Witnessing the End of Life

Loving Hands

Today I sit in complete awe.  I witness the movement of life into its next expression through the eyes of the Son, the Father, a friend and an heir.  I am blessed to be here now in the Presence of Love to stand guard and to hold the Truth, to assist and nurture, as someone dear to me moves from this life to the next.


As this unfolds, I am sure that more shall be revealed, and as I discover this, I shall post further, so that those of us reading this may find some solace, some joy, some inspiration, and some guidance; and in this, may your fortitude and Love be strengthened.


As we move through life, if you are or were like me, our aspirations go blindly forward, as we head toward our goals.  Looking back, I can see where I motivated myself by desires, and rather selfishly, but with no mal intent.  Just a youth aiming to make the best of whatever creative mood captivated me.  In that, I set many aspects of life aside to reach those goals.


We are taught, if we are fortunate enough to listen and to watch, that life has certain parameters that must promote boundaries for a close-knit family to be maintained.  I was blinded by my own ambition, and I believe I might have passed that on to my own offspring.  That being said, these boundaries are healthy if we are to have someone present for us in our own time of need.  If you have broken the ties with those who brought you into this world, for whatever reason, just know that much love has not been lost, but has been opted out of, and it can always be renewed.  Love has its’ own built in recovery system, and that system is called forgiveness. 


Forgiving is a strength not a weakness.  Use it to build yourself up, not tear yourself down.  With it you can amass great joy, without it, you block your own flow of Love to be experienced.  When life comes to the end of its earthly experience in this body, a reserve account built upon forgiveness goes much further than one built upon shear will and might.


If you are reading this ask yourself:  “What have I been holding onto that is blocking the flow of Love from flowing fully from me?”  If the answer has any inkling of resentment, then there is a person involved.  Trace that back:  Who is it?  Can you forgive them or yourself? 


For us to pass freely from this life to the next greater-yet-to-be, the less baggage we have to carry with us, the freer and easier it will be to set this life down.  Each of us is going to do this one day; don’t pretend that the life you are experiencing in your body today will not end.  It will, and you will find out that having loved ones around you will be a great comfort.


I am watching the strongest willed person I know slowly surrendering to the greater-yet-to-be.  It is the greatest gift Life has ever given me thus far.  Had I not chosen to rebuild this relationship, I would be missing out on this great event.  I am being reminded of the value of “being there” for someone, not because I feel an obligation to “be there,” but because I desire too. 


How valiant!  How brave!  How spectacular to offer up your life to someone you trust!  It reminds of a Bible quote about “laying our life down for our friends.”  And how at the end of Jesus’ life he says to the man on the cross beside him, “Today you shall be in paradise with me.”


Join in the joy of standing witness as a loving friend, son, family member, daughter, by knowing the Greater Truth that Love is Eternal; that Life is infused with Love and therefore It:  Life, also is Eternal.  Practice the Art of Being.  Beingness is not about My-Selfness.  Beingness is about Oneness.  Standing witness to the One as we lovingly surrender our attachment to form and know that “just as there were loving hands to greet us when we came into this life, there will be loving hands to greet us in the new life.”


The Mother of Jesus brings the compassionate heart.  Knowing the Truth of Mary teaches us that we must lay our sorrows down if we are to allow the Light of Christ to shine from within us.  She knowingly gives birth to a Divine Idea because this Idea is bringing a new covenant to the life of humanity:  Forgiveness—to Love one another.  Yet she knows upon conception that this Divine Idea shall provide emancipation from struggle and discord, and bring Peace beyond human understanding, and that it will only arrive once it has been put to death.


Just like each of our sorrows, our guilt, our resentments, our angers, our hatreds, our prejudices, our likes and dislikes, our selfishness and our prowess, these must be put asunder.  For God in each of us has never ordained any of this as our holy matrimony, yet how many of us are so attached to these as if they are our significant other?  “What God has joined together let no man put asunder.” 


We were born as children of the Light, heirs to the kingdom of God, joint heirs in Christ, and as such, “It is the Father’s Good pleasure to give us the kingdom.”  Each of our sorrows prove that we are not children of the most high.  Each of our prejudices prove that we believe that we are not all of the same family.  Each of our selfish behaviors promote discord and hatred on this planet.  It is hard to become at Peace when we carry these burdens.  It is also difficult to “Be There” for anyone else while we are busy protecting our fodder.


Watching someone close and dear to me make his transition reminds me how necessary it is to “Be Loving Today” in all my affairs.  It doesn’t remind me that I have anything important to do, but that it is most important to express Love NOW!  This is the kingdom of Heaven.  It says: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of heaven and all these other things shall be added unto thee.


Let us act upon the great impulse of Spirit within:  LOVE.  Stand witness to Love.  Be an activist.  Share Love.


  1. Your thoughts come from the heart. Thank you.

  2. Kathrina Johnson says:

    Thank you for sharing your personal experiences and insights about the end-of-life Rev. Les. Please continue to inspire.

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