Treatment for Clarity in Difficult Times

clarity in difficult times

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Purpose and Recognition:  As we move through life, we encounter things that show us how to reach within the depths of our being for strengths and wisdom that wouldn’t have come to the surface of their own accord.  Being clear about as many areas of life as we can during those difficult times gives us a greater understanding of Love and ultimately Peace.  To reach Clarity in Difficult Times…Say:


I know that right where I am the Truth of Being is.  That Truth, the underlying Love and Peace exists in and through All Things.  The Power of Love uncovers Itself, exposing the energy which sustains Life and generates Grace.  Grace is the activity of Clarity showing Itself as the Love of God.  God is the All in All, through All and, as All.


Unification: I know that I am One with God; One with the Love and the Peace that is God.  I know that my life is an expression of the One Life that is God gifting All with a Power of Love.  I am One with the activity of Grace, for I am Grace activated!


Realization: Even though I may go through difficult times, I allow the Spirit of Love to drive me forward, proudly facing my fears and the unknown with fortitude and generosity.  I allow the gift of Truth to set me free in all situations and events in my life, even ones that feel unwanted and unnecessary.  When the going gets tough, the toughness within me guides me gracefully into every activity fueling me with the energy of Love.  I easily and effortlessly walk through difficult times knowing that the Life of God within me is all that is coming forth to offer me a new and exciting experience in Life.  I no longer doubt each and every situation, nor do I fear the necessity to act in a way that I have never been able to express before, and I lovingly permit myself to be renewed.  I offer my mind new challenges for it to strengthen my awareness of my Oneness with God and with all of Life, so that I may more truly Love.  I give Love the full opportunity to express by means of me and I permit it to challenge me again, for I know that with God, all things are possible.


Thanksgiving:  I give thanks for this realization, thanks for the Grace that is God working and acting in my Life.  I give thanks for knowing that all I am is more than any situation, event or circumstance.  I am grateful to know the Truth and to allow that Truth to set me free.


Release:     And so I release my Word, the Word of Truth, into the Law of Mind, knowing that before I even began to speak, the Law has ordained my Word as done.  I release it and I let it go.


        And so it is.  Amen        


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