The Mind/Body Connection

The Mind Body Connection

I hear so much talk about beginnings—“Oh if I could only start this life over again…” or about how life began…or about “how my life got to be the way it is and it can’t possibly be my fault…I didn’t choose this life…I was borne into it!”


So how does this body come to be?  And what I want to blog about is Mind/Body Connection. And I just want you to know upfront here, that I am going to look at so much mind/body connection and approach it from different directions—that hopefully—you’ll leave the blog with a whole new perspective on life.

Ernest Holmes says in the Science of Mind that “Thought is first reflected into Mind and then into matter.”  So there’s what we are taught in Religious Science.


Matter is what we would call the physical world.    And after doing some research what I discovered that in all fields of Mind/Body Connection study there are four key areas for the health and wellbeing in the physical world.


1.      Live a balanced Life.

2.     Develop resilience

3.     Calm your mind and body

4.     Take care of yourself.

Now that’s pretty basic, in fact, it’s so basic we can even apply it to our Spiritual Body.  But I also know that not everyone is in tune with what we might call our spiritual body because they are still trying to get this physical body to cooperate!


And where does this all begin—well let’s back up…all the way back to our parents…


Do you think we begin our life after birth or do we begin as a forced idea or impulse of our parents?  That’s a valuable question to ask ourselves…and Ernest says, “Infants are subjective to the conscious thought of the people around them.”


In a talk I gave at a church, I suggested that we think of the mind as a sponge that draws upon every impress it receives, and then acts on those impulses.


So if we see our parents involved in bad behavior we tend to display that behavior.  If we see them struggle with money we tend to struggle with money.  If we see them argue and fight with one another we tend to display that same behavior.  If we see unconsciously they are secretive with things…we tend to hold to secrets.  Our parents are the leading factor in both mental and physiological demonstrations in the children.  That’s why so much mental sciences try to trace stuff back to the child’s early experiences.  This all comes from medical studies…I wish I was making this up but it shows up in study after study!


Those are impresses.  Behavioral influence is extremely relevant in the body’s determination.  If we see people die, we tend to develop a belief that we will die, and we learn this at an early age.  We then subconsciously set the pattern of our outcome so that the body must follow suit.  So what I discovered is that the studies I have seen are showing that genetics might not work the way most people think they will or do.


Taking on the ideas of our parents may have lent to our issues but not our choices or our thoughts…we are all big now…so we can stop playing that card!  It’s time to take some responsibility for the things that we are experiencing today!  Thoughts of the parents may have influenced the child, but today your thoughts are the primary influence in your experience.


We have to grow up!  Have you heard this before?  “Grow up!  Why don’t you just grow up!”


Growing up doesn’t mean getting taller, or older, it points toward developing individuality, and we can’t do that if we are still blaming our parents!  Here…let me give you a clue…


It’s not because of a genetic fault within you…some studies show that genetic transference is rarely the cause of a similar condition in children as much as the environment of fertilization, or the point of conception and the attitudes, beliefs, and behavioral patterns that lie within the psyche at that time.  When those timings match we find similarities…but not because one mother passes something on or the father passes something on to the child, or because it runs in the family…and I know…for years that what all the medical studies may have proved, but more recent studies are showing differing results!


New studies at the Emory Behavior Institute in conjunction with the John Hopkins Medical School are showing generally what runs in the family is environmental behavior.


Our bodies conform to the direction of our thoughts.  We have developed patterns of thinking which keep us in a continual environment of same experience saturation!  “Conditions are the reflections of our meditations and nothing else!”


People who have good emotional health are aware of their thoughts, feelings and behaviors!


So what we think is the effect that is in this body!  Ernest says, “Our physiological and psychological reactions, are reactions to something which has an actual existence, intelligence and consciousness.”


In the world of effect—or what Religious Science terms the Relative—the Mind/Body Connection is the way the body responds to the way we think, feel and act.


However, I’d like to leave the Relative—and move toward a different Mind/Body Connection—one that is the Principle, Power and Presence.  This is the Mind/Body Connection of the Christ within.  It makes sense because we’re a Church not a medical facility!


So not every thought shows up out here as a physical form—but like a string of beads every thought is tied to other impresses we’ve received.  We gather evidence—Have you noticed?


Pure Spirit is at the center of everything and is always responding to our thought—there’s no limit to its manifestation for us except the limitations we set within our thought.  And those limitations are also embedded in the form—and they reside within the body of our affairs!


This environmental stimuli that causes most of humanities ills is stress—a form of inflammation within the Mind and Body.  And if we think about that for a moment—and we don’t have to think very hard—stress has its primary point of origination about how we think about things and how we put ourselves into a safe or unsafe environment through intelligent decision making.  I say, through intelligent decision making because it is through the developed sense of the intellect that all decisions are made.


I don’t believe for a second that any of us are purposely waking up in the morning and saying, “Gee, let me see—what horrible decisions can I make for my life today?”  And then actually making them!


Nothing outside of us has any control over what we think…that is strictly an interior design created and developed by the impresses we have held onto and formed rationalizations around and then developed conceptualizations which provides the necessary evidence to either respond or react through a self-made set of emotional charges!


We fire off these charges into the body and the physical environment of our body takes those charges and creates enzymes and radicals in our bodies which help to build or destroy the immune system.  It is the conditionality of the immune system which determines the health of the body…how cells divide and the health of those cells which have divided.


