetoric about rising costs of fuel, food, housing, and so few jobs available, we would do better to understand more of the Truth of the Universe, than to buy into the outer appearances the world is presenting to us.

How many of us actually believe that “with God all things are possible?”

This idea plays into so many of our life areas, that all too often, we forget that we are Divine.  We see ourselves as being totally human.  And as such, we are bound to the human limitations.

When we accept and know that there is a Power Greater than us, and that this Power lives within us, as it lives within the whole of the Universe, we become limitless in our potential.

What would it take for you to agree?  Because, if you believe in the first few lines of this blog, then you really might want to consider accepting more of what is Universally True for everyone.  We possess an amazing ability to think differently, and rarely do we use our full capacity of thought.  You’ve probably heard it said that we only use ten percent of our brain capability in our lifetime.

Does that ever make you wonder about the other 90% and how that can be accessed?

There is an answer for that.  It’s God/Spirit/Infinite Intelligence/Love.  The most unused portion of our mental capacities lies in our relying on human will and human ideas.  What about Divine Ideas?  If the limitless potential of the Universe is contained within the other portion of our brain capacity, or within the 90%, that 90% still is part of our brain.  So why not use it?  Why not let go of the lesser and utilize the greater?

All of us have this unlimited potential within us, and all of us can use any amount of it as we desire.  If your life isn’t what you would like it to be, you have no one to blame, no economy, no rising costs of gas or food or housing, or lack of a good job…all you have to blame is YOU!  For within each of us is a great potential that we can tap into right now.  Want to know how?  Leave a comment below or on our facebook page here and I’ll tell you what you need to know.

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