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Understanding Spiritual Mind Treatment

The discussions following are excerpts taken directly from The Science of Mind (A Tarcher/Putnam Book Publication) and each section referenced shall identify the chapter, page, paragraph and sentence number.


The Practice of Spiritual Mind Healing

“Start with this simple proposition:  The nature of God, of man and of being is perfect, harmonious, whole—Perfect God, Perfect Man, and Perfect Being—and in treatment conform your thought to this idea.”  309:2:1-2

(Chapter)                The Practice of Spiritual Mind Healing

(Page)                       309

(Paragraph)             2 (any text found on the page preceding the first full paragraph shall be considered paragraph 1  or this page)

(Sentence number)  1-2 (the first and second sentence within the paragraph on the page—as noted above)

The Basics

The Practice of Spiritual Mind Healing

  • Start with this simple proposition:  The nature of God, of man and of being is perfect, harmonious, whole—Perfect God, Perfect Man, and Perfect Being—and in treatment conform your thought to this idea.  Then let the treatment be a moving thing, a series of thoughts or statements followed by realization.  309:2:1-2
  • Gradually a conviction dawns that God is all there is, and as this conviction grows the work is done more easily, and with a greater degree of acceptance…a growing spiritual atmosphere comes into it.  When this truth takes hold of our consciousness, and we contact what appears to be imperfect man, imperfect God, and imperfect being, we shall better know that the manifestation of imperfection has no right to exist.  In actual practice, this becomes a series of statements—arguments perhaps—but a series of statements which finally culminate in the mental evidence being in favor of Perfect God, Perfect Man, and Perfect Being.  309:3:1-3
  • The way to learn how to treat, is to treat.  At first one has the feeling in treating of wondering if anything is really happening, until he finally realizes that this apparent nothingness with which he deals is the only ultimate something out of which tangible things could be made.  309:4:1-2
  • In [Spiritual Mind Treatment we]endeavor to enter into the consciousness of a state of unity of all life, in which unity exists past, present and future;[specific to the one the treatment is for]and the unborn but potential possibility of the condition for which [the treatment is for].  [This] deals not with mental suggestion but with a spiritual Presence, [and] does not seek to force an issue, but rather permits a Creative Intelligence to perform a certain act.  309:5:3-4 to 310:1:1
  • All forms are theoretically resolvable into a universal energy and substance, upon which, and through which, Intelligence operates.  310:3:1
  • We believe in science, because it is organized, systematized knowledge and it is only when knowledge is organized and systematized that it can be utilized.  Science is leading us surely, by its process and method, back again to the great spiritual deductions of the ages;  the physical universe is One; Mind is One.  312:3:1-2
  • Mind is individualized but never individual.  This Mind which is Universal will never be any less than Universal; It will never be individual, but It will be individualized.312:4:1-2
  • The individualization of the Universal comes to a point in the personal, just as the human body is one with the entire physical universe.  313:1:1
  • So every day we are living from this Unity, and projecting the experiences from it upon the screen of our objective lives.  We have done this so long in ignorance that we appear to be bound by the outlines of the forms which our ignorance has projected.  314:1:4-5
  • The Spirit is the starting point of everything.  There is a Presence in the Universe which we call God, Intelligence, Law, which by the very act of Its Word creates an objective form which is like Its Word.  The Word becomes flesh.  We are some part of this creative order and we cannot change our nature.  We have to accept the truth and we should make use of it.  314:2:2-6
  • What do we mean by demonstration?  To demonstrate means to prove, to exemplify, to manifest, to bring forth, to project into our experience something that is better than we had yesterday…less pain, less unhappiness, less poverty, less misery, more good…this is what is meant by a demonstration.  314:3:2,3
  • We all have the Spiritual Power to [change any condition], but we do not believe we have.  Our mind does not unqualifiedly accept this.  Therefore, that which we are, through disbelief, projects the form of have-not rather than the form of HAVE, but even in taking the form of have-not, it demonstrates that it has what it BELIEVES.    315:2:7-9
  • We enter the Absolute in such degree as we withdraw from the relative.  315:3:1
  • The All-creative Wisdom does not think one thing is difficult and another easy.  With God all things are possible.  We must know this and this Power of God must be hooked up with our thought, with what we are doing.  Energy unconnected does nothing, it is only when it is used, properly directed, that it accomplishes things.  315:3:4-7
  • Let us again briefly go over what it is that one must do.  He must first of all BELIEVE.  Why must we believe?  Because God is belief.  God is belief and belief is Law, and Law produces form, in substance.  317:3:1-2,4-6
  • We must have the faith of God.  The faith of God IS God, and somewhere along the line of our spiritual evolution this transition will gradually take place, where we shall cease having a faith IN and shall have the faith OF.  Always in such degree as this happens, a demonstration takes place.  We must believe because God is belief; the physical Universe is built out of belief—faith, belief, acceptance, conviction.  317:3:8-11 to 318:1:2
  • Therefore we must definitely speak our conviction in concrete form in Mind.  A treatment should always be definite, specific, concrete.  The creative act is always conscious.  A treatment moves in thought, sets something in motion, is an active thing.  318:2:3-4,6-7
  • First, recognition; second, unification.  We continue to do this until something comes into our consciousness which says “Yes.”  We know the work has been accomplished.  This is the third step:  realization.  This is what a treatment is.     318:3:3-7
  • We should be careful after the treatment has been given, that we take no responsibility of trying to make it work.  The Law will work from its own energy; how, we do not know.  381:3:10-11
  • We should conform the words in our treatment to meet the necessity of the case.  318:4:1
  • There is a law of metaphysics corresponding to it; consciousness will externalize at its own level, by its own recognition.  We may call this faith, we may call it embodiment, we may call it whatever we will, there is something in the Universe which responds and corresponds to our mental states.  319:1:3-4


