Building Upon the Solid Foundation: Whose Vision is it?

built on a solid foundation

How often do we not understand why things are going the way they are?  Is it because of what we have thought?  The actions we have taken in the world?  The influence of others around us?  Or could it be that we haven’t built our house upon a solid foundation?


There are many instances in life that surely can provide upset and discontent, however for us to understand the meaning of any times in our lives when life just hasn’t played out the way we think it should, it is vitally important for us to look how we have built the house of our consciousness.


There are a few points to be considered:

1.      Did you allow someone else to establish the foundation of your experience?

2.      Do you believe that everyone should have an equal part to play in your life experience?

3.      Is it right that others should have what you feel you deserve?

4.      How often do you provide the necessary changes to insure that your intentions are totally in line with where you plan to live in your consciousness?


I have a friend that is exceedingly wise; she trusts others and yet experiences discord in her house of consciousness.  (Of course, we want to be able to trust others, but do you trust others to eat food for your body’s wellbeing?)


When developing the health and wellbeing of our experience of life, we are the arbiters and should never let others steer the ship.  When we desire to make quality decisions, it is important to weigh in on the thoughts of others around us to give us a clearer definition of where we should be doing our own inner work.  This is not saying that at times, what other people voice into our work isn’t valuable or usable; certainly this has merit.


Where we want to be in life is like the story where a man built his house upon a rock and when the winds came and the rains came, the house remained.  When we allow others to have input into the affairs or the experiences we have, we are essentially building our house upon the sand, and when the rains and the winds come, our house gets washed into the sea.


By keeping ALL of our consciousness on solid ground, that is:  within the direction of that Greater Truth within us and not within those around us (oh, by the way—that is co-dependency!), what we are essentially doing is developing a form of self-actualization, which leads to a greater experience in the world which delivers a greater self-esteem.


Let’s say for instance you are running a community, and there has been a highly prized individual that once was the leader of that community, then…that person retires and moves away, or stays away from that community for a period of time.  Now this is healthy for the incoming leader, as well as for the community, but then…that person returns.  Is it right to allow that person who returns to begin again to work within the community?


Building our house upon the sand is allowing this individual to return and to believe that no harm can come from having this once-upon-a-time leader to integrate back into the consciousness of the community.  Imagine if you as the new leader allowed that same person to begin speaking Sunday’s or teaching at your community.  What is happening very quickly is that the house being built is crumbling down, even though that individual might be a valued or highly respected individual in the community.


When we allow others to begin to undermine the work of Spirit within, we are handing off our keys to the kingdom.  It is subtle, but what is happening is developing a sense of confusion within the community as to which consciousness of which leader is to be followed.  Whose vision is it?


When we as leaders allow others to teach within our organizations, we should not allow anything at the foundational level to be handed off to anyone else, nor should we think it is okay to attend those trainings.  First, if we attend, it gives the sublime impression to the subjective mind within us that we cannot teach as well, and that we are present because we don’t trust.  (Now you might argue with this, but subjectively—this is how the mind works!)  Don’t get involved with this at all!  Secondly, it tells those there that you do not care enough about them to be the one to teach them the basics of your vision and your foundation as a leader!  (Oh and it’s foolishness to think that it’s highly evolved as a being to trust enough to have someone else teach your vision!  People from your community are there because you set it to calendar!  They will go where you  point them!)


Allowing someone else to fill in because you have to miss a night or a class for personal reasons is not harmful, but foundations of what your vision is and how you see your community should never be shared or co-taught!  Let that person teach something else, but do not give that once-upon-a-time leader any opportunity to lead a lengthy interaction with the community.


All this applies to business as well.  It applies to relationships.  It applies to health.  It applies to finances.  It applies to life!


We want to build our finances, our relationships, our health, our life and all the business we are involved in through our own inner awareness.  Be led by the voice of Truth within you, and don’t be confused thinking that you are doing the right thing to allow others to have a say in your life! 


When we set about directing the course of our experiences, it helps to have others that hear your voice, that follow your lead, that support your intention and that bring to the table valuable feedback by which you can measure your progress.  However, just because others may have more experience, or may be more knowledgeable in certain areas of life that you intend to travel, no-one can make any decisions for you but you!  You are deciding whether your house is built upon the rocks or the sand!


Therefore, no one has the right to what we feel we deserve, and it is futile to allow others to lead your life (for they only know the direction they are going—this is what is meant by the blind leading the blind!).  What we deserve we earn by right of having built our house upon the rock, a good solid foundation.


Our intentions should always be that each and every moment of each and every day we are always moving in the direction of our intentions.  Everything is only one decision away so making a careful analysis prior to any decision making not only gives us a strong conviction of how the mind works, but also the ways in which it works.  When we weaken to allow others to guide us, essentially what we have done is given our power away, and this is the greatest from of strife that we can endure and invite in for ourselves!


Be solid like the rock!  Never waiver from where you intend to live life.  Tolerate nothing that would distract you from your dreams.  Refuse to have feelings that hurt!


In life, what we think is what we feel, and feeling is intelligently directed creation.  So when we infuse feeling into anything, what we have essentially done is to create according to that feeling.  If we infuse great feeling into our intentions, nothing can stop them from demonstrating…NOTHING!


If all that is demonstrating is our intentions, then isn’t it wise to build those intentions upon the rock of a solid foundation?


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