Plant a Seed

plant a seed

Hear is the latest message it’s on realizing our True Nature:  Abundance!!! This inspirational message was delivered on October 20, 2013 to a group of metaphysicians seekiing to understand the relationship between our experience of prosperity and the Truth of our Nature Being Abundance!

To listten to this message click the link below.

If you are seeking answers (or healing) in an area of your life…have a listen!

Thank you for listening and please comment below. I’d love to hear your feedback!

Rev. Les



  1. Excellent! I adore these types of gentle posts.

    • You can check out the youtube channel “Inspiration for Greater Living” and see the live versions unedited (except for edited into shorter parts) on the playlists for that channel. Also on this site on the watch and listen tab. I haven’t posted the latest youtubes as of yet. Maybe this week. Thanks.

  2. Awesome…..thank you I am planting NOW!

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