Living on the Edge of Freedom

on the edge

How many of us walk through the door of opportunity and feel as if Life Itself has waited outside?  I know for each of us there are moments in our lives that seem to be calling us into greater expression; moments when our own resolve seems shaken by adversity, or when there seems to be no options.  Maybe we have just reached the door of opportunity, slung it open only to find a brick wall has been erected just inside.  It’s like Real Life 101.


Within everything lies gifts, and those gifts must be appreciated if we are to see the illusion of the brick wall before us.  There are solutions and there are problems, and it has been said that, “you can’t solve the problem at the level of consciousness that created the problem.”   We want to be solution oriented.


Each of us have this miraculous ability to rise above any misfortune, any crash in the job market, any deficiency in our finances, any issue within our relationships, and move into a greater expression of freedom.  We don’t have to Live on the Edge of Freedom, always feeling as if it continues to elude us.


Many people choose to pity themslves…don’t do that…that increases the flow of displeasureable moments.  Or, they sit back and wish for things…but wishing never brought anything forward until some action was taken towards the wish coming true!  Or quite possibly they imagine things happenning for them…say for instance…what they will do with all the money when they win the lottery…but they never purchase a ticket.  Have you told yourself that story?  That…is Living on the Edge of Freedom.


Our evolution is compelling us to step over the edge;  to move into greater freedom through uncovering the Truth of our being.,  We have capacities within us that are limitless, however, so many of us have opted for the limited life instead of the limitless life.  We must ask ourselves where we have accepted a lesser reality, and be willing to let it go for the greater reality.  Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science is quoted as saying, “We must put down the lesser so that we may grab hold of the greater!”


Living on the Edge of Freedom is promising at best and painful at worst.  Promising in that there are steps that if we were willing to take, we could cross over the threshold into complete emancipation; yet, painful due to the lack of initiative and motivation.  How many people do you know that could be doing so much more with their lives but they cop out to apathy or they are just really powerful procrastinators?  Do you proscrastinate?  Take a moment to reflect back on all the things you told yourself you were going to do…did you do any of them?


Moving beyond the threshold is simple, but it certainly isn’t always easy.  Here are a few things you might try to inch yourself over the line of resistence and into the realm of greater freedom:


1.  Don’t make your list too long for the day.  Keep it simple.  Keep it short.

2.  Don’t leave yourself short of tools to achieve freedom.  Use the right tools for the job.  If the only tool we have is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail!

3.  Find someone to share in your freedom.  Use a mentor, a sponsor, a Practitioner, a therapist.  Share the Truth of your Life.

4.  Write down your successes.  Use a tablet or a journal to record your progress daily.  Put things in your journal you are grateful for.

5.  Remember to forgive yourself.  The price of freedom is forgiveness.  Remember to forgive yourself…if you do any of these…this is the one to do.


It doesn’t take much to make progress in life.  To move beyond Living on the Edge of Freedom, cut yourself loose from the moorings of the past, and choose to see and recognize love expressing everywhere.


Right now, write down everything you love about your life.  This is sure to take you beyond Living on the Edge of Freedom.


Post your results!


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