Treatment to See My Individual Power

Individual Power

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Purpose and Recognition:  What we seek to know in most of our experiences of Life is our Individual Power.  What is it in us that tells us that we are little, weak, insignificant or that we don’t possess what it takes to achieve what we most long to experience?  Have you ever asked yourself that?  Something within us knows what to do, how to do it and the most logical way to achieve what it is in the Perfect and Right Timeline.  Yet do we turn to that?  For us to See Our Individual Power…Say:


Right Where I am there is a Universal Power Individualized in Perfect Wholeness and Completeness.  The animating Power in the Universe is contained within the Whole and the Individual.  The Principle of Life Itself is the only sphere of action or reaction.  There is only One Pattern of Life and it is right where I am.


Unification: I am One with the Power back of all things.  I am in the action of all things I experience.  I am One with the words I speak for I am the Word which has taken flesh.  I am One with the result of my Individual Consciousness and that consciousness is My Individual Power.


Realization:   I allow for great intuition to flow in to the consciousness which I contain as Perfect, Whole and Complete.  I See My Individualized Power demonstrating in the experience of Life I witness as my life.  “As an individualized center of the universe, I have back of me all the Presence and all the Power and that the action and all the possibility of action there is in the Universe,” and I individualize It in my very own unique way.  I realize that there is no need to be reproduced or to reproduce any life that I have ever seen for my own uniqueness can never be reproduced throughout the whole of the Universe.  I am an individualized pattern of Perfection.  I am alert and confident, knowing that My Individualized Power IS demonstrating according to my very thought.  “I have come to a place in my consciousness where my confidence is greater than any fear that may assail me,” and I gladly take refuge in this knowing.  I let go of my own “blindness” and in its place I affirm clarity and vision.  I See My Own Individual Power!  My heart reveals this as my truth.  Everything I do is a result of my consciousness.


Thanksgiving:  I am grateful that this is so, that there never was a call to serve or to witness My Individual Power.  I surrender into the gratitude for today’s realization, announcing the joy that flows endlessly from my heart. I am Grateful to See My Individual Power.


Release:  I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing that as I have spoken it, it is done according to my faith.  I believe it is so.


And so it is.  Amen    


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