Treatment to Express Greater Serenity

blues sky and raysClick Here to Download a printable pdf version:  Treatment to Express Greater Serenity

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Purpose and Recognition:  If you are like me, the simple discovery of serenity and what it means compared to what it feels like, is a moving target.  As we believe that we discover serene moments, it becomes difficult to translate that serenity to be a one-serenity-fits-all.  Serenity in itself comes from an inner awareness, and often times we search for it in outer experiences.  Much like the old saying, “As you think, so are you,” serenity fits into this altruism perfectly.  When we are seeking to Experience Greater Serenity…Say:


There is an unquenchable thirst within the Universe to continue the expression of the All Good.  This thirst is everywhere present, in and through All Things.  Love is the name given to this thirst, and Good is Its fulfilled desire.  All that exists comes into being through Love and that Love provides for the Serenity of Peace, Harmony, Wholeness and Health.


Unification: I know that I am One with the Serenity of the Universe.  I am One with Love that flows endlessly through me as my very being and as my very expression.  I am One with the Joy that comes through knowing my Oneness with Spirit within, and this knowingness is my Peace, my Harmony, my Wholeness and my Health.  I am satisfied and sustained as an expression of Love.


Realization:   I realize that each and every time that I experience discomfort or discontent, I have left my most loving sense of self and traded serenity for suffering, frustration and agitation.  I claim that in my life NOW, there is an ease and a grace which return to me through Love the sense of Peace that surpasses all human understanding.  I recline in the sensation of Wholeness, recognizing that a Greater Truth has unfolded within my consciousness and I permit an awareness of the expression of Serenity to unfold as my very experience NOW!  Each and every moment of my day is no longer tied to things of the “haves and have nots” and I thirst for the True Expression of Love in this present moment.  My thirst for maintaining a consciousness of Love is unquenchable and I continue to demonstrate more peaceful and loving experiences that bring forth the Serenity of God that is who I am.  I take a moment to celebrate that Peace is already demonstrating right where I am, in each and every situation, circumstance and event in my life and give a full recognition to this Truth which has set me free.  All I ever needed to do to be serene was to acknowledge Love as the activity of Peace, Harmony, Wholeness and Health.  I claim this to be so NOW, for myself and all other beings on this planet.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this realization, for knowing that the Truth of my Being is Serenity. Thanks that Love has found an outlet through me to demonstrate the activity of Grace right where I am.


Release:   I release this into the Law of Mind, knowing that the activity of Law works through Love to always show forth God’s handiwork.  It is done easily and effortlessly here and now.


And so it is.  Amen    

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