Moving Past the Unjust

unjust actions

When I think about all the turmoil that goes on in my head, sometimes I wonder what other people are going through.  I wonder if “this could only be happening to me,” or if what the media projects into society is really the common reality.


How could a God that is so just allow so many seeming “unjust” actions to take place in a world where Love is said to be the Truth of Life?


Unjust actions generally are “not requested,” they just seem to happen to us, or others that we know.  My father just passed on to the Greater-Yet-To-Be, and though I get that not everyone gets to leave this planet alive, it felt unjust that my Dad should be here one second, and gone the next.

I find it ironic that so much of what goes on in marketing today points to an endless life of happiness and joy providing we “buy this product” or “live from this perspective.”  What would our world look like if products were really marketed for their value versus their bottom line?  Let’s say:  a cosmetic just to enhance the look of your eyes; do either the male or female need something like this to appreciate one another for the person that they are, or have we given so much credence to the make-up being part of the person?


Since when has something on the outside of us become necessary to give value to who we are?  Could the world stand to revolve on our own recognition of our self-worth rather than something planted on us or added to us?   Couldn’t we be enough without any external amendment?


When I notice how I am drawn toward something, (actually compelled), to purchase something, often I forget to ask myself: “Am I purchasing this because I think it will make me more?” Or, “Am I just being compulsive and delirious that I am not enough just as I am?”


When I have that limited attitude toward a self-diminishing need, often what I find is that I have told myself that “this or that” it will make me more!  So what becomes unjust is my indescribable fancy over unnecessary things and experiences.  Not being satisfied is the creator of an unjust action or response, and that which is within us, God/Spirit/Love doesn’t have any opinion about those things that we desire or those things that we “think” are going to add to us or our experience.  We make all that up, and that which we have made up becomes unjust.  We could say it was unjustified!


To move past the unjust is rather simple; remembering that we are limitless endless potential, and that we don’t need anything to make us that, that’s when we inch our way towards freedom.  I believe each of us desires emancipation from negative thinking, or even from the thinking of the world around us, but we may not have come to understand that when we hold a negative thought, we have just created the unjust action of the world around us.


It’s not crazy to “know” the Truth about yourself, it’s crazy not to!  Moving past the unjust simply takes a recognition:  A recognition that as we think, we demonstrate those thoughts.  As we feel “into” our intention, and we put consistent focus on that intention, what we find is that the unjust has become “just what we desired.”


There is no secret to living a successful life; but, there is a secret to how your life doesn’t work, and it’s simply so secret that only you know!


Ask yourself to “just be,” rather than be “justified.”  Don’t look for reasons for anything, “just be” with whatever is going on within you, and leave that which is circling about you alone.  Don’t touch it!  Don’t smell it!  Don’t taste it! Don’t listen to it! And don’t feel it! And definitely don’t look at it!


To move past the unjust, we must initiate our own feelings and “believe” those feelings are what we came here to feel, in a loving and very positive way.


All that is unjustified can easily be made just.


Just give yourself a chance.  It’s your life…what have you got to lose?



  1. Thank you AGAIN for making me think LOL….Love your thoughts!!

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