Acceptance—Who Gets It?

acceptance is key

When we talk about acceptance two things immediately come to mind:  Acceptance of what? and…for what?


The answer to these two simple questions that arise show us how we are in relation to each.  An acceptance is of something; while acceptance is for something.  How we respond in each of these helps to shape the experience we have while either in acceptance or while creating an acceptance.


First of all, when we talk about acceptance as just a basic approach to something we generally are using a form of surrender—whether willingly or unwillingly.  And this in-turn shapes our experience also.  When we are willingly in acceptance of something we have surrendered because we see a greater Truth in our own surrender, and when this is a forced surrender, our unwillingness masks the greater Truth to be realized and continues our very own unique from of resistance to whatever may be occurring or required to move beyond where things might be in discord.


Now for us, as active participants in our own experiences, it becomes of the utmost importance to take responsibility for how we approach anything, and if and when we become aware that we have approached something because we didn’t want to or desire to, it is virtually impossible to be fully present with our understanding of what is before us, and…it becomes a time of struggle, frustration, confusion and misunderstanding.  (Which translates as “unpleasureable.”)


While we are entering into an acceptance it is generally occurring on a receiving end (Or that is the way I am going to be talking about it in this blog).  Being a gracious receiver adds to our in-joy-ment and lends itself to an experience that adds a sense that feels rewarding.  When we block our own flow of Good coming to us by begrudgingly allowing an acceptance to occur in or around our life experiences, we are certain to discover that those experiences are not enjoyable whatsoever.  (If we could stand back and review each of these times with any kind of objectivity.)


Now that we have the basis for this discussion, what I would like to do is bring forward the basic direction for which I teach treatment (or prayer).  As we develop our sense of connection to that Divine Source within us, what we may discover is that each time we have success with our prayers (treatments) we have followed a very simple method within us…namely: employing Complete Faith.  We have surrendered our doubt and maybe without even knowing, we have accepted something greater to be true…we have acceptance that something could be true for us and provided an acceptance that we were willing to receive this greater Good.  This only comes about with Faith.


Faith is the result that comes about through activating our beliefs through conviction in our acceptance.  Before we can have conviction that our prayer treatments will demonstrate we must first accept that what we are praying for is possible.  And what stands between us and our conviction is our past experiences or memories (which we will discuss in subsequent future blogs).  It’s these past experiences or memories that cloud the Truth that we are proclaiming, and it is this clouding that creates beliefs.  (We can just as easily cloud the Truth with non-truth as with Truth!  Another topic we shall look at in future blogs.) 


Each and every belief we have is fortified through our conviction and has its beginning in acceptance, so to alter the activity of our faith requires an objective investigation into what it is we believe, how we gained conviction for this belief to find residency within us, and what we accepted (again—whether willingly or unwillingly) to give birth to a belief.  What we have done now is defined the origin of Faith.


Can anyone increase their faith…not before they learn a greater Truth!  Ernest Holmes said that we must put down the lesser to grab hold of the Greater and we can easily apply this to our Blog Topic today.


If you want to see your treatments demonstrate—work on your acceptance first.  Ask yourself this question:  “Do I trust this is possible for me?”  Hint:  this is where being a gracious receiver comes into play.


If I can’t accept that a Greater Good can enter my life experience how will I ever be willing to do the work it takes to achieve it?  That fact that I set out to achieve the result of my prayer develops and substantiates my conviction.  When I do this consistently, and not revert back to my old patterns and old ways of thinking (which more simply have been our “go-to” behaviors), what I have given birth to is belief; belief about something of which I now have the faith to see and experience.


An acceptance is simply the free-giving nature of the Divine within us to re-create newness and freshness in our lives so that we don’t get stuck in those old patterns of doubt and fear, and rely on old outdated beliefs.  That part of us which is Infinite (our whole being!) can never be exhausted or diminished when we allow ourselves to be a recipient of Good…and let’s just go ahead and add “with graciousness.”


Acceptance is what we work with as our gift of surrender and an acceptance is the way we receive the blessings from our Trust and Faith in the Infinite Storehouse of Good that resides within us.


So as we move closer to experiencing those things that we desire to experience in life, and as we surrender those things which have stood in our way (probably longer than we could honestly admit) what we begin to notice is our own resistance to change.


It has been said:  “What you resist persists!”



  1. sylvia mendez says:

    Great blog. As illustrated in your visual picture it is a key. One that leads deeper to ones own heart. Acceptance in my recent experience is the force off letting it be and understanding there is no need for resistance against the very thing that appears to disagree with my belief. In this presence I have come to the conclusion that the mere practice of exercising my patience muscle I am achieving a greater understanding of the nature of this appearance.
    The discomfort is simply a misalignment of my oneness with my source energy. I think to myself when it first seems to appear what is this? Now, I am
    getting really excited, for the new door it opens in the good that lies ahead there is no mistakes in my perception due to the outcomes I have personally experienced that awe-huh comes and the truth and clarity appears and then clears the fog. Then I am so grateful for what I learned. A open mind a open heart attached to no outcome is the practice for me. Tough at time, but practice, practice… is the key!!

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