Treatment to Maintain a Comfortable Life

the comfortable lifeClick Here to for a printable pdf version:Treatment to Maintain a Comfortable Life

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Purpose and Recognition:  As we become more conscious of our everyday choices, and those things which are most important to us seem to rise to the top of our priority in those choices, we reach a plateau of comfort.  Ultimately, these periods tend to be transitory, and short lived; however, as we are vigilant about what we think about ourselves, how we talk to ourselves, what we believe possible for ourselves, and we begin to really honor that and form a discipline out of always being watchful in these areas, we discover comfort hangs around much longer.  To Maintain a Comfortable Life…Say:


I know that right where I am the Infinite Spirit of Life Itself is sustaining All Things in perfect relaxation.  Infinite Spirit is always calm and poised for comfort.  Life Itself shows up as a demonstration of the Consciousness from which it is created and God is Perfect Consciousness NOW and forever!


Unification: I am One with the Infinite Consciousness that is God.  Each idea within me comes forth from the Presence of that Consciousness.  All comfort and All Grace is mine NOW and I am One with always being comfortable within my Self.  I am the Perfect Life of God NOW! 


Realization:   In the realization that everything within me is here for eternity, and all that I am is the free-flowing Grace that is God in me, I accept for and from myself to Maintain My Comfortable Life.  I speak my Word that everything shows up to Maintain My Comfortable Life in just the style, at just the right time, and in just the right way.  Everything that I encounter gives me a greater sense of Maintaining My Comfortable Life and I shout out a big “Thank You!” that this is so.  I recognize that Greater Good that flows endlessly within me and out into my very experience of life and therefore, I accept that all that is necessary to Maintain My Comfortable Life is to know my Oneness with that very same Truth.  Today…Right NOW! I honor myself by allowing this comfort to totally fulfill me and sanctify me.  I see that the very temple within me gives endlessly of this very Truth and I am NOW clear and clean with this great revelation!  I accept that I am always in the presence of the Divine and that the Holy Spirit within me has ordained my experience of Maintaining My Comfortable Life.


Thanksgiving:  I thank you Sweet Spirit, giving full and complete thanks for this awareness and for the Love that always supports me in my time of need.  My heart is gracious and full.  I give thanks this is so.


Release:  I release this into that Great Infinite Law, the Law of Mind, knowing and sensing that this Word has been acted upon and it is NOW so! 


And so it is.   Amen   



  1. marispirit says:

    Bravo!! This was such a wonderful reminder for me and just what I needed today Thank YOU Les!

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