Treatment to Reach My Goals


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Purpose and Recognition:  Making progress in life isn’t that difficult for any of us.  The key to experiencing Life the way we know we came here to live only requires us to set goals and then reach for those goals.  Success is destined for each one of us, and today is the day to make that stride.  To Reach Our Goals…Say:


I know that the Infinite Life of God is my Life NOW.  Everything that God is I am.  God is the perfection of Love and the expression of Good.  That Good is limitless and that Love is endless.  The Life of God is destined and exact.  It is the creation and the Creator.  All Things manifest according to the Perfect Will of God.


Unification: I know that I am One with God.  One with the perfect expression of completion.  I am unified with the Creator and I am living a life of creation.  I am One with Life.  I am One in God.


Realization: I give of myself to those things which I embrace as Truth.  I surround myself with loving thoughts and positive attitude.  I enjoy the company of those whom see me completing my goals.  I know that right where I am there is a Power within me to complete every task I place upon the activity of the Law of Mind, knowing that each and every task, every goal, every idea comes from that One great Infinite Source which is God.  I easily see myself moving forward toward my Goal’s completion.  I know that as I reach out to accomplish each Goal, I recognize that it is God in me that is doing the work.  I celebrate each step forward I take, allowing myself to be energized by the witness within me.  I see my goals easily being reached and I easily Reach My Goals.  Everything I do, everything I say, and everything I think, adds to the completion of each and every goal.  My Life is enhanced by my fortitude and the faith I have that God has given me Life that I might have it and have it more abundantly.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for all that is so easily completed.  I am thankful for the realization that all that I desire is now fully and completely accomplished.  I am grateful for the fruition of my goals.


Release:   I release my Word into the Law of Mind, feeling, sensing and knowing that the complete acceptance of this treatment is NOW already so.


          And so it is.  Amen      


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