Treatment to Find Perfect Employment

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Purpose and Recognition:  How often do we tell ourselves, “I need to quit this job!”?  But we don’t; we suffer through all our discomfort, through our distaste for our co-workers, or even become jealous over the management that may be higher up the corporate chain.  What we really would like to do is quit, find a new job, and live happily ever after.  What holds us back is our fear; fear of “how will I survive if I don’t have this job?”  There is a greater Truth to be realized, and that Truth is the Substance of our Source of Supply.  To Find that Perfect Employment…Say:


I know that right where I am the Perfect Boss and the Perfect Co-Workers are the fullest expression of God.  Everywhere that I see God, I see Perfection.  That Perfection is the Truth of the Universe and the Truth of my employment.  God is the Source and the Substance of All that is.  God is the CEO of every company.


Unification: I know that I am One with this Source and Substance that is God.  All that God is I am, and my unity is perfect right where I am.  My wholeness is the Wholeness of God, and I am complete in every way right NOW.  I am One with the Infinite Storehouse of opportunity, and in this Unity the Perfect Employment is guaranteed.  I am One with my Perfect Employment.


Realization:  I see the activity of God in my workplace.  I recognize that only Good is coming to me and through me, and that all that I am is the expression of One Perfect Loving Creator; therefore, all that I do for employment is creating greater success, greater harmony, greater fulfillment, and greater joy.  I allow the Spirit of God to support my thoughts with Love so that I mirror the Love that God is to everyone that I work with.  I no longer doubt my abilities, or the abilities of others.  I no longer get satisfaction from needing to show myself superior to others.  I no longer engage in criticism of my fellow worker’s production and I know that in them is that same Creator that is within me.  We are all created out of the same God Stuff, and are all on this journey to express Love more fully every day.  I forgive myself for not enjoying the job I am on NOW!  I forgive myself for thinking that co-workers are responsible for my dislike of my current employment.  I know that the Perfect Employment is already mine and right where I am, I am gainfully employed in a job that brings me great satisfaction and supports my higher expression of Creativity and Love.  I NOW recognize that it is I that must find happiness wherever I am, and therefore I release all responsibility I may have held others to for my peace and serenity.  I own my stuff NOW so that I may move to a greater acceptance of my Perfect Employment.


Thanksgiving:  I thank you Spirit for this Truth.  I am Grateful to realize this NOW!


Release:     I release this prayer into the Law of Mind knowing that as I have spoken it, it is done.  


    And so it is.  Amen



  1. That was just perfect! Thank you 🙂

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