  • Discard [negative] thoughts and give your entire attention to realizing perfection.  320:1:8
  • The treatment should leave [you] in better condition than before it was given; otherwise, it is not a good treatment.  320:2:5
  • We are surrounded by a Subjective Intelligence, which receives the impress of our thought and acts upon it.  320:4:2
  • The Law is a law of reflection; for Life is a mirror, reflecting to us as conditions the images of our thinking.  Whatever one thinks tends to take form and become a part of [one’s life] experience.  The Medium of all thought is the Universal Mind, acting as Law.  Law is always impersonal, neutral, receptive and reactive.  320:4:5-8
  • The power within man can free him from all distasteful conditions if the Law governing this power is properly understood and utilized.  321:6
  • The Law of Mind, which is the Medium of all action, is a law of perfect balance:  the objective world perfectly balances the images within the subjective world.  321:2:1
  • Here is the invariable rule for knowing how to treat.  We can judge the subjective concept only by its objective effect.  What we put into the treatment will come out of it.  Treatment is a definite, conscious, concrete thing.  There is intention in a treatment and there should be a definite acceptance.  321:2:4-5,12-13
  • The manifest universe is a result of the Self-contemplation of God.  Man’s world of affairs is the result of his self-contemplation.  He is at first ignorant of this and so binds himself through wrong thought and action.  As he reverses this thought, he reverses the condition attendant upon it.  There is neither effort nor strain in knowing the truth.   Right action will be compelled through right knowing.  Therefore, when we know the Truth, It will compel us to act in a correct manner.  322:1
  • The subjective state of thought is a power always at work; it is the result of the sum total of all beliefs, consciously and unconsciously held.  The subjective state of thought may be consciously changed through right mental action.  The conscious thought controls the subconscious and, in its turn, the subconscious controls conditions.  322:2:4-7
  • Since the Law is mental, one must believe in It, in order to have It work affirmatively.  But It is always working according to [one’s] belief, whether conscious of this truth or not.  Demonstration takes place through the field of the One Universal Mind.  We set the Power in motion; the Law produces the effect.  322:3:1-4

There is One Infinite Mind from which all things come.  This Mind is through, in, and around man.  It is the Only Mind there is and every time man thinks he uses It.  There is One Infinite Spirit and every time man says “I Am” he proclaims It.  There is One Infinite Law and every time man thinks he sets this Law in motion.  There is One Infinite God and every time man speaks to this God, he receives a direct answer.  ONE!  ONE!  ONE!  “I am God and there is none else.”  There is One Limitless Life, which returns to the thinker exactly what he thinks into It.  ONE!  ONE!  ONE! “In all, over all, and through all.”  Talk, live, act, believe and know that you are a center in this One.  All the Power there is, all the Presence there is, all the Love there is, all the Peace there is, all the Good there is, and the Only God there is, is Omnipresent.  Consequently, the Infinite is in and through man and is in and through everything.  “Act as though I am and I will be.”




