Treatment to Feel Supported and Loved

Supported and Loved

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Purpose and Recognition:  Experiences in daily life can leave us callous and our hearts feeling as if we live in a vast arena of deceit and disloyalty.  Everyone runs into people that appear to be less than loving, or that even display some signs of untrustworthiness; yet, how much of this comes about because of our own envy, jealousy, and resentment?  When the time has come and what we seek is to Feel Supported and Loved…Say:


I know that there is a vast Infinite Reservoir of Love pouring forth into Life through the activity of Grace.  Grace shows up in and through All Things as Perfection in Harmony, Completeness in Wholeness, and Compassion in Unity.  I know that Unity is an undivided Truth, and that Truth is God.  God is the Essence of Life and the expression of Love that is always demonstrating.


Unification: I am One in Love, One of Love, One as a loving expression of God.  All that I am is the flowing reservoir of Love as I pour myself forward into Life through Grace.  I am the Wholeness of Love, the Compassion of Love and the Harmony of Love.  Love and I are One.


Realization:   I realize that the very Life that lives within me is an activity that is fully Supported and Loved, feeling the Joy and the excitement of Life as it flows through me into every event I experience.  Every time I look into the depth of my being I find that I have always felt Supported and Loved even though I may not have recognized it at the time.  I know that God in me fully and completely has given me the sense that I Feel Supported and Loved.  I know that I am living, moving and having my being in the Truth that satisfies Itself through Its own realization.  I realize that All that I Am is the Greatness and the Wholeness that has created this Universe and as I remember that, I Feel Supported and Loved.  Nothing in Life shocks me anymore for I know that I am that essence of Divine Love that flows into my very experience and I no longer look to the outer events of Life to satisfy me.  I see my True Self.  I recognize the God in me.  I trust in the Love within me to always provide for me the support and nurturing, the abundance and the safety, the joy and the harmony that a Life that Feels Supported and Loved demonstrates.  I am that Life NOW!  I am a Life that Feels Supported and Loved NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for the very Truth of this Word, sensing the joy and expressing the Love that is in each and every word that has been spoken here.  I express my gratitude by living my Life in this Knowing as I…


Release:  Release my word, The Word of God, into the action of the Law of Mind, believing, sensing, accepting and knowing that it is done.  And I just allow it to be.


And so it is.  Amen    


  1. Love this treatment……thank you for breaking it up and labeling the treatment!

  2. sylvia mendez says:

    Awesome, was just what I needed, I know what I perceive is only a lack of a greater understanding of GOD. More work to be done, and a greater understanding comes after the experience. It forces me to practice more and more and read to find the Greatness of all that is.


    • Awesome Sylvia. It’s great that we are all moving toward a greater realization of our Oneness. The object being perfectly unified and in balance with the subjective is the key.

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