Treatment to Find the Right Person to Rent My Home

Home for Rent

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Purpose and Recognition:  Moving can be overwhelming if we aren’t prepared in consciousness to make all the necessary decisions and put things in an orderly agenda.  A friend said that “we don’t know how abundant our life is until we enter the relocation process.”  Having to move can be tedious, and renting our own home to strangers can be even more tumultuous to the emotions, simply because there may be years of memories and experiences that have to go into boxes.  Add to that finding that Right Person to Rent My House can be an upsetting adventure.  There is always that Right Person when we trust in God that All Things work together for the Good of everyone.  For the Right Person Rent My House…Say:


I know that within the orderly system of the Universe is a Great Causative energy that sustains Life and all Living Conditions.  God, the One Life, is supporting each and every person in their Perfect and Right habitation and co-habitation.  God is the renter and the rentee and knows Its perfect and right space is always being inhabited by It, and It alone.  Nothing is outside of the Good that God is.


Unification: I know that I am One with the Perfect and Right Good that chooses to Its new residence.  I am filled with conviction that God in me brings to me that which I am.  I am One with the Right Person to Rent My House and My House is Perfect and Right for God as my tenant.


Realization: I realize that asking for the Perfect and Right Person to Rent My House is simply a statement that supports my greater well-being and the well-being of those whom may choose to dwell in my house.  I easily recognize God in everyone that views my house as a possible place of residence, and I allow the energy that is God to point me to that Perfect Person NOW!  I sense the perfection of having God in my house both as a tenant and as the owner.  I recognize that because God is renting my house, God shall sign the rental agreement and shall easily qualify to meet all my necessary requirements for being the valued tenant.  God passes all qualifications easily and I surrender to accepting this as the Truth for that person which shows up at my door.  I know that there are endless opportunities for me to provide such a warm and loving home to the Right Person to Rent My House just as it is a fabulous opportunity for me to express and show my gratitude for my new tenant.  I am grateful to God within for this realization.  I see it done NOW!


Thanksgiving:  I surrender my control and in place I humbly offer gratitude for the ease of this treatment being fully and completely done.  I am filled with thanksgiving that this has been so easy.


Release:   I release this treatment into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and believing, accepting with a complete and undying conviction that it is done.  I know it is so.


          And so it is.  Amen



  1. This is my first time visit at here and i am genuinely pleassant to read everthing at one place.

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