Treatment to Improve My Financial Wealth

Chart for Improved Wealth

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Purpose and Recognition:  Each and every one of us imagines having more money.  We desire money, thinking that it shall relieve us of some burden if we could just have more.  What we could use more than money, is the belief that we can Improve Our Financial Wealth, for money only goes where the consciousness of it resides.  To Improve Financial Wealth…Say:


There is an Infinite Flow of Good right where I am.  Good is the circulation of God in and through All Things.  The influx of Spirit constantly pouring Itself into All Things is the Good that demonstrates and sustains.  Good is the expression of Love and that expression flows in an increased amount ever-creating more Good and more Good.  “God is my Good and Good is God.”


Unification: I am One with the Good that is God within me.  Good is the increase of my prosperity, my financial wealth and my physical well-being.  I am One with the Life of God flowing in ever-increasing means by way of me.  All that is My Financial Wealth is the perfect expression of the Love of God supplying and sustaining me as success and security. 


Realization:   I recognize that everywhere I see lack, I experience lack; therefore I rest now in the assurance of the ever-increasing Financial Wealth of my being NOW!  I develop a new vision for my continued increase and I allow all things to Improve My Financial Wealth.  I work to “see” improvement and I utilize every tool I can to assist me in developing the skill it takes to handle my wealth intelligently.  I share it by circulating it in those places that feed me Spiritually, and I watch where I spend my increase so that I am aware of where my Good goes forward.  I insure the proper handling of all my out-flow by directing it consciously toward only those things that I believe in.  I Trust in the Universe to guide me into richer thinking and wealthier believing so that my experience of Spirit matches my inner vision of Its Abundance.  I allow my outer reflection to match my inner awareness, knowing that right where I am the Truth of my ability to Improve My Financial Wealth demonstrates as cash and those things which I value most.  I use this valuable asset to continue to support humanity and to bring greater Peace, greater Harmony, and greater sustainability to this planet.  I draw upon the Infinite Storehouse of the Divine knowing that to Improve My Financial Wealth is more about knowing God more fully than it is about actual money.  I accept a rich inheritance of God NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Truth…thanks that there is an inexhaustible Wealth within me.  My heart is full to the brim and overflowing with gratitude for My Improved Wealth and I celebrate this NOW!


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing, sensing and believing that it has always been this way and shall continue on ad infinitum!


And so it is.  Amen    



  1. Good prayer Rev Les!!!! Thanks for sharing the truth!

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