Treatment to Heal My Body of Pain

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Purpose and Recognition:  As we move through our everyday lives putting our bodies through the rigorous extremes of everyday living, we may discover that we incur aches and pains.  Forcing our bodies to bend, exert, flex, and perform are natural acts, however, sometimes we discover that even though our bodies may respond as we ask them to, we develop soreness and pain.  We may even have developed certain physical ailments that send the body reeling in pain, or we may have become injured through some accident or natural disaster and what we desire is to be free of pain.  To Heal the Body of Pain…Say:


There is an Infinite Power that exists within All Things.  That Power performs all tasks perfectly, painlessly, and gracefully.  God, the Power that Is, is One Power, and One Energy, One Health and One Wholeness.  The Health and Grace of God flows into Life through Its Love and that Consciousness which creates Life in a painless existence continues throughout eternity. In God there is only Health, Wholeness and Harmony.


Unification: I know that I am One with this great Energy which is God.  I am One with the Power and Presence that is God; One with the Life that expresses without harm, without pain and without limit.  I am the Perfection of Health and Harmony right where I am and every ounce of my being is demonstrating the Grace of God that is Wholeness and Love.


Realization:   Even if I push my body to the limit, to extremes beyond my normal capacity, I know that I am filled with endless health, because God in me is my health.  As I move and live and have my very being in the energetic expression of life, I claim that my body captures all it needs from the Limitless Source of Energy that is provisioned for as Grace and Love.   Even if I feel aches and pains, I know that it is simply my body demonstrating growth and harmony in my physical form, showing me of its prowess and stature; therefore I declare that I am pain free.  I allow all the movement and stability of God to be my movement and stability and therefore I know that that which I feel is simply the power of the Body of God.  I utilize all of my senses to employ the necessary experience of Perfect Painlessness.  I employ my consciousness to keep me sustained and aware of every nuance of my body so that I continue to recognize that I am God expressing.  As I grow in this awareness I feel less and less of the physical discomforts and I grow into the sheer pleasure of my heavenly body.  I am Whole, Perfect and Complete.


Thanksgiving:  It is in this awareness and recognition of my Oneness with God that I give thanks for this Truth, knowing that it is this Truth which has set me free.  I am grateful for my life, for my body, and for every cell in it.  Thank You God.


Release:   I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, recognizing the greater Truth of Being…leaving behind my thought about my body, and knowing that all that has been said is demonstrating NOW!  


    And so it is.  Amen


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