Treatment for Clarity

Play the audio file here:  Treatment for Clarity – Copy

Purpose and Recognition: The world around me seems to constantly press me for solutions to the problems and conditions that come at me all day long.  I have decisions to make for my family, for my business, for my body, for my finances, and for my own Spiritual Evolution.  Sometimes I just need to know that the decisions I am making are the right ones; decisions that are in the highest good for me and everyone around me.

I know that right where I am the Infinite Intelligence that has created the world is the same intelligence that is within me.  Everything that was made comes through the decision making Power of that Infinite Intelligence and that Intelligence is infused with Love.   That Love I call God.

UnificationI know that I am One with the Intelligence that has created everything. My decisions and God’s decisions are One and the same. I see my own experience being created through the decisions that I make.  I live and move and have my being in the Infinite Creative Intelligence of Love that is God.  I am Love and Love is God.

Realization: All that I see and all that I do, come easily and effortlessly, and I know that my decisions uphold the intentions that I have for my Life.  Every decision I make is based in Love.  Every action I take is a step toward Love.  My thought is clear and my mind is sharp.  I am Intelligent and I take careful consideration of my actions in the world, insuring that first, I think about other people, then I think about myself.  Every decision comes with its own Power to sustain a Perfect expression of Love, and therefore I now claim Clarity as my Truth.  Each and every “thing” that needs my attention gets it, and I respond lovingly, allowing the subtle movement of Love to guide me.  I see clearly.  I choose wisely.  I receive joyously.  I give endlessly, for Love within me supports me.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the understanding of Truth within me.  I am grateful for the clear activity of Intelligence within me.  My heart is joyous and secure, grateful for the unfoldment of Life within me.

Release:  And so I release this prayer—my word—into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing with conviction that this prayer is continuously demonstrating in my life.  My mind is made up, and the Law has activated my Word.

And so it is.



  1. Thank you Rev Les

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