So everything comes down to thought!  From prenatal to postnatal thought and responses to the environment is all the body knows…and from this knowing it constantly adapts itself to its environment to meet those conditions to best survive.  In the Science of Mind, Ernest says that Prenatal simply means conditions before human birth!


We have physiological changes based upon the intensity of the feeling we infuse in our thoughts.  “That to which the mind gives birth, is, and every idea is, bound to produce an effect exactly like its cause!”  LIKE CREATES LIKE!


Responses—Reactions—Reflections—All cause and effect are in Spirit (IN_SPIRED!).  They are bound together in one complete whole.


Our bodies conform to the direction of the intentions that our thoughts lead to!  The world of reflections is entirely a world of effects, and is, of itself, unconscious and unknowing!


Every discontent and dis-ease is primarily mental, and the answer (or healing) to all this seeming discord will be found within a Spiritual Realization.  I told you I wanted to introduce a different mind/body connection!  Body expresses intelligence, its apparent intelligence being lent by the consciousness which permeates it.


I am what I think!  It doesn’t get any simpler than that!  We wouldn’t say that consciousness is in the body, but rather that the body is in consciousness.


We are bi-directional impulse machines constantly creating through the information we receive and transmit.  The workings of the body can affect the mind and the workings of the mind can affect the body.


We are at our core a direct creation of the Creator and in like fashion—we are creators of what we experience through the body of our affairs.  “What thought has conceived—thought achieves!”


Even what I practice changes that which I don’t believe.  We all get changed by staying with the practices we learn here.  We don’t just come here, and hear some highly charge speaker giving us all the clues to life and then go home and lay on the couch and do nothing!  Do we?


What I teach alters our subjectivity.  And just so you know—the Creative Power doesn’t have to be forced into action—It’s its nature to act creatively upon the images of thought that “we” impress upon it!


Once mind has received an impress it becomes the object of what thought creates.  If we desire to have a healthy, strong, purposeful body, “…we should develop a conscious conviction of our ability to know and to understand the way the mind works.”


We want to be receptive to something greater than what we may already hold as a Truth, especially if we are still bound by that truth.  Truth is to set us free—not to bind us!


We think death occurs because stuff comes up…some form of ill or discord or some tragedy must take place then.  Rarely do we as a society think in spiritual or metaphysical endings.  People don’t die because of stuff…people come to the end of their soul’s journey here on this plane of existence.  Our ego tells us there is more to life because the ego only sees this mortal existence and believes this is all there is.  The soul on the other hand knows its eternality and is always willing to lay this body down when its mission here is complete. 


We all came here to do something because we are that which we came here to express.  There are no exceptions and there are no accidents in God.  God or Spirit that you are knows its own lifespan and medicine and technology cannot do one thing to prevent your soul from breaking its ties with this flesh.  You will go when it is your time and not a second before or a second after.  We don’t have a say in that but we like to believe we do.  We don’t have a say in who our parents are or what life we will be borne into…but in we come…This is all decided at a soul level…the level beyond thought…beyond medicine…beyond physicality.


There is something Divine about each of us.  More to us than we may have realized.  We are an Eternal destiny, a forever expanding Principle of conscious Intelligence…God!


While we may affirm that the body is not a thing of itself, we cannot say that there is no body.  The simplest way to think of body is to realize that it is the objective manifestation of a subjective mind and consciousness, and if we are to be well and happy, not only the body but the mind also must be peaceful and harmonious.


Health, wealth, harmony and happiness are the Principles of Life and we want all our thoughts to be pointed to that.  Yes?


Realize that your part is merely to accept fully the fact that the Creative Law within you knows—Spirit within you knows—and not only knows—but performs every right action at the right time—and synchronizes all of our impulses towards the greatest and highest expression of itself by means of us!


Everything we need for a happy, healthy and prosperous life is already contained within us—but if we don’t go within—how will we ever bring that forward into our experience?


The birth of a new life—just as a new cell within us is born—is an awakening to the realization that God (life) is the center and the circumference of our being.


The soul—yours and mine—isn’t limited by the constraints of the physical body.  We live way beyond all of this.  The body is merely a vehicle by which the soul travels in this material plane.  It is the screen upon which that which you as a sentient being projects itself so that others may perceive you.  Each of us are endowed with and made up of eternal soul…and each of us have some grand part to play in this thing we call life.


I am clear as to what is living with me as me, and am very clear as to what it is I have come here to express.  I don’t need medicine to keep me alive for my life originates in the holy structure of the Universe.  I don’t use things that moth and rust doeth destroy to satisfy my soul.


To express the light of Christ—I have to believe the Christ is Life within me.  That just makes sense to me!


The way of the Principle of Life is to live the Life we came here to live.  No idea of God ever comes too soon or too late, but always at the correct time.  Always.


The Mind/Body Connection.  The Mind of Christ and the body of the Christ is our connection.  Within us is the unborn possibility of limitless experience.  Ours is the privilege of giving birth to it!


Your soul is the only part of you that knows what this experience is for.


How will you express your Divinity?  That’s what is immortal and limitless within you!


There is—on the Spiritual Plane a Mind/Body Connection—


Christ is the Mind of God in action—and Christ is the expression of that mind in action as the Light of this World.


So the Mind that is Christ is my mind Now!  When I know that, and live from that place, where love unites us as one family of believers—then we become the Body of Christ.


And this is how we stay in that connection…this is how the man Jesus could say,

“I am the vine and you are the branches…”


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