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The Life Desireable

A life desired

How you think and what you think about play the biggest roles in the making of a life desirable. How we use the process of thought, the organization of our thought, and the order of priorities that we give to our thoughts is the mechanism by which life is shaped into the mold we make for ourselves.


Each time we make a decision, whether that decision is in alignment with what we say we want to achieve or become in life, something happens within the Universal Order of Life itself. Each and every piece in the tapestry of life is adjusted to make sure that even your worst dream comes true if enough energy and attention is given to the nightmare!   Remember all dreams come true! Even Nightmares!

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Today’s Spiritual Mind Treatment

Treatment to Express Greater Freedom in the World


Click here to Download a printable pdf version:  Treatment to Express Greater Freedom in the World

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Treatment to Express Greater Freedom in the World           

Purpose and Recognition:  With the world moving so quickly and social structures being called into question for rebirth and regeneration, it isn’t unnatural to feel like things might be closing in on us.  We value our lives and those things that we call freedoms, but we might feel as if everything is being put aside for some new expression of Freedom to come forward throughout the world in which we live.  When we would like to know and to Express Greater Freedom in the World…Say:

I know that there is a Perfect Life right where I am.  That Life is an activity of Divine Love and Greater Joy.  All of Life shows up in Its Perfect Fulfillment and each and every moment is a new and greater expression of that Truth and that Freedom.  All things move together for the greater good of all of Life and that Life is revealing Itself in a larger more fulfilling Freedom NOW! [Read More…]

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