Finding Peace in the Midst of Chaos

Peace in Chaos

Being active in life brings us in front of many things and many experiences.  Some of these are seemingly troublesome and some of them just outright uncomfortable.  Yet in the midst of chaos we can find Peace; but I believe many of us might not know where to look for it, or believe it couldn’t be where we are while engaged in our moments of despair, discomfort, or disturbance.


When we look for Peace or should we desire Peace, each of us might fret, or feel unable to create that which we so eagerly desire, however, following these few steps may alleviate this challenge and bring harmony to our chaos:


1.      Know that in the midst of your “being” there is a Power, Presence and Principle that is pure unity.  Call it forward.

2.      Be willing to breathe into the moment, knowing that everything changes with time.

3.      Find something within you that is pleasant, whether that is a memory, an activity, or a feeling and rest in that for a few moments.

4.      Utilize your energy to focus on what you would rather be experiencing (i.e. Peace).

5.      Take action steps to move toward a place of comfort, even if you may not be able to physically leave your current   surroundings.  Make up your mind to move away from the problem.

6.      Hand over your upset to something that you are “certain” can handle it.  Think of something bigger than your current chaos.

7.      Be grateful for all the areas of your life where Peace does exist.


Each moment we must choose who we are and what we want to experience based upon all of our previous choices.  Everything we desire is only one decision away, and each decision can bring us closer to the harmony and the experience of Life we desire.


Each time we allow something to knock us off center we unleash from within us all our built up anger:  an energy which brings with it all our unfortunate instances, all our personal prisons, our sense of feeling useless, and all our insecurities.  Ward off this unpleasant nature by utilizing these steps above.


Each of us, as we practice these steps, procures Harmony, Peace and Gentleness.  We begin to undo those things within us which so easily get disturbed, upset, and activated.  We notice that Peace has always lived within us and that It is easily brought back into focus because our decision to live from a place of Peace falls within the perfect rhythm of Life. 


Choosing to be “peace-filled” creates an undisturbed balance within us and sets us free to experience joy, laughter, contentment and shows us, that a little surrendering goes a long way.


Today maintain your equilibrium in the consciousness of Peace.  Choose wisely whom shall serve today.  Will it be the Universal Harmony or the chaos of your world?



  1. sylvia mendez says:

    The pic looks like me @ work.. great blog. In our moments of peace I am grateful.When contrast appears it shows me there is still so much work to be done. The experience has nothing to do with people, places or things it simply highlights the areas I am still complacent, The mesmerism can seem all to real at times.

  2. Great tools to remember in times of stress…..THANK YOU!!

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