Treatment to Let Go of Worry and Doubt

no worry or doubtClick Here to Download a printable pdf version:  Treatment to Let Go of Worry and Doubt

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Purpose and Recognition:  Just being in the world and experiencing life brings with it the natural actions that lead to worry and doubt.  As we begin to have responsibilities for things that we own, or families that we belong to, an overwhelming sense of support kicks in organically by default.  We can say it is our human nature to desire to control situations and events, and it’s this need for control that leads to worry and doubt.  To move past worrying about things or doubting that things will turn out in the best possible way, relying on the Source and Substance that is the Creator of All Good is our antidote.  To Let Go of Worry and Doubt…Say:


I know that right where I am the Great and Loving Source and Substance of the Universe is.  That Source and Substance fills all space and time with Its Fullness and Allness.  Everywhere there is anything, this Source and Substance has already supplied all that is necessary for a happy and exciting fulfillment.  God is the Good that runs through everything.  God leaves nothing lacking.


Unification: I am One with this fullness and completeness.  Everything that I am is the activity of God demonstrating as the perfect experience of life.  I am One with the action of Love that is in and through all things.  My unity with Love empowers me.  I am One of Substance and Source, having my being in and through Life.  There is One Great Expression of Life that is my life NOW!


Realization:   I realize that even if I doubt, God has already made my crooked path straight.  If I worry, God has already provided everything for a happy and successful life for me and everyone I know.  When I fear that trouble may come upon me, my family or friends, there exists within me that Great Source of Supply and Substance which nothing can diminish or hinder from a complete expression of Love everywhere.  I see the possibility of experiencing a doubtless and worry-free life and I gravitate toward that experience NOW!  I Let Go of Worry and Doubt so that I may experience greater freedom in my life and experience a trust that I have never known before.  I expect my life to be the Life of God, fully orbed in safety and supply, now that I acknowledge the Creator as already having made that True.  I know that with God all things are possible and I allow that possibility to drive me toward my Greater Good.  I release anything that looks like fear, worry or doubt and in their place I cling to Trust, Faith, and Love, believing that I Am that Good Expression NOW!  I easily surrender anything that I have ever held to in the past that feeds doubt and worry knowing that God is the only Substance and Source of Life and Love, and I accept my Freedom NOW!  I am thankful to know this Truth.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this Word, the Word of God, that it has graced me with Its Love.


Release:   I release this into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and knowing that it has always been true and shall remain so forever.      


And so it is.  Amen


  1. Carol McCann says:

    Awesome, powerful and effective. Thank you, Les.

    • It is a pleasure to work in the Spiritual Realm and to allow the free flow of Spirit to guide and direct us. I live for a greater realization of my Oneness as and for God, to glorify that which lives within each of us and to share every morsel that I discover. I trust that others will gladly share their own personal discoveries and bring to light that which Spirit has given them for each of our greater realizations. Much Love…It’s such a better way!

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