  • The Mind of man is some part of the Mind of God, therefore it contains within itself unlimited possibility of expansion and self-expression.  390:1
  • The conscious mind of man is self-knowing, self-assertive; it has volition, will, choice and may accept or reject.  It is the only part of man’s mind which can think independently of conditions.  390:2
  • The sub-conscious mind of man is simply the Law of Mind in action.  It is not a thing of itself but is the medium for all through action.  It is the medium by which man may call into temporary being whatever [is] a need or enjoyment on the pathway of experience.  390:3
  • The Mind of God is Infinite.  The mind of man is some part of this Infinite, Creative Mind of God.  Therefore the mind of man is as infinite as is man’s capacity to understand his true relationship to God or Spirit.  The mind of man is continuously unfolding into a greater recognition of its real plan in the creative order of the Universe.  390:4:1-4
  • The conscious mind of man is part of the Self-Knowingness of the mind of God.  The conscious mind of man is the Self-Knowingness of Spirit operating through the thought of man.  Hence its creativeness.  391:2:8-10
  • The conscious mind of man is that part of, or unity with, the Supreme Spirit which enables man to be an individual unit, separate in identity without becoming separated from, the Whole spirit of God, the Whole Mind of God.  Without this conscious mind of man in an individualized state God, or the Spirit, would have no independent offspring, therefore God would not be completely expressed.  The eternal has placed Itself at the center of man’s being in order that man may function individually.  391:3:1-4
  • Thought calls things forth from the universal into expression.  393:1:3
  • [Mind/Law] takes concrete form from desires and mental images impressed upon It.  It resides within us for the purpose of being used and It should be used definitely and with conscious knowledge that It is being used for specific purposes. [Law] will do for us whatever we wish It to do provided we first create the thought mold.  397:1
  • The law of Mind obeys the orders that are given It whether we are conscious or unconscious that such orders are being given. Being entirely sensitive to our thought and by its very nature absolutely receptive as well as intelligent and responsive to it—and at the same time being creative—it is easy to see what a tremendous power we have at our conscious disposal.  397:3
  • When we treat we do not wish, we KNOW.  We do not dream, we STATE.  WE do not hope, we ACCEPT.  We do not pray, we ANNOUNCE.  We do not expect something is going to happen, we BELIEVE THAT IT HAS ALREADY HAPPENED.  399:3:2-4
  • We must consciously know that we can use creative power.  The more complete such acceptance on our part, the more completely we shall be able to use this power for definite purposes.  We should develop a conscious conviction of our ability to know and to understand the way that the mind works.  401:3:1-3
  • Thoughts of lack manifest as limitation.  Thoughts of abundance manifest as success and happiness.  Failure and success are but two ends of one stick.  All conditions and every circumstance is of the nature of effects and can in no way limit Mind unless we take them as a fresh starting point for a creative pattern.  The thought that any given condition is a thing of itself tends to make it appear to be a thing of itself.  Reverse the thought and the condition tends to become reversed.  403:4
  • Since we cannot contract the Absolute we shall have to expand the relative.  The Infinite will not be, or become, less than Itself.  We are of Its nature.  We did not make our own being.  All we can do is to accept that the being which we are is some part of the Divine.  To know this is to overcome fear.  Whether this fear is of lack, pain, sickness or death, it is always a belief that there is something other than Life or that Life withholds pleasure, peace, and success from us.  405:3
  • Since Spirit is present in Its entirety at all times and in all places it follows, that all of Spirit is wherever we center our attention.  And since Spirit is both receptivity and creative responsiveness it follows that wherever we center our attention its image must concentrate substance into the form of such attention.  This is fundamental to our concept of mental and spiritual treatment.  406:1:1-3
  • By giving our complete attention to any one idea we automatically embody it.  We outwardly experience our states of consciousness. 411:4:1
  • The objective form to which we give our attention is created from the very attention which we give to it.  The objective is but the reflection of the subjective state of thought.  Life is a blackboard upon which we consciously or unconsciously write those messages which govern us.  Life is a motion picture of subjective causes. 412:2:1-3,6
  • In mental treatment we should feel as though the whole power of the universe were running through the words we speak.  The words must become “Spirit and Life” if they are to overshadow the thoughts and actions that have brought about a discordant condition.               413:4:1-2
  • Effective treatment must be independent of any existing circumstance whatsoever else it will not enter the realm of an Unconditioned Causation.  It will have fallen to the level of those secondary causes which seek to perpetuate themselves in human experience.  To rise above the contemplation of conditions is to enter that field of Causation which makes all things new in our experience.  414:1:1-3


Final Conclusion

In conclusion, what the world needs is spiritual conviction, followed by spiritual experience.  I would rather see a student of this Science prove its Principles than to have him repeat all the words of wisdom that have ever been uttered.  It is far easier to teach the Truth than it is to practice it.

But the practice of Truth is personal to each, and in the long run no one can live our life for us.  To each is given what he needs and the gifts of heaven come alike to all.  How we shall use these gifts is all that matters!  To hold one’s thought steadfastly to the constructive, to that which endures, and to the Truth, may not be easy in a rapidly changing world, but to the one who makes the attempt much is guaranteed.

The essence of Spiritual Mind Healing—and of all true religious philosophy—is an inner realization of the Presence of Perfection within and around about.  It is the hope of heaven, the Voice of God proclaiming:  “I am that which thou art; thou art that which I am.”


All excerpts from “THE SCIENCE OF MIND” Tarcher/Putnam Edition 1997

Author:  Ernest Shurtleff Holmes


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The latest news on WordPress.com and the WordPress community.

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