Wishing and Hoping—Are They Valid Tools?

wishing well

As I encounter life and interact with others, what I see more often than I would like too, is that many people have an idea about life that is inconsistent with what their dreams and aspirations are.  Often I hear their perspective expressed as “wishing” and “hoping.”  I hear that expressed in terms like “I wish that so-and-so would do this or that…or stop doing this or that.”  And if I’m not hearing that, then I hear a lot of “I sure hope that…” However, what I would know for each and every person that reads this blog today is that he or she sees there is so much more of an active ingredient within our mental and spiritual ability than wishing and hoping.


When we wish for something ultimately we are diminishing our mental equivalent.  (A mental equivalent is nothing more than the picture we hold of something within our minds mixed with the belief that says it is true.)  Wishing is nothing more than an impossible set of odds recognized for what they are: impossible!  When we wish, we already know it isn’t likely to occur, so our mental equivalent doesn’t hold the picture of what we desire; typically the picture within our minds is not of us experiencing what we wish for!  So we try to pretend as if the probability of our wish coming true is more likely to occur than not to occur.  Sheer ridiculousness!  (Yet some of you might say that I am being pessimistic about this.)


If we were to look at wishing for what it is—a form of superstition, we could possibly set this form of mental malpractice down and pick up something more productive…or at least something that is more widely accepted as positive superstition:  hoping.


To hope for something is a radical way of taking negativity  (doubt)  and placing it in a positive light; or at least, that is much more generally perceived of when thinking about hope.  Let’s face it, hoping is acceptable, and we don’t flinch when we hear people hoping for something.


I believe that ingrained within the Western Mind we perceive hope to be something that is generally easily accepted because we may have heard that faith is built upon hope, or at least hope in things not yet seen.  But hope is a false pretense that our odds are increased compared to the idea of wishing.  This just isn’t true!  Hoping is no more probable than wishing!  It’s just another fine example of limited thinking taking on a more positive role in our subjective medium.   (That part of us that is the container of our past experiences which produces our current experience of what we may be thinking—in this case—Wishing and Hoping.)


We can never hope something into reality…but we can change our perception and affirm that something is already true, even if we aren’t currently experiencing it.  However, don’t get caught up in using affirmations in hopes of something taking place before you have built the mental equivalent.  In fact, our affirmations aren’t changing anything but our perception.  When we come to the realization that something already exists right where we are, we experience what it is we perceive.  This is the demonstration of the mental equivalent matching what we believe true for ourselves!


This is the meaning of, “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.”


Wishing and hoping are tools to be traded in for affirmation and trust.  We have to build faith, and wishing and hoping diminish our faith rather than increase it.  Perhaps I should give you the equation for building faith?


Faith is an action result of belief, conviction and acceptance.  It takes acceptance of something to have conviction that that same something exists.  And it is the result of that conviction that is the mental action we call belief.  But until we can initiate that belief into action our faith is dead…for faith without works is dead!  So until we accept that our conviction has led to a demonstration of our belief we shall not experience the works of our faith.  And, in case you might not have noticed, throughout none of this is wishing and hoping.


Our ultimate goal is to take dominion over our experience of life and not leave it up to wishing and hoping.  Get busy today developing fortitude in cultivating your level of acceptance so that the conviction of your own inner power is a solid belief that your faith has made you whole.  When we know our Wholeness…that we are limitless in our potential and already possess everything that we could possibly desire…we will no longer wish and hope for a better life….we will go about creating the experience of life from a place of complete conviction accepting that everything is ours for the pleasure of living.


Don’t waste time wishing and hoping…get busy with demonstrating your sincere belief that you and only you are creating what it is you choose to experience in this life and know that it is yours to have and experience NOW! 


We’ve all heard: “That which you seek is seeking you.”


Don’t wish to find it or stumble upon it…


Don’t hope to discover it or come upon it…


Go about affirming that which you seek is already right where you are…I know if you practice this in place of wishing and , you—just as I have done—will experience greater results in achieving your hearts desires and making them a reality NOW!


Just Do It!

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