Treatment to Gain Acceptance of Family Members

cat-and-dog family members

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Purpose and Recognition:  No one seems to push our buttons like our own family members.  It appears that family members have a great capacity to know when to and what does—push our buttons, and the Truth of this is that…though they may know where our buttons are…they didn’t install them.  It helps when we come to recognize that there is a great possibility that they might have been present when our buttons were installed by us.  To Gain Acceptance of Family Members…Say:


I know that there is an Infinite Creator at the center and circumference of All Things.  This Infinite Creator is Limitless in Potential and Complete in Its Being.  All that is–comes about through the activity of Life that is the Infinite Creator pouring Itself into each and every instance.  The Life that is Whole and Complete is the only Life there is.  That Life is God…And that Life is Good.  And that Life is my Life NOW!


Unification: I know that I am connected to and with that Infinite Creator that is God.  All that I am is made of the same God stuff that is in and through All Things.  At the center and circumference of my being is the activity of Life that is God in me expressing as me.  I am One in the Life of God, and One in the Life of All Things.  I am perfectly unified in the Body that is God, and the Family that is Life.  I am One with All Beings and every family member.


Realization:   I realize the greater potential within me Right NOW!  I know that though I may see separateness as an appearance, I accept and claim that I am One with those very things.  Everything within me is unified into one great Holy Family, and every natural family member I have is within me NOW as my culture, my heritage and my composition.  I allow myself to love and be loved, and I invite that Love to flow to me and through me to each and every member of my immediate and distant family.  I no longer cringe at the sight of my family members that push my buttons and I accept them for who they are and how they choose to show up in the world.  I no longer need them to change for me to be comfortable with myself in their presence, and I allow for a greater demonstration of Love to pour into our experience each moment we are together.  I remove all necessity to change them or to feel as if they are trying to change me into being someone I am not or they are not.  We enjoy each other NOW!  We recognize a greater Love between us.  Through my practice and through my trust in God as our unity, I easily Gain Acceptance of Family Members, and NOW am excited to see those that I previously held as an annoyance.  I recognize there is no “bad blood” in the family of God and I rejoice in this family reunion.  I have come home.  My heart is anchored in Truth.


Thanksgiving:  I give great thanks for this awareness, for the reconciliation of my heart and mind with my family.  Gratefully I Gain Acceptance of Family Members and allow my heart to overflow with Joy.


Release:  I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, knowing it is so. 


And so it is.   Amen     

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