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Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Peace in Chaos

Being active in life brings us in front of many things and many experiences.  Some of these are seemingly troublesome and some of them just outright uncomfortable.  Yet in the midst of chaos we can find Peace; but I believe many of us might not know where to look for it, or believe it couldn’t be where we are while engaged in our moments of despair, discomfort, or disturbance.


When we look for Peace or should we desire Peace, each of us might fret, or feel unable to create that which we so eagerly desire, however, following these few steps may alleviate this challenge and bring harmony to our chaos: [Read more…]

Witnessing the End of Life

Loving Hands

Today I sit in complete awe.  I witness the movement of life into its next expression through the eyes of the Son, the Father, a friend and an heir.  I am blessed to be here now in the Presence of Love to stand guard and to hold the Truth, to assist and nurture, as someone dear to me moves from this life to the next.


As this unfolds, I am sure that more shall be revealed, and as I discover this, I shall post further, so that those of us reading this may find some solace, some joy, some inspiration, and some guidance; and in this, may your fortitude and Love be strengthened.


As we move through life, if you are or were like me, our aspirations go blindly forward, as we head toward our goals.  Looking back, I can see where I motivated myself by desires, and rather selfishly, but with no mal intent.  Just a youth aiming to make the best of whatever creative mood captivated me.  In that, I set many aspects of life aside to reach those goals.


We are taught, if we are fortunate enough to listen and to watch, that life has certain parameters that must promote boundaries for a close-knit family to be maintained.  I was blinded by my own ambition, and I believe I might have passed that on to my own offspring.  That being said, these boundaries are healthy if we are to have someone present for us in our own time of need.  If you have broken the ties with those who brought you into this world, for whatever reason, just know that much love has not been lost, but has been opted out of, and it can always be renewed.  Love has its’ own built in recovery system, and that system is called forgiveness. 


Forgiving is a strength not a weakness.  Use it to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.  With it you can amass great joy, without it, you block your own flow of Love to be experienced.  When life comes to the end of its earthly experience in this body, a reserve account built upon forgiveness goes much further than one built upon shear will and might.


If you are reading this ask yourself:  “What have I been holding onto that is blocking the flow of Love from flowing fully from me?”  If the answer has any inkling of resentment, then there is a person involved.  Trace that back:  Who is it?  Can you forgive them or yourself?  [Read more…]

Treatment to Experience Freedom to Choose Peace over Bondage

Choosing Peace 

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Click Here to Download a pdf Version:  Treatment to Experience Freedom to Choose Peace over Bondage


Purpose and Recognition:  As we live life we discover where we may have been held in bondage by some idea or legislation so that we cannot experience the freedom we so desperately desire.  Each and every choice we make, both as individuals and as a collective, either espouse freedom or continue bondage.  To Experience the Freedom to Choose Peace over Bondage…Say:


I know that right where I am there is One Power, One Presence, and One Principle that is both Loving and Wise.  It and It alone governs, guides, directs and elects.  All of Life corresponds to the activity of this One and this activity makes Itself known through Volition.  All that is available to be chosen from, must and does emerge from that One Great Essence which is God/Spirit.  All there can ever be is the Love and the Life that is God in full expression.


Unification:  I am One with this Power, Presence and Principle.  I unify myself with the Wisdom of the Universe and I allow It to permeate my being.  All that I am is made of the Essence that is Spirit Itself, and therefore, that which I am is free to experience Peace, Prosperity, Joy and Security.  Love animates all decisions and all my decisions are made in Love.  I am Peace.  I am Free.  I am Love!


Realization:  Today as I live my Life I freely choose to experience Love, Peace, Joy and Harmony.  I am at Peace with everyone and everything.  I intend no harm to myself or others and I promote safety, prosperity and unity.  I align with every right avenue for Peace to prevail right where I am and I cast no judgment on those that may see things differently than I.  I allow others to experience and to express freely thereby proving that I live in Peace, and with Freedom.  Everything I do, and everything I am is activated by the collective Good of the Universe and I allow that Good to flow from me through me.  I no longer clutch to things for I believe that there is enough for everyone to share in the Joy and the Love that is God within.  As I open my heart to Wisdom and to let Love flow from me, I receive an ample portion of understanding and acceptance, choosing to enjoy Life rather than condemn it or the actions of others.  I live Peaceably, Joyfully, willingly letting others find their own way.  I celebrate that volition is mine to demonstrate and each and every choice proves my ability to think positively, to live consciously, and to love endlessly.  I choose to Experience Peace over Bondage.  I no longer see myself suffering under the guise of anything, for I surrender my life for the Greater Life of God within me.  It is this which sets me Free!  I accept this fully and completely!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth.  Thanks for knowing that right where I am, Love and Peace, Joy and Harmony are my experience.  Gratefully I accept Peace and Freedom.  With a heart filled with this gratitude…


Release:  I release this Treatment knowing that it is done.  The Life and the energy of Spirit ordains this word as the Word of God, and therefore It is and It shall remain being so.  The Law has acted upon my Word, and there is nothing left for me to do with it.  I let it Go!    


And so it is.    Amen

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