How to Know “You” are not the Problem

baby crying with blanket on head

We often have opinion about what is “right” and “just,” or about “why things need to change.”  We have recognized that something is “out of sync” in the world either within us or around us; and our thought becomes about the “problem.”


Einstein said, “You can’t solve the problem at the level that created the problem,” which others have translated into saying, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”


So how do we know we are not the problem?


Look for these pointers:


1.      When things around me aren’t right, am I where the problem exists?


2.      When people around me appear to be behaving poorly, am I looking lovingly toward them or with dis-satisfaction and distaste?


3.      When it appears as if leaders in the world don’t have my greatest interest in mind, do I condemn them, or just sit back and wait for someone to correct the issue?


4.      When I feel miserable, sad, discontentment, or not-enough, am I the one that chose to feel this way?


5.      When the world outside is dark and dismal, do I sit in a dark and dismal place?


There are so many other pointers for us, but let’s focus more on letting go of the problem…


In life, choices seem to be endless.  We may have way too much to choose from, and consequently, we choose poorly.  At other times, we may choose to not choose at all, yet our indecision is still a choice we have made.  The basis of life is about choice.


When we no longer feel as if we have valid choices, we may have come to that place in our life where the road is taking an amazing turn for us, and the fork we have reached in the road has two possibilities:  take the path that is familiar, or choose differently.  The familiar path will only give us the same experiences we have previously had, and the path of unfamiliarity will provide adventure and newness.


People term fear as something that is frightening, even paralyzing; but if viewed from a different perspective, we can see that “fear” is simply an unexpressed emotion. 


To live from a place of fear having dominion is to die!  To live from a place of fear being a new opportunity is to live!


When we see other things as the problem, we fear those things, and essentially what we have agreed to is:  they shall have dominion over us.


We were born to have dominion over ALL THINGS, but not each other!  We were born to live in HARMONY with all of Life and Nature.  If our life is not harmonious—WE ARE THE PROBLEM!


We were created with the great choice to “feel” and to “know.”  Don’t give that away!  When we give that away WE ARE THE PROBLEM!


We came to this life to express the Nature of Truth within us:  LOVE.  When we are not loving, WE ARE THE PROBLEM!


We share the presence of abundance and plenty.  When we horde, WE ARE THE PROBLEM!


We have great passions within us and those passions are expressed through having warmth and understanding for all of life.  When we hold tight to our opinions, WE ARE THE PROBLEM!


We all possess great talents, talents that help the world to fulfill each and every one of us.  Everyone else on this planet is waiting to see, feel, and utilize the gift that we have brought to this life.  When we don’t share that gift, WE ARE THE PROBLEM!


There is so much to put into this blog, but there is enough here for us to see what we might change in our lives (if of course…anything needs changing!) to see others and the world around us in a different light.  However, the aim of this blog is not about seeing others and the world around us in a different light, it’s about “you seeing you” in a different light!


With peace and blessings may your light shine!



  1. marispirit says:

    These are interesting thoughts to ponder and consider in my life!

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