10 Things People Shouldn’t Believe In

what we believe

When we look at our Lives and how we live them, it’s often ridiculed that what we think is what we bring about; but there is much evidence and authored tomes that assure just this.  But what is it we believe in, or more importantly what shouldn’t we believe in?


As we begin to look at the mysteries of Life, each and every one of us either stumble upon some Truth or find a principle that rings true to us…but the question is:  Should I believe this as being True?


Now it’s easy for each of us to wave a formidable goodbye to Superman, Santa Claus, the Tooth-Fairy, The Easter Bunny, Aliens from outer space, Ghosts, Devils, Conspiracy theories, the Doomsday Parade, and religious dogma…but is what we believe a hybrid version of any of these or all of these combined together?


Is our belief a tangled hierarchy of subject, object and observer or are we independent in our system of rational?  Our beliefs are intangibles that take tangible forms, yet how many of us know which beliefs are playing out the most?


When we want to learn how to create a Life that is successful, healthy, vibrant and exciting, we must believe this is possible for us!  How do we establish those beliefs?  (Well I’m glad you asked!)


When we were young we may have had anyone of these characters mentioned above established in our minds as some form of super hero, or some great giver or master of all things; yet how did we come to believe in these things?  The answer is that there has been a static impression made indelible through the past which hangs tight to us like poorly fitting underwear.  That impression leaves its marks in us and even though we may have cast out the ideas of Santa Claus or Superman as real life forms, we begin to mold our latest manufactures into the shape and personality of these ten things mentioned above.


Let’s take it a step further…I bet if we could be honest…if we believe in God…God is some attribute of each one of these listed above!  Is your God some form of a bellhop, peeping tom, hit-man, Santa Claus all rolled up into one? 


God is our beliefs activated through an energy that exists within us that continually gives us the experiences we have.  In other words…we create them! (Beliefs)


What I find hindering most people in really being able to achieve the experience of God they believe they should have, (or we could say that they seek to have a relationship with something whether they call it God or not!), is that their belief system is a “house divided.”


A “house divided” cannot stand.  And what is a house divided?  Any person that holds contrary beliefs.  If I say I believe in God (which I do by the way), then God must not conform to any of these personality models listed above, or any concept I hold of It.   If I say I believe in God I cannot hold or practice superstition, for there is nothing superstitious about God or in God!  The activity of God is Good.


As a Religious Scientist, I can support whatever beliefs I have in Truth, providing that I don’t practice anything other than knowing my Oneness with that Divine Loving Presence.  I also believe that that same Presence is living within me as the Highest Intuition or Greatest Wisdom I hold.  Its Infinite Intelligence is my Mind NOW!


Holding onto ideologies of the past or characters that are fictitious but that have held strong relationship within us is not only damaging, but it is exactly what holds us back from reaching the successes we desire.  And each of us desire some form of success, whether that is success in health, finances, relationship, employment, evolution, or happiness.  We have got to let go of all false beliefs so that we may reach a more realistic sense of Self.  It is that Self that is success within us.


Each of us possess everything necessary for us to have happy and successful lives, however, when we hold to superstition, or made up realities, we hinder our own forward momentum toward discovering that happiness.  Let go of idols, super heroes, super-stars, or super humans, and grasp onto the Presence of the Living Spirit within.  Someone once said, “Heaven is just slightly out of reach, or what’s a heaven for?”  And I believe that is more about motivation than it is believing in any false images or false ideas of things that do things for us based upon our own right living. 


God doesn’t hold a list of do’s and don’ts, nor does It keep track of whether we’ve been good or bad; It doesn’t require us to lose any part of our body, nor to sacrifice any dream that we hold; It doesn’t live in outer space but fulfills all space and time, It simply loves.  It doesn’t love us, for that is just another concept of a God being like man, It just Loves.  And that Love lives within us.


When we recognize the Love that creates our very Life, the Love that fulfills us in ways that nothing else possibly could, the Love that satisfies us that no one else ever comes close to…what we have done is come into the awareness that there is nothing to believe in but Love.


These 10 Things that we shouldn’t believe in are manufactures of the human mind attempting to formulate nothing into becoming something.  When we teach our children these things we have stunted their growth and taught them something that they too will have to find out is a lie they have been told by us as parents.  It’s not a good lie at all, for there are no good lies!


When it comes to Christmas, Easter, loosing teeth, Aliens from outer space, etc., just tell your children they are stories created to bring cheer and entertainment and mystery to humanity, not facts or people to believe in.  The only fact to believe in is Love.  Love is All There Is! 


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