Do We Need Time?

seeing time

Almost everyone talks about time in one way or another; either they need more, or brag about how they beat time; quite possibly even that over time—things change.


But what is more important is what we “do” with time, and how we “see” time.


The last few weeks have been exceedingly exciting for me.  I have become someone that I actually knew existed within me but never let rise to the occasion.  Maybe there was never a need, maybe there was and I just wasn’t ready.  Nonetheless, who emerged is “I.”


Within each and every one of us is the “I” that operates within the “I AM.”  It is not bound by time, has no concern for it, and doesn’t see it as important.  It is not patient, for patience is integrated into time.  It is not anxious, because nothing is overwhelming when time isn’t involved.  It has no concern, for there is only that which “IS,” and therefore has nothing to be concerned about because what “IS,” is already perfect.


Our modern society focuses so much on time.  We need faster machines, processors and processes to move us through time.  We need calendars, and watches to keep track of time.  We need things to do during all times, we even use Spiritual Practices to fill time, or we etch a section of the day out in hours and minutes to pray and meditate.


So where am I going with this?  Eternality.

If we truly believed we were eternal we would not concern ourselves, talk about, or permit ourselves to live a time-based life.


I previously posted about the impending end of my father’s life, but I used a different topic to bring it forward.  As I watched him take his last breaths, and held his hand, something inside me came to life:  “We are not our body!


Now, we all know this, but we don’t live from this (at least many people I know don’t!), we clothe it, feed it, pamper it, medicate it, love it, and believe it to be who we are.  Deepak Chopra said very profoundly that we are more than a bag of blood and bones:  our bodies are a projection of our consciousness so that others may perceive us.


The day came and the undertaker came in, asked me to verify the information on the tag, placed the tag on my dad’s ankle, and proceeded to wrap him in a sheet off the bed; he covered him with plastic, and then strapped him to the gurney.  All covered up out he rolled away.


Previously a loving, living, procreator in the flesh, now a tagged cadaver.  A piece of meat.  “I got it!  My dad was never in that body!”  This body keeps us trapped in an age old belief in time, but when we shed the idea of time, we shall become eternal immortal beings!  “Oh death…where is thy sting now!”  Famous words that could only be spoken through an understanding of our True Self.


Today, right now, we are free.  We are the Spirit of Life in our full expression, but only when we no longer identify with this body!  “There are terrestrial bodies and celestial bodies.”  We decide.


If time has been an issue for you, have no fear, it shall be removed from you…maybe not today…but eventually…”this too shall pass.”


Each of us can know our immortal eternal Self…we don’t have to “wait on the Lord.”  Solon, the Athenian Lawmaker said, “Know thyself.”  (I know…you want to attribute it to Socrates!)


Learning of our True Self is the key to eternal freedom.  Time binds us and cramps our everyday life, like trying to wear a pair of shoes that are three sizes too small and running a marathon.  We don’t have to suffer so.  Find a way to live now!  In this moment…let go of the needs of time…let go of the desire to be on time or of time or in time.  Break out of the box (casket!). 


“Lazarus…Arise!  Come forth!”


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