Treatment to Live with Compassion

Play audio file here:  Treatment to Live with Compassion

Download printable pdf here:  Treatment to Live with Compassion



Purpose and Recognition: When compassion is lacking in my attitude, first I look to see whether the situation is being judged or whether I am being sympathetic to the situation.  I truly desire to be understanding and neutral in all my experiences, having no feelings of fixing, or soothing any hurts or discords; I desire only to be unconditionally loving so that I don’t have an opinion about anyone else’s journey but my own;  to the end that I may be compassionate toward myself.

I know that God, the Infinite Loving Presence of the Universe is right where I am.  This Presence has no feelings, no intentions, no solutions for in God all things are already Perfect.  Spirit sees no suffering, no pain, no sorrow, and answers no calls for help, for God is the All in All and knows nothing but Itself as All that there is.  It is Infinite Harmony and Infinite Harmony is endless, timeless and boundless, and enfolds Itself into Its own Perfection.

UnificationI am One with the Infinite Presence that is Love and Love makes up every atom, molecule, and fiber of my being.  I am limitless in God as my ability to be One with All that there is, for I and God are One.  I am united with all other beings through this Presence that is Love and Love is the outpouring of unconditional acceptance.

Realization: I realize that, though I may “feel” something sometimes, and that I may hear a cry for help, I know that each and every one of us are truly united in Love, sanctified by the Loving Presence that is God in each of us.  Nothing can separate us from our Good, and nothing calls for solutions; for in the Truth of Being there is no question.  There is no hurt.  There is no lack.  There are no opposites to that which is always an expression of Love.  I accept for myself, RIGHT NOW, the ability to demonstrate unconditional Love for myself and all other beings on this planet, knowing that within each of us, is the Essence of God.  I claim to no longer hold onto ideas that things and people need to be fixed or healed, for I know that God is not broken and that all things work together for the Good.  I humble myself to maintain serenity by not offering to provide a solution, for I know that God demonstrates the how, the why and the what.  Now I understand the Compassionate Life.

Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this awareness, calling forth continued gratitude from within me to support this treatment, to let the Love that is within me pour forth into demonstration.  I stand witness to my heart overflowing and pouring its Love into all that I encounter.

Release:  And from this place in gratitude I release this treatment, My Word, the Word which is now made flesh, into the Law of Mind, knowing that the Law awaited this Word so that this action could be complete.  It is now surrendered, handed over into the Universal Arms of Law, forever manifesting fully and completely.

And so it is.



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