Treatment to Release the Story of My Past

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Treatment to Release the Story of My Past

Purpose and Recognition: Coming into the realization that living life based upon the story that I have been telling myself, has given me a new awareness about conditions that I keep experiencing.  So my treatment today is to establish the freedom to Release the Story of My Past and begin living from a place of where newness and joy exist.  And it is through this awareness that…

I recognize that God, the Creator of Life, continues to create new and exciting means and ways for It to express Itself.  All of Reality is expressing the newness of Love that is Life, being born again, and again out of Itself, and touching everything and everyone.  God is Perfect, and exists not in conditions.  God is eternally expressing freely through that which moves from the invisible to the visible.  It is the Love that lives Its Perfect Life within everything and everyone.

UnificationI know that I am One with this eternal renewal; freshly created each and every moment of the day through the Presence of, and Love that is, God.  All that I am is reborn in Love as an expression of Love.  I am that which is unified with Love; I and IT are One.

Realization: So this day brings me great understanding that I am not my story.  I easily surrender any story I may have told of my past, and I am NOW willing to renew my life through Peace, Love and Joy.  No past travels with me into this moment for I am free of the past, and I am demonstrating my rebirth in this moment.  There is only Good in my life, Good that has no opposite.  “Good in which there is no failure.”  Good in which there is no past.  My Life is NOW the product of my cleansed mind, and I am excited to see what each moment brings.  I find no interest in seeing what yesterday held, for my mind is staid on a today of Joy and Love.  Today is a blessed day and I am glad and I rejoice in it, for all that I experience is new and exciting.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the Truth which has changed my experience of Life.  I give thanks for that Infinite Spirit within me which does and is transforming my experience of Life every moment, bringing with IT, a freshness and an excitement.  I thank you Spirit for this awakening and for the realization of this Truth.

Release:  And so it is from this place of awareness that I release this prayer, this treatment, into the activity of the Law of Mind, knowing that every word spoken here has already set the Law in motion, and the Law has no recourse but to act upon my Word and make it so.  And so I just allow this to be.

And so it is.




  1. Rev. Les…
    Your prayers really set my Spirit FREE! With each prayer, I realize… that in each and every moment of now, my life is starting anew! I am becoming…
    Thank you for reminding me!
    I love you!

    • I am learning more and more about designing and changing the site. I am so glad that you are still staying connected. I trust that you are using the treatments as a means to grow your technique and expertise in prayer. Feel free to use what you find here. I am continually adding thing and features and will be adding video chat with scheduled times very soon where we can have questions answered…and soon enough class.

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