Treatment to Live a Life of Grace

grace full life

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Purpose and Recognition:  So many times in life we find ourselves struggling to make ends meet, or to get that certain right person to notice us, or to feel like we are making a difference in the world, or to know that there is a free flow of Grace to satisfy our every need.  When this occurs in Life what we could choose to know is “Thy Grace is my Sufficiency.”  To Live a Life of Grace…Say:


I know that right where I am the full and complete Power of Truth is all that there is.  That Truth is the Life and the Love that sustains and maintains all things.  Love is the activity of Grace as it flows endlessly through Life and animates the very gift of Intelligence.  I Am is Its Name.


Unification: I Am One.  I celebrate my unity with the One that is who and what I Am.  I Am full and complete in my Oneness joyously recognizing that all that is Good flows to me and through me as Grace.  I live and move and have my being in Thy Grace.


Realization:   Realizing that a Good and Prosperous Life is mine NOW, I claim and maintain my open-ness to the Grace that is God.  I see the Good that is ever-flowing to me and through me this day.  I recognize that “Thy Grace is my sufficiency” and nothing is ever lacking.  Right where I am the Good that is mine is steadily flowing into all my affairs, therefore, all appearance of lack, illness, pain or suffering is washed away by the Light of Love that lives within me.  I easily and effortlessly rise to each and every occasion allowing the letter of the law to become the Spirit of Truth within me.  All that God is sustains my very life making of me a Perfect Body, Perfect Mind, and Perfect Being.  As I rest in the comfort of the everlasting arms that embrace me and support me, I walk in humility for the Good that is showering me with Joy.  I Am Life.  I Am Love.  I Am Intelligence.  I Am Whole.


Thanksgiving:  Thank you sweet Spirit for always giving freely to me.  Thank you Truth for always guiding me.  Thank you Joy for always comforting me.  Thank you Spirit for Thy Grace is my sufficiency.  With a humble and joy-filled heart I surrender my wants and desires celebrating through gratitude for all Thy Gifts.


Release:  I release this treatment, the Word that is Law, knowing that all that I have spoken has already been made manifest and I graciously accept this as so. 


And so it is.   Amen



  1. Thank You Rev. Les. Thank You for who you are and all You do!

  2. This is the prayer that I live….thank you